The CHA Designer Section Trends Committee Report

By Linda Swingle
CHA Trends Committee Lead

The CHA Designer Section Trends Report provides a close-up and intricate perspective of current trends in arts and crafts.

Trends Committee members are professional designers with extensive experience and ties to manufacturers. Through CHA’s global network, our members provide vital information regarding the overall direction of the industry. Additional resources used to compile the Trends Report include multiple social media platforms, digital publications, printed publications, and good old-fashion reporting techniques, like interviews with select companies, industry associates and leaders.

Our dedicated columnists submit bi-annual reports featuring what’s trending now as well as creative ingenuity that is coming down the pike. As trends develop, the landscape of the craft industry develops with them. Artistic license drives sales. In turn, manufacturers develop supplies tailored to trends while keeping traditional supplies available. It is an interesting perspective, as I do not believe one can exist entirely without the other. Viva! The evolution of creative trends is born!

As craft and art techniques continually intersect, rules no longer pertain to the creative process. Mixing various materials with unique or accepted techniques paves the road to new trends. This is especially true as professional crafters and artisans express ideas to various publications and posting through social media.

Our 2015 Designer Section Trends Report covers the following categories:

General Crafts

Mixed Media

Children’s Crafts

Needle Arts

Home Décor

Paper Crafts

Jewelry Arts

Wearable Arts

By providing avenues of interest through various product categories, our Committee will expand its research and findings for future CHA Designer Section Trends Committee Reports. Anticipated growth will enhance our studies while providing opportunity for members to expand and grow their businesses through professional association and recognition.

The success of the Designer Section Trends Report is due to contributions by our volunteers. The level of appreciation and respect for our Committee members is beyond words. It is a win-win creative situation as we grow and develop skills on a personal and professional level!

For more information, or to join our committee, please refer to postings in the August CHA Member News, through our CHA Designer Section Facebook group or message Linda Swingle on Facebook.  

Meet Debi Adams of Spellbinders Paper Arts!

We are getting to know some of our Paper Arts+ workshop teachers in this “Meet the Teachers” blog post series. Through the series, you will learn about their art and inspiration, the value in attending their workshops, and what you can expect to learn. This week we meet Debi Adams, instructor and concept designer at Spellbinders Paper Arts!

debi adamsIn Shaping a Beautiful Life with Platinum, Debi will teach you all of the amazing things you can do with the new Platinum machine by Spellbinders. Featuring Versacut technology, the Platinum machine has an 8 1/2″ cutting platform, and is stronger and requires fewer turns than other machines on the market. Cut up to eight layers of fabric at a time while being able to cut over 40 different substrates with Spellbinders’ new Contour steel rule dies!

Tell us a little about yourself.
My degree is in education, but my passion is art. I’ve been involved in the art industry for more than 30 years. In that time, I’ve worn a ton of hats: paper crafter, sewer, floral arranger, party planner and decorator, wall mural painter, cookie decorator, jewelry maker, set and prop stager and most recently, photographer. I feel blessed to have been interviewed in a myriad of magazines, including Somerset Studios, and Apronology and Scrapbooks, and to have worked with licensed designers like Tim Holtz, Brenda Walton, Jo Packham and Lori Whitlock.

What do you love most about the creative industry?
I love our industry because it provides countless tools, techniques and supplies for creative folks to create or “think” outside the box.

What do you love most about teaching workshops?
I never get tired of seeing the “light bulb” go on. Often times I hear someone say, “I never thought I could do that.” That always makes my day!

What value would you place on attending classes offered at live conferences such as the Paper Arts+ Show?
Attending Paper Arts+ workshops is so valuable. You get to be the first to see and experience the latest trends in crafting and invaluable tools for your store.

What are the top takeaways that attendees will learn by taking your workshop?
My workshop will equip you to sell Spellbinders’ dies and machines to your customers. You’ll take home essential knowledge, capabilities and applications of all the products you’ll use to apply in your store and/or classroom.

When you’re not teaching, what can we find you doing?
I love scavenging for treasures at estate and garage sales, as well as in stores like Goodwill. I use these items as art materials or upcycle/recycle them as home décor for my new home in Arizona. Also, every chance I get, I love getting together and hanging out with my four adult daughters.

