Social Media Section Update

This summer I proposed that CHA consider a new Social Media Section.  This idea was warmly received and space for an inaugural meeting was facilitated and advertised by CHA at the Las Vegas conference in July.

Over 80 people signed up to attend the first meeting of the Social Media Section! Clearly there was interest so now we are moving forward with the creation of a new section.  We are looking for individuals who are content creators for CHA member companies who work daily to promote craft in one or all of the social media channels. So if your job responsibilities range from Social Media Manager to Blog Design Team Manager, the Section would be perfect for you! To read more about the Social Media Section, click here.

At the first meeting in Las Vegas we discussed our roles within our companies and went around the room describing various ways we share content through social channels for our companies. After the meeting we distributed a brief survey to the participants, which over 50% filled out. The survey was a simple one designed to just get a sense of who was interested in a proposed section and to gather information about areas of interest.  These are just a few highlights.  The whole survey will be available in the Social Media Section on by the end of the month.

This little block tells you about some of the social media roles participants were a part of.  92% are Facebook contributors.


Most survey responders work part-time creating social media.  We do have full time managers however!


Ongoing education and training was the number one recommendation for future activities.


We have over 15 volunteers who offered to join the new Steering Committee for this section.  If you would like to join them, please send me an email.  I hope to set up our first conference call by the end of the month.

~ Carmi Cimicata
Social Media Section Coordinator

Participation in one of CHA’s new Chapters or Sections provides opportunities to interact with peers who share common interests, network at events and foster discussions on topics of professional and personal interest. CHA’s Chapters strive to create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for their Members based on geographical location, while the Sections are targeted to individuals who share a common interest in a particular segment of the industry. Chapter and Section Members do more than compare notes on business issues – they help establish lasting relationships community-wide.


Crafting Communities: CHA’s NEW Social Media Section To Meet At Create-n-Connect

In order to manage the numerous social media streams available (and necessary) a new job has been created at many CHA companies, often titled: Social Media Manager.  These jobs and indeed careers did not exist a few years ago. 


Based on the need to teach and explain how products work, the craft industry became a social media early adopter.  Designers and crafty entrepreneurs began to channel their artistic skills in new ways to effectively represent a company or product to the world-at-large. Utilizing online presentations, tutorials, tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook postings they made their presence felt.

I found that most of the work I now do is ultimately used online in some way. The majority of my studio work is to ensure that I create interesting and informative content for an online viewing/reading audience on behalf of the crafty CHA companies for whom I am engaged.

I have been looking for a way to connect and work with other people with similar social media responsibilities.  I approached Andrej Suskavcevic, CHA’s President & CEO, and Sue Turchick, Vice President, Membership to see if CHA might offer a networking opportunity within the CHA family of recognized “Sections.”  Happily, they responded immediately and have supported this idea by organizing space and a block of time for an inaugural meeting of the proposed Social Media Section.  This meeting will occur on Tuesday July 23, 2013 – 5:30-7:00pm as part of the summer Create-n-Connect Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas.

This meeting is geared to those whose job responsibilities range from Social Media Manager to Blog Design Team Manager.  We are looking for individuals who are content creators for CHA member companies and work daily to promote craft in one or all of the social media channels.

I believe that we could learn a great deal from each other.  I also believe that we might work together on some bigger joint initiatives in the future.  Please consider attending this event.  If you have a social media manager please consider sending them to this meeting!  If your social media person is not or has not attended CHA in the past, consider sending them to the January 2014 meeting.  I am certain we will have even more to discuss, learn and develop as social media continues to change the way companies sell, market and build brand loyalty.

To attend this meeting you must sign up to attend as part of the for the Create-n-Connect Conference & Trade Show registration.

E202: Social Media Section Meeting
(Tuesday, July 23, 2013 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM)

~ Carmi Cimicata, Social Media Designer

If needed:
I am the social media designer for
Resin Crafts Blog
John Bead Blog
John Bead Outlet Blog
Dazzle-it Blog
Metal Complex Blog

CHA 2013 Winter Conference Speaker Series (Post 5)

Throughout the months of November and December we have featured the speakers and instructors who will be teaching courses at the 2013 Winter Conference January 11 – 14 in Anaheim, CA.

