Get to Know the Sewing Section of CHA

As a consumer educator for more than 20 years, I’m incredibly passionate about sewing—and incredibly excited about the new possibilities to grow the sewing segment of the crafting industry through the new Craft Hobby Association (CHA) sewing section. As a group of manufacturers, retailers, and designers working together, we’re looking forward to strengthening the sewing industry, improving the business climate, and developing programs to entice consumers to continue their creative sewing pursuits.

sewing 2

There’s a lot to look forward to with this new section. Our immediate goals are to establish a steering committee who will determine our goals and the activities to meet those goals, and then communicate these goals and plans to the members.

I’m looking forward to working with vendors and retailers who have a common goal. As we learn more about one another and develop relationships working on this shared pursuit, we’ll recognize how we can help each other because of it. The idea of providing a cohesive consumer program is very appealing. It will be good to have a concerted, industry-wide effort to help everyone: consumers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, and therefore the industry.

To attend this meeting you must sign up to attend as part of the for the Create-n-Connect Conference & Trade Show registration.

E302: Sewing Section Meeting
(Wednesday, July 24, 2013 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM)

~ Roseann Meehan Kermes, Rosebud’s Cottage


The CHA “HOT 20” Announced for the 2013 Winter Show

The Craft & Hobby Association’s (CHA) celebrity media judges are pleased to announce their picks for the 2013 Winter “CHA Hot 20” list of products. The CHA Hot 20 are headlining products that will be introduced at the CHA Sneak Peek Media & Buyer Event on January 11, 2013 during the CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Trade Show held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from January 11 – 15, 2013.

The CHA celebrity panel judges selected the “CHA Hot 20” from dozens of new craft products entered in the Innovations New Product Showcase. The following were selected as CHA’s Hot 20 products of the CHA 2013 Winter Show:

Faber-Castell – Mix & Match Gelatos Misting Kit enables the creation of colorful mists using a simple process and the tools using the 8 NEW Gelatos colors. Booth #1549.

Sticky Sticks LLC – Sticky Sticks are tongue depressor-sized craft sticks with the most amazing adhesive on one side of one end. They stick permanently to paper, ribbon, felt, foam, and wood. Booth # 2305.

CTF Enterprises, Inc. – FixNZip is a patented, zipper slider replacement that repairs zippers without tools or sewing. Booth #2105.

We R Memory Keepers – Envelope Punch Board is the first and only Envelope Punch Board on the market! Just punch and score for perfect envelopes. No scissors necessary. Booth #1664.

Ranger Industries – Tim Holtz Distress Paints are fluid water-based acrylic paints for multiple surfaces and are reactive with water just like Distress Inks and Distress Stains–perfect to accomplish a wide variety of artistic techniques. Booth #636.

Environmental Technology Inc. – EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® is a new professional grade Jewelry Clay® that will not shrink when cured. EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® will adhere to glass, metal and wood. Booth #1429.

Fiskars Brands Inc. – The AdvantEdge™ Punch System adds decorative borders to craft projects while the slide-and-lock technology keeps the paper in one place and slide the punch cartridge from one lock-in slot to the next, keeping every punch perfectly spaced. Booth #1000.

Fiskars Brands Inc. – Fuse Creativity System® is the only 12” system on the market that can die cut and letterpress in one easy pass through the machine. Booth #1000.

Beadalon – The Jewel Loom™ designed by International Jewelry Artist Julianna C Hudgins fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for ease of use for a comfortable grip and ultimate control while bead weaving. Booth #1237.

Plaid Enterprises Inc. – Plaid FolkArt Handmade Charlotte Stencils designed by Rachel Faucett, include functional, family-friendly designs that come to life with FolkArt paint. Booth #1401.

Plaid Enterprises Inc. – Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Paint is specially formulated, high performance premium paints that are permanent, dishwasher safe, and UV/weather resistant. Booth #1401.

ImpressArt® Metal Stamps – ImpressArt® Design Stamp Packs offer jewelry and mixed media artists collections of metal stamps in themes ranging from weddings and family to sports and shabby chic. Booth #733.

Spellbinders Paper Arts – Spellbinders Imperial Gold is brings out the 4th dimension with die templates that cut, emboss, stencil and deboss. Never before have you had the ability to cut & create in multiple layers with a single die template. Booth #2565.

Katy Sue Designs – Silicone Molds for decorating cupcakes and candies are FDA compliant perfect for fondant, candy or chocolate top instantly. With developments in food safe colourings such as pens, crafters can now transfer colour techniques to their cakes. Booth #2725.

Purple Cows, Inc. – Encaustic Paint is handmade in the USA from the highest quality of naturally purified beeswax, damar resin with a 1:8 ratio and the finest dry pigments. Booth #2581.

Global Solutions, Inc.– Self Adhesive wax seals are an easy way to make your project special. Simply peel and stick the seals on to invitations, scrapbooks, cards, soap or wine bottles. Booth #610.