The Paper Arts+ Show is around the corner and Show registration is open! Register for Shaping a Beautiful Life with Platinum today! Online registration closes on Tuesday, July 14!

Learn more about Debi on the Spellbinders Paper Arts blog and her personal blog.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we will meet Eileen Hull, designer for Sizzix/Ellison!

CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop Project by Madeline Faiella

The Ribbon Print Company™ is a gem for anyone who wants to make life easier and in the most professional way.  Print anything you want on ribbon.  Don’t know what you need (it happens) the staff at The Ribbon Print Company™ is there to assist.  They don’t just sell ribbon, they are also designers and “cool thinkers”…I loved my experience with them and the product.

The quality of the ribbon is outstanding allowing you to do pretty much anything you want to do with it.  Take a saying, name, event, drawing, logo  and send them off to The Ribbon Print Company™ and they will print just about whatever you need for your wedding, corporate event, kids or grownup parties and more.

Make fabulous bows and your message is already there!  Nothing more to do.  Merry Christmas from the Smith Family and that’s all you need.  The ribbon comes in 20 brilliant colors and different widths to make your project perfect.  There are over 20 foil colors to choose from for printing your very special message.

Retailers, ribbon and foils are made to work with the TRPC Ribbon Printer (there are a few models) and a MUST HAVE in your store.

Now you can have your own key ring for when you meet the girls for coffee.  This project is easy peazy.  Using beautifully printed ribbon from The Ribbon Print Company™ your project is practically done by itself.


Let’s Coffee Klatch Key Ring

*16 inches of The Ribbon Print Company™ printed ribbon at 1.5” wide (Length is your choice. You will be folding it in half lengthwise.  This project is 15” of ribbon folded in half to create 7.5” tails).
*10mm beads
*seed beads (any size you like)
*needle to sew beads (be sure it fits through the beads)
*matching thread
*one key ring
*Fiskars® scissors

NOTE: Colors are your choice.  There are so many!  This project:

  1. Simply pull the ribbon through the key ring at the half point.
  2. Stitch a running stitch just below the key ring
  3. Stitch the beads directly over the running stitch
  4. Cut the bottom of the ribbon in a “V” (optional)

Now enjoy the coffee and your friends!!!  These make great gifts!

Charles & Melissa – please sign the guestbook Bookmark


* 21 of The Ribbon Print Company™ ribbon at 1.5” wide with the name of the bride and groom. (Length is your choice. You will be using two identical pieces of printed ribbon. This project is for a 10.5” bookmark so I used just over 21” of ribbon)
*The Ribbon Print Company™ ribbon at ½” wide that reads, “please sign the guestbook”. This ribbon will hang nicely down both sides of the book mark with a bow at the top.  I used 26” to create the bow and the tails.
*Scotch® Double Sided Tape. ½”
*Lace. Any flat lace the shows just over the edges of the 1.5” ribbon.  Refer to photo.
*Pearls. Any size you like.  I used coin pearls, fresh water pearls and synthetic black pearls (10mm).
*Fiskars® scissors.

  1. Cut ribbon with “names” on it in half.
  2. Place double sided tape on the long end of one piece of 1.5” ribbon with “names” on it and lay it down onto the lace. Refer to photo-edge of lace should stick out beyond edged.
  3. Repeat #2 for the other side of the 1.5”ribbon.
  4. Turn the finished taped piece over and repeat #2 and #3.
  5. Make a bow with the ½” ribbon and tape to top of one side of the bookmark. This is the FRONT of your bookmark.
  6. Use a scrap piece of ½” ribbon to cover bottom of bookmark. NOTE: This is optional.
  7. Tape 2 tails of ½” ribbon on either side of the center of the bow and allow them to hang outward from the center.
  8. Add beads/pearls to bottom of bookmark and ribbon as desired.

You might like to use matching or coordinating ribbon on stemware, centerpieces and anywhere you would like to communicate something to your guests. Here’s to the happy couple!!!

Win $500!

Follow the CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop all week on the CHA Blog for updates on new designer blog posts and projects. Each post will have a “password”, collect all of the passwords.

The first two people to tweet CHA @Craftandhobby the correct phrase will win:
1st Prize: $500 toward travel to the Paper Arts+ Show (trade only)
2nd Prize: $25 AMEX gift card
Here is your “password”:  the

CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop – Day 4


Welcome to Day 4 of the CHA Paper Arts+ Show Blog Hop! The ‘hop has been going great and the participation has been awesome!