Business Bootcamp: Advanced Social Media Marketing

By Tony Ford, CHA 2013 Technology Expert; Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of and principle consultant for Bounce Rocket Media

Social media accounts for 90% of the brand impressions for  We use it to get more than 50 million impressions per week for our brand and our sellers’ products.  It is the single most powerful tool in our entire marketing and communication plan. Our team members are like scientists in the wild, exploring, testing, probing and looking for ways to make our programs better, and ensure that every effort can tie back into the actual revenue of our business.  In this workshop, I’ll be sharing that research and those methods with you.

I’m guessing you have social media accounts.  You’re posting things about your business.  You’re even getting some followers and friends.  This is the right thing to do.  You know you need to do it, but it’s starting to take a lot of time.  Your boss or your business partner (and even maybe you) are wondering, “What is this supposed to do for the actual money making part of the business? How do we rise above the crowd, above the noise and get our message out where it will result in more sales?”

Basic social media is so easy nearly everyone in America under the age of 60 is doing it, and the advanced level is complicated enough that even the few who do it for a living are actually doing it well.  It’s time to move beyond the consumer level, beyond the casual user level, and into becoming a social media scientist.  In this seminar we’re going to look at the tools and methods used by those who live full time as social media scientists.

You’re likely doing a lot more than just social media, which means you’re too busy to spend all day on this.  How can you maximize your social media impact in less time?  I’ll show you the tricks my team uses.

How can you tie your efforts to the bottom line and prove the impact on your business? You’ll learn how to  customize google analytics and prove that your efforts ring the cash register. You’ll also learn the sites and services to use to put a real dollar amount on the reach you are getting now.

How can you double dip, use software tricks, and create loyal fans and friends who will not just read your posts, but spread your brand far and wide?  Learn the copywriting, headline writing, and consumer psychology tricks to get your message moving and transition from publisher to thought leader.  You’ll learn how to improve your odds at going viral.

How do you make social media more powerful?  You treat it like science.  You study what works and test new ideas.  I’m  going to open up the laboratory and show you the tools.  I’ll explore split testing of social media advertising and message, the best practices for  launching new campaigns and how to use social media to boost your SEO.

Finally, I’ll show you what I read and who I follow online to keep up-to-date on social media marketing and exactly how I follow hundreds of blogs and marketing technique sources in very little time each day.   This is an ever-changing field, but with the right tools you can not only keep up with the changes, you can thrive where others may get overwhelmed.

Unlike a normal seminar, this workshop will be a mix of presentation, Q&A and hands-on work.  Think of this like a group consulting session.  The goal will be for everyone to walk away with real world methods they can use to save time, expand their brand reach, and make more money. I look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.

~ Tony Ford

Tony Ford is the co-founder of and principle consultant for Bounce Rocket Media, a new media and social marketing consulting firm based in Tucson, Arizona.  Bounce Rocket provides social media marketing and new media marketing services including staff training, account management and education for a wide range of firms with a special focus on creative professionals in the art, music and literature space as well as small business and non-profits.  More information can be found at

CHA Conference Program registration is OPEN!  Click here for more information and to register. Register for a Conference Program by December, 21st and be entered to win TWO admission passes to Disneyland Park.

2012 Winter Conference – Call for Presentations

Workshop & Seminar Applications Now Open 

Development for our 2012 Winter Conference is underway, and we’re excited already!  Our Conference theme “The Power of the Creative Community” is a unique opportunity to showcase the value and business growth potential of cause marketing, pushed through social media channels.  Workshops and presentations (seminar or demo-nars) on this theme will be highlighted in CHA’s pre-show marketing campaign.  Have questions about the programs CHA offers and how you can participate?  Check out this overview of the program on our website here.

Hey, workshop sponsors, that means you too! Train your buyers how to connect and expand their customer base by using cause-marketing to grow sales.  You can do that by showcasing existing cause marketing product lines you carry, or how your product can be used in this type of campaign.   Have questions about our workshop program? Read more about the benefits of sponsorship on our website here.

New Discounts for Workshop sponsors*

  • Returning Sponsors –  An automatic $100 discount will apply – only $250 for a single sponsor workshop
  • New Sponsors –  Your first time workshop sponsorship is FREE! 

To submit your application, please apply online.