The DMC Corporation – Emma Broidery: Memory Thread How To Guide features more than 60 pages of instructive photographs and projects that educate, encourage and inspire crafters and stitchers alike. The book includes step-by-step instructions for trendy jewelry making and paper crafts as well as needlework applications. Booth #1337.

Craft Attitude – JEWELRY ATTITUDE™ is a way for jewelry makers to personalize their metal, leather, beads, charms and accessory jewelry items with photos and names. By printing right on the inkjet compatible film, photos and words are crisp and clear. Booth #477.

Krylon – Krylon® Glitter Blast™ Glitter Spray is a uniquely intense, sparkling glitter finish with exceptional depth that makes it easy to achieve an irresistible look on almost any surface. Booth #2508.

June Tailor, Inc. – T-Shirt Transformation Ruler Center, lets you mark and cut perfect T-Shirt blocks for quilts, tote bags, pillows and more. Printed grid lines and 45° markings to perfectly align and center t-shirt graphics. Booth #1291.

The CHA Hot 20 represent only a glimpse of the thousands of new products that will be launched or on display at the CHA 2013 Winter Show.

CHA media judges include Jenn Mason, mixed-media artist, designer and Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines; Nancy Nally publisher and editor of Scrapbook Update, a leading online source for scrapbooking industry news and information; Stephenson Darling a director for Northridge Publishing, a leading publisher of scrapbooking and crafting magazines and idea books, including Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Bead Trends, Create Idea Books and Creative Retailer Magazine; Julie Mc Guffee, author, craft industry veteran who is the current host of Scrapbook Soup; Jenny Barnett Rohrs is the founder and “craft evangelist” at, the “Consumer Reports” of craft product review blogs; Ana Araujo a 20-year industry veteran, author and Host and Executive Producer of the online Craft TV Channel When Creativity Knocks, and the host of the new show Mama Knows Best.


CHA is pleased to announce the CHA Canada 2011 Fall Trade Exhibition for Quilting & Sewing, CHA’s second trade event in Canada this year.

For more information follow the link to CHA’s website for the News Release:

Or read the release below:

In efforts to continue the international advancement of the craft and hobby industry, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to announce CHA Canada 2011 Fall Trade Exhibition For Quilting & Sewing to be held on October 3, 2011 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  An estimated 60+ retail stores plus manufacturers, suppliers, media from acrossCanada, as well as international guests, will exhibit and attend the CHA Fall Trade Exhibition.

 This one-day Canadian craft trade event will provide an opportunity for retailers to place orders with manufacturers, see new products, network with peers and participate in a series of motivating business seminars. Barbara Crowhurst, retail makeover specialist, business coach and trainer, will be presenting a series of business seminars covering topics including social media, effective marketing, store design and product placement. Additionally, attendees at the CHA Fall Trade Exhibition will be able to sign up for special “Showcase” events from selected exhibitors throughout the Exhibition which will include short demonstrations or presentations of new products.

 “Quilting and sewing have been the strongest sectors of the industry within the Canadian craft marketplace,” explainedPaula Jones, Representative for CHA Canada.  “With a recovering economy, CHA is providing affordable trade events that reduce expenses and meet local member needs.”

 “The CHA Canada 2011 Fall Trade Exhibition For Quilting & Sewing is CHA’s second trade event inCanadathis year and underscores our commitment to providing the industry with premier trade events,” said TonyLee, Acting President & CEO, CHA.

Julia Roberts – Actress, mother and seamstress

This past Monday, Julia Roberts appeared on Oprah talking about her new ventures but also spoke about her new interest in sewing!  Making pillows, pants for her husband and things for the kids.  Here is the video from the Insider and a link to Music Room with the story Woo hoo for celebrity crafters!

Sewing Prodigy on the Today Show

Shannon Lynch with Singer shared this today…

Today 10-year-old* Cecilia Cassini, America’s youngest fashion designer brings her chic clothing line to life. This morning, Cecilia and her Confidence were featured on NBC’s “Today Show” (Today Show Video 891/vp/36846555#36846555).

(*It is recommended that children under the age of 12 be supervised by an adult when using a sewing machine!)

Crafting a Cozy for Real Rocket?!

Over the past few years I’ve been looking for a way to unify the 39 different sectors of the craft & hobby industry under one, huge, all-encompassing crafted banner. I’ve been looking for a public relations event, promotion, or celebrity that would really help make a splash for the industry. The events and celebrities have been too narrow in their approach to benefit the entire craft and hobby industry.

So image my surprise when I was surfing the web and came across the International Fiber Collaborative, a non-profit arts organization currently working on creating a crafted cover for the 37-story tall, Saturn V Rocket replica on display in front of the U.S.  Space  &  Rocket  Center  in  Huntsville,  Alabama.   This massive craft project can easily incorporate sewing, quilting, fiber art, knitting, crochet,  elements of scrapbooking design and cutting, memory crafts, as well as art supplies that can be used to paint, stencil or rubber stamp this project.  More importantly, this represents an opportunity for the entire industry from designers, to manufacturers, to retailers, to end consumers to participate in a unique, monumental craft project that will inevitably result in a World Record and incredible international media attention.