We’re in the home stretch and we still have GREAT projects created from exhibitors’ products by CHA Designer Section members for you to see!

How to win:
There will be a “password” at the end of each designer blog post. Make sure you keep track of all of the “passwords.” At the end of the hop on Friday, May 22, you’ll need to use the “passwords” to form a phrase.

The first two people to tweet us @Craftandhobby with the correct phrase will win:

  • 1st Prize: $500 toward travel to the Paper Arts+ Show (trade only)
  • 2nd Prize: $25 AMEX gift card

Follow the #CHAShow hashtag on social media to share in all of the Paper Arts+ Show fun! Also, don’t forget to register for the  Paper Arts+ Show! Registration is NOW OPEN!

Here are your Blog Hop stops for Day 4:

First stop:
CLICK HERE if you dare to see CHA Designer Candice Windham’s inspirational project using product from exhibitor Dare2BArtzy.

Second Stop:
CHA Designer, Marjolaine Walker, put together a great project using product from
Linnie Blooms. CLICK HERE to see pictures of the project and the steps she took to create it!

Tomorrow is the final day of the blog hop! Don’t miss out on the final passwords to complete the phrase! Click here to view the schedule.

CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop – Day 3


Welcome to Day 3 of the CHA Paper Arts+ Show Blog Hop! We’re halfway there and we hope you have enjoyed following along so far!

All week we are featuring exhibitors’ products created into projects by CHA Designer Section members! Follow along to see which products the Designers used and the creations that they came up with; plus you’ll have a chance to win great prizes!

How to win:
There will be a “password” at the end of each designer blog post. Make sure you keep track of all of the “passwords.” At the end of the hop you’ll need to use the “passwords” to form a phrase.

The first two people to tweet us @Craftandhobby the correct phrase will win:

  • 1st Prize: $500 toward travel to the Paper Arts+ Show (trade only)
  • 2nd Prize: $25 AMEX gift card

Follow the #CHAShow hashtag on social media to share in all of the Paper Arts+ Show fun! Also, don’t forget to register for the  Paper Arts+ Show! Registration is NOW OPEN!

Here are your stops for Day 3:

First Stop:
CLICK HERE to see the whimsical project that Debra Quartermain came up with using product from Paper Arts+ exhibitor Sizzix/Ellison.

Second Stop:
What decorative display did Beth Watson come up with using product and tools from
MD-Hobby and Craft? CLICK HERE to find out!

Third Stop:
CLICK HERE to find out what vintage summer fun Carol Heppner came up with using product from Hot Off the Press Inc. 

Be sure to join us for more fun tomorrow. For the full schedule, click here.

The Projects are Done…Get Ready to “Hop” on Monday!

It’s almost time for the CHA Paper Arts+ Show Blog Hop! The Blog Hop features exhibitors’ products created into projects by CHA Designer Section Members!


Follow along right here on the CHA Blog from May 18 – 22 to see which products the Designers used and the creations they came up with. PLUS, you’ll learn how to make the projects yourself!

Win Prizes!
There will be a “password” at the end of each designer blog post. Make sure you keep track of the password each day. At the end of the hop you’ll need to use the “passwords” to form a phrase.

The first two people to tweet us @Craftandhobby the correct phrase will win:

  • 1st Prize: $500 toward travel to the Paper Arts+ Show
  • 2nd Prize: $25 AMEX gift card

Be sure to follow the #CHAShow hashtag on social media to share in all of the Paper Arts+ Show fun!

Here’s the full schedule for the week:


CHA Designer: Michele Emerson Roberts
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Graphic 45

CHA Designer: Keri Sallee
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Art Impressions


CHA Designer: Carmen Flores Tanis
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Pink and Main

CHA Designer:  Susan M. Brown
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Little B LLC

CHA Designer: Rita Barakat
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Bo Bunny


CHA Designer: Debra Quartermain
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Ellison

CHA Designer:  Beth Watson
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor:  M-D Building Products

CHA Designer:  Carol Heppner
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor:  Hot of the Press


CHA Designer: Candice Windham
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Dare2BArtzy

CHA Designer: Marjolaine Walker
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Linnie Blooms LLC


CHA Designer: Lisa Fulmer
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Kaisercraft

CHA Designer: Kristi Parker
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Stampendous

CHA Designer: Madeline Faiella
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: The Ribbon Print Company

CHA Designer: Linda Swingle
Paper Arts+ Exhibitor: Thermoweb

Tune in next week for the fun starting on Monday May 18!