Questions? Please reach out to the Education Team, we love hearing your ideas!  Especially Nidia, as an avid crafter herself she loves pouring over your project photos…

For  Seminars, Demo-nars or Keynotes:

Amie Lee Kolodziej, CMP – Education Manager

For Workshops:

Nidia Negron, Education Project Manager

New Workshops Added to the 2011 Summer Conference

More fun and innovative product and project ideas are coming your way this Summer – take advantage of these unique product trainings, now included in your all-access badge.

Learn new craft techniques, new uses for paper products, and inspirational mixed media projects you can teach your customers.

Four new classes have been added since Registration opened May 5th…with more to come.

Wednesday, 7/20/2011

 W0702 ZIG Memory System Markers

Sponsored By:  Kuretake Co., Ltd.    Instructor:  Stephanie Jones

 W0703 Blossom Altered Book

Sponsored By:  Creative Imaginations   Instructor:  Cheryl Mezzetti

W0704 Binding-it-All with the Bind-it All

Sponsored By:  Zutter Innovative    Instructor:  Nana Campana

W0805 Binding Books with Echo Park Paper

Sponsored By: EcoPark    Instructor:  Nana Campana

W0806 Gypsy Journal

Sponsored By:  Creative Imaginations   Instructor:  Marah Johnson 

Visit for more information and to Register.

Retailers: Learn How to Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience – and be entered to Win a FREE Consultation!


As part of CHA’s new Webinar Wednesdays , members are invited to join retail experts, Kizer and Bender, for a 60-minute pre-Show power session to learn all the insider tips from successful retailers to make the Tradeshow experience profitable.  Plus, all the programs available specifically for retail members at this Summer’s Conference to inspire and help grow business.

Georganne and Rich will share the tips, skills, and strategies you need including:

  • How to plan your time BEFORE you get to the show
  • How to shop the floor – what you MUST ask vendors
  • How to take full advantage of SHOW SPECIALS
  • How to PARTNER with new and existing vendors
  • How, and why, you MUST network with other retailers
  • Which seminars and events you CAN’T miss

All attendees will receive Kizer and Bender’s retailer guidebook “How To Optimize Your Success at CHA Summer”.

Plus…one* lucky attendee will be randomly selected to receive a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION from Kizer and Bender!

Don’t miss it!  To register, visit CHA’s Online Learning Center (OLC) at

* Must attend the webinar to win.  Winner will be announced via email, after the webinar.

Summer Registration – Now Open!

Register now for this Summer’s Conference & Tradeshow – take advantage of your all-access badge to attend Workshops, Seminars, and Special Events.   Some Workshops have already sold out, and wait-lists are filling up – don’t miss out!

For FAQ’s on The New CHA Conference at the Summer Show click here.

Visit to log-in and Register.

Summer Conference Program – Sneak Peek

CHA 2011 Summer Show

CHA 2011 Summer Show

Plan your schedule now for this Summer’s Conference –  take full advantage of your new, all-access badge and attend the many seminars, workshops and networking special events that are included in your admission, registration opens online May 5th.

This Summer’s show brings special focus to the selling and growth potential in mixed media crafting, the Craft Fusion theme is sure to spark innovation and inspire growth in the remainder of 2011.   Conference highlights include:

Keynote PresentationDr. Jeff Brown, Harvard Psychologist  presents  The Winner’s Brain:  8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success

Contrary to popular belief, winning in life has little to do with your IQ, your circumstances, your financial resources, or even luck. Yet it has everything to do with creating a failure-resistant brain. Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, or execute a behavior, your neuro-circuitry changes, and the good news is you can take charge of this process.   Based on cutting-edge research connecting neuroscience and cognitive psychology, Harvard psychologist Dr. Jeff Brown identifies the strategies that will increase the specific brain functions that drive winning behavior.