The Founder and Executive Director of the International Fiber Collaborative, Jennifer Marsh is now actively seeking assistance from craft manufacturers, retailers, designers and consumers interested in helping create a craft cover for this historic space icon. Due to the fixed hard costs associated with engineering, crane rental, insurance, etc… the IFC is looking for assistance, sponsorships, and donations to help off-set the overall cost of this project. If you or your organization are interested in participating,  you can find more about the Dream Rocket Project at or by contacting Jennifer Marsh at or 1-614-561-9057.

More from the IFC below:

Students, teachers, and individuals from 100 countries and 50 states are attempting to create a 32,000 square foot quilt with the theme; Dare to Dream. This massive quilt will completely wrap a 37 story, 363’ Saturn V moon Rocket replica at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. The Saturn V which carried man to the moon is an inspiring and tangible reminder that when people from all over the world collaborate on an important mission, nothing is impossible. Participants are being challenged to Dream about their future and the future of our world. They will be considering dream themes such as community, science, technology, conservation, space, peace and in doing so express their dreams through the arts and crafts. (THE ROCKET WILL NOT BE LAUNCHED.)

The wrapping of the Saturn V will represent possibly the worlds largest collaborative art project. Powerful in message and in scale, the Dream Rocket hopes to inspire participants not only to dream but also to recognize their power to pursue their dreams.

Detail of Scale

The Dream Rocket aims to connect art and education through a global collaborative initiative. It will inspire participants to consider, express, and explore their dreams for a better future using Dream Themes such as Energy, Space, Peace, Science, Recycling, etc. The Wrapping of the Saturn V Rocket will recognize the power of global collaboration, and in turn, The Dream Rocket hopes to inspire individuals all over the World not only to dream, but also to recognize their power to pursue their dreams.

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced the U.S. intention of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely  to earth.”   Just   over   eight   years   after   President   Kennedy’s announcement, the earth sat spellbound as they viewed a ghostly, blurred, black and white image of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon and declaring, “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

The wrapping with art from around the world of the 37 story tall Saturn V Rocket replica standing at  the  U.S.  Space  &  Rocket  Center  in  Huntsville,  Alabama  has been  rescheduled  to  now  coincide  with  the  50th  anniversary  of  JFK’s  lofty  challenge.  The  “Dream  Rocket”  project,  in response  to  individuals  and  teachers  who  would  like  to  participate,  has  now  provided additional  time  for  that opportunity.

In  May  and  June  2011,  the  “Saturn  V  Moon  Rocket”  is  to  be  transformed  into  the  world’s  largest collaborative art project. Powerful both in message and scale, it will represent the challenges of our future.

“The  Saturn  V  Moon  Rocket  is  an  inspiring  and  tangible  reminder  that  when people  work  together  through  collaboration,  any  challenge  can  be  met,  any mission  can  be  accomplished,  and  any  dream  can  come  true.”  Says  Professor Jennifer Marsh, founder of the Dream Rocket project.

Neil  deGrasse  Tyson,  astrophysicist  with  The  American  Museum  of  Natural History  in  New  York,  and  Director  of  its  famed  Hayden  Planetarium,  is  an internationally  known  science  advocate. He encouraged Marsh to incorporate the dream symbolism into the project because, “The Saturn V is the IDEAL icon to represent a big dream. This rocket was designed and built as a collaboration of NEARLY half- a-million people and allowed our human species to venture beyond our WORLD and stand on ANOTHER – SURELY one of the biggest dreams of all time. ENABLING THE DREAMS OF young people to touch this mighty rocket sends a powerful message.” Tyson is one of many  space  enthusiasts  who  has  offered  his  support  to  the  Dream  Rocket project.

Saturn V Rocket ComparisonMarsh explains, “The wrapping of the Saturn V Rocket will consist of over 8000 fabric   and   mixed   media   panels   representing   dreams   for   our   future   and visionaries of our past. Schools, groups, and individuals from  all over the world have been joining in this project for the past six months.” So far, Marsh believes they have participants from an estimated 37 states and a dozen countries such as Bangladesh, Kenya, Serbia, Finland, Australia, Norway, Haiti, and Germany. The Dream Rocket’s goal is to gain participants from 100 countries and all 50 states. Participants are encouraged to ask themselves, “What is my dream for a better tomorrow?” Some of the Dream Theme panels already received depict energy, imagination, conservation, and peace. Others depict community, health, space, and fighting hunger. They have been submitted by schools, churches, groups, and individuals-even from grandchildren through the generosity of grandparents.

Some of the previous work from the International Fiber Collaborative include Quilting a Gas Station

New York Times Story on Purchasing a Sewing Machine

On December 14, 2009, the New York Times Story published another story about crafting.  This time Michelle Slatalla writes about her recent experience and her purchase of a new sewing machine in her article called Altered by a Sewing Machine. Here is a link to the very entertaining story.