10 Benefits of Being a CHA Designer Member

Being a creative entrepreneur or running your own design company can be a lonely job. It can also be very tiring and at times overwhelming. Sure, it has many advantages, but wouldn’t it be better if you could find a like-minded community to help you through the downs and the valleys, and warn you of the potholes in your journey?

I felt that way time and again. I wished there was a place where I could talk to like-minded folks, share ideas and ask for advice.

When I joined the CHA Designer Section, I was a little overwhelmed at first. It took me cha designer logosome time to find my way around and make good connections and friends – friends who were creative and understood what I meant without me having to elaborate much. You could say I finally found my tribe!

When first joining CHA as a designer, one wonders if it’s possible to create any lasting connections or derive any benefit from the membership. This is the reason why I put together this article for you. If you’re wondering if a CHA designer membership is for you, read on! Some amazing designers took the time to share their experiences with me. I present to you 10 benefits of being a CHA designer member:

1. The biggest benefit of being a designer member is probably that we get to go to the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show every year for free! The CHA MEGA Show is full of opportunities to network and make new friends and connections. It’s also a great way to do trend spotting and see where the industry and products are headed. The eye candy is, of course, a huge pull for us creatives and let me assure you there is a LOT of stuff to see and take in!

There are also a lot of make and takes and product displays. This is a great place for designers to see what is new to market and keep pace with evolving trends in the industry.

Jennifer Priest from Hydrangea Hippo says, “It is because of the networking I have done in these past four years as a CHA Designer Section member that I have the jobs and opportunities that I have today. It truly is about the people you know. Going to the CHA MEGA Show as your own company helps you meet the people who will aid your growth and helps make you memorable when jobs come available.”

Candice Windham adds, “Being able to attend the CHA MEGA Show and meet directly with the people I want to work with (is a major benefit). Communicating with someone through email or over the phone can’t compare to one-on-one, face-to-face communications.”

2. Having an official designer badge helps establish credibility. Many manufacturers prefer to work with designer members. Patt Bell agrees, stating, “Being a CHA Designer Section member adds credibility to your qualifications. It says that you are serious about what you do, and that you are staying on top of industry trends and practices. Membership provides access to contacts in the business.”

3. CHA offers a wide array of educational resources and materials to help designers do more with and for their businesses. Many webinars, eCourses and videos are made available to designer members. They cover using a range of tools from traditional marketing to social media, working with manufacturers and more!

4. Designer Section members have the opportunity to exhibit in the Designers in Action™ area at the CHA MEGA Show at discounted rates. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent and have it visible for the crafting world to see. Manufacturers send representatives to view these showcases and arrange a meet and greet with the designers. A lot of connections and opportunities are born from this interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of exhibiting in the Designers in Action™ earlier this year. I met and made friends with many designers by taking part in this activity. It also gave me confidence and a lot of feedback about my work!


5. Being a CHA Designer Section member gives you a voice. You can volunteer for different committees and actually contribute to the Section and to CHA. This is an amazing opportunity to learn how the industry works and to make lasting friendships. As Seth Apter puts it, They offer the option to volunteer for a committee, allowing each member to have an active role in the development of the organization, as well as a chance to learn the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of the craft industry in depth.”

6. The sense of community is one of the best things about being a CHA Designer Section member. As Lisa Fulmer says, “The social benefit is these people get me.” Rita Barakat loves this aspect of being a designer member as well! “Being able to come together as a group of like-minded individuals, supporting each other, sharing knowledge and having cheerleaders on your side are always good things!” Beth Watson also agrees, stating, One of the benefits is being part of a group of industry professionals that understands, supports and values what you do as a designer, which is an important part of my growth and success in the craft industry.”

7. Guidance is another big advantage of being a CHA designer member. As Marjolaine Walker puts it, “There is so much love and support from many of the established designers. They want us to succeed and are always there to help.” It is really beneficial to be able to share ideas with more experienced designers. They are so generous with giving advice and making introductions! You shouldn’t be afraid to ask because these are probably some of the most helpful men and women on the planet!