Workshops – Over 30 craft technique classes in paper crafts, jewelry making, fashion crafting and more featuring your favorite products from manufacturers including Copic, Faber-Castell, Beadalon, Ranger, Sizzix, and more!  With new classes added weekly…

Seminars – nearly 20 business education sessions featuring experts and business leaders, tailored to member types in tracks including:

  • Retailing with Excellence – Sessions for Retail members include topics on Social media, mixed media inspiration, and marketing strategies to grow sales.  E506, S110, D101, S117, S119
  • Designer Education – These sessions address skill development to help new and experienced Designer members.  S101, S102, S103, S110, S114  
  • New! Manufacturer Education – By member request, these seminars cover social media, website maximization, and relationship management to help manufacturers succeed.  S111, S113, S118, S120 
  • New! Mixed Media Inspiration Sessions – Featured sessions to immerse you in mixed media and other craft technique inspiration.  E506 and D101
  • Vistage General Session – Witness CHA Vistage benefit in action with featured Vistage speaker Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc. and Social Media expert.  S115

Special Events – Join us for featured networking, product previews, and inspiration including:                                         

  • E502Taste of Rosemont – network over complimentary dinner and drinks
  • E501 Innovations Sneak Peek Media & Buyer Event (Press & Retailers only)
  • E506 Canadian Designer Look & Learn Special Event (Retailers only)
  • Show Event  E505Divas – A Tribute to Women in Pop featuring live performances of your favorite women in pop including Madonna, Cher, Celine Dion, Beyonce and more. 

 Plus Consulting Sessions – Nearly 50 one-on-one sessions with leading business experts ! 

 Plan your Travel and Schedule NOW…Registration Opens May 5th


Webinar Wednesdays – Free Monthly Webinars for CHA Members
Your CHA membership just got more valuable – with free monthly Webinars available to all CHA members. These 60-minute education power-sessions will be offered on a variety of topics targeted to CHA members including business-building topics, new CHA benefit launches and trainings on free tools to maximize your Trade Show participation. Now you can learn from the convenience of your home, office or studio.

Stay Tuned…Webinar Wednesdays on the OLC at will open April 1st and more Webinar topics will be announced throughout the year!

April 20, 2011
Learn More About Your New CHA Benefit – Health Insurance Programs
Presented by: Stuart Pase, President, Association Health Programs

April 27, 2011
Exhibitor Training: Maximize Your Company’s Visibility at the Summer Show
Presented by: Anthony Licata, CHA Senior Sales Manager & John Erich, CHA Marketing Manager

May 11, 2011
Why Retailers Can’t Miss CHA’s Summer Show
Presented by: Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender, Retail Experts

June 1, 2011
Exhibitor Training: Effectively Marketing Your Summer Booth with CHA’s Free Tools
Presented by: Steve Rittler, Chief Information Officer, ExpoLogic & Andria LaJeunesse, CHA Registration Manager

August 3, 2011
Retailers – Celebrate the Season with Your Customers!
Presented by: Keri Cunningham, CHA Marketing Manager & Victor Domine, CHA PR Manager

September 7, 2011
An Update on the CPSIA for CHA Members (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)
Presented by: Rick Locker, Partner, Locker Greenberg & Brainin

October 5, 2011
Traditional and Social Media Tips from the PR Pro’s for all CHA Members
Presented by: Patterson Bach PR Team & Victor Domine, CHA PR Manager

November 2, 2011
New Member Training: CHA PR Tools to Help Promote Your Business
Presented by: Victor Domine, CHA PR Manager

December 7, 2011
Exhibitor Training: Effectively Marketing Your Winter Booth with CHA’s Free Tools
Presented by: Steve Rittler, Chief Information Officer, ExpoLogic & Andria LaJeunesse, CHA Registration Manager

NEW Discounts for Workshop Sponsors at the Summer Conference

More ways we’re making Workshop sponsorship easier and less expensive.

Early Bird Special– Workshop Applications submitted online by March 23, 2011 will receive $100 off the regular $350 single sponsor fee or $600 multiple sponsor fee.

Returning Sponsors – Consecutive workshop sponsors since Summer of 2008 can submit one workshop and get a second workshop FREE if submitted by March 30, 2011.

New SponsorsCompanies that have never sponsored or haven’t sponsored since Summer 2008 can sponsor one Workshop for FREE if submitted by June 3, 2011.

Application Deadlines

Marketing Deadline– Workshop Sponsorship Applications submitted online by March 30, 2011 will be included in the Summer 2011 Preview Guide and on the CHA Show website prior to registration opening.

Open DeadlineWorkshop Sponsorship Applications received after March 30, 2011 and no later than June 3, 2011 will NOT be included in the 2011 Preview Guide and will be marketed via the CHA website only after registration opens.

Apply Online Today!

Questions?  Contact Nidia Negron, Education Project Manager at (201) 835-1204 or