8. Being a member gives you access to the CHA Designers only newsletter, which has huge benefits. The newsletter, which is for Designer Section members only, provides information about the various Section activities in which members can participate.  Eileen Hull shares, “When opportunities come along to showcase my business, I am able to respond quickly and take advantage of them because I always read my CHA emails and know what is happening.”

9. The CHA Designer Directory is another amazing tool that is available to designer members as a benefit of membership. The Designer Directory is a listing of all CHA designers and is made available to manufacturers when they are looking to give out jobs. Carol Heppner, the current chair of the Designer Section, says, “The Designer Directory Committee works long hours to publish the Designer Directory. Designer Section members can submit a five by eight-inch listing for the Directory. The Directory is available on the CHA website as a free download.”

10. Long lasting and true friendships are formed between designer members and, as Michele, one of the founding members of the Designer Section puts it, The friendships that I have developed with other designers and industry companies are priceless!” You will find many partnerships and new ideas being born through friendly collaboration.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities are vast. You just have to take the first step. Sign up to become a member and you’ll have help along the rest of your journey. Like me, you’ll feel like you have finally found your tribe!

maheMahe Zehra Husain is a mathematician by training and an artist by nature! She loves to write arts and crafts e-books and has several listed on

She is most often found playing in her craft studio and making a mess with paints of all sorts! Her passion is to share her love of creating and banishing the myth that people are born creative. We all have two sides to our brain and she believes everyone has a creative fire!

You can find her at and  – coming soon!

Join the fun and get a sneak peek at what you can expect to see at the Paper Arts+ Show!


We’ve paired our Paper Arts+ exhibitors with members of the CHA Designer Section for a fun Blog Hop taking place May 18-22.

Designer Section members are hard at work right now creating amazing projects using our exhibitors’ products. Beginning Monday, May 18, we’ll share the designers’ dedicated blog posts where they’ll show you which products they used, how they created their projects and pictures of their finished creations.

Follow along each day for your chance to win prizes. The bottom of each blog post will contain one word from a phrase. At the end of the Blog Hop, tweet the completed phrase to us at @CraftandHobby and include the show hashtag #CHAShow.

The first two people to tweet us the correct phrase will win the following:
1st Prize: $250 toward travel to the Paper Arts+ Show
2nd Prize: $25 AMEX gift card

Be sure to follow the #CHAShow hashtag on social media to share in the Paper Arts+ Show fun!

Thank you to the participating CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop exhibitors and designers


Visit the CHA Blog starting May 18 to join the fun and for a chance to win prizes!

CHA Designers Team Up to Produce Free Digital Craft Industry Magazine

By Carol Heppner,

We rarely discuss one of the great advantages of being a CHA member and the wonderful relationships that form when attending the trade shows.   If you volunteer and support our organization, relationships deepen and initiate opportunities.

Such is the case with Ann Butler and me.  Ann and I were on Google + catching up on some CHA Designer-Section business when our discussion turned to our individual companies.   As craft-design business owners, we are constantly working with manufacturers and seeking to have the manufacturers’ products published.

During this conversation, Ann uttered those fateful words, “I wish we could develop our own publication.”   I looked at Ann and said, “We can.”   After a minute of thinking about it, Ann responded with, “But it has to be free to the reader.”   It was during these first few minutes that Bella Crafts Quarterly was born and our business model started to develop.


We knew that we wanted to bring quality projects and topical craft-industry columns to readers who craft for business and for pleasure.   We wanted to inspire readers to craft, which would help the entire craft industry.   To that end, and in keeping with our belief, the first project in all our quarterly issues is always a project showing readers that they can reconnect with crafting by making the project within minutes.

Creating a quarterly publication, while still running our individual companies, would be no easy feat and we would need help.  An undertaking this size needed individuals who are hard working, talented and craft-industry savvy.   Having worked with Lisa Rojas and Theresa Cifali on previous projects, they immediately came to mind as fitting the bill.

Although the four of us have our individual companies, we joined forces to work on this project.  Each designer brings unique skills that allow us to produce a bella-creative-teamquality publication to inspire crafters of all levels.  What is uniquely special is how well we work together.   In a competitive business world, where companies are looking to be one-step in front of their competition, it is rare that companies can come together and create a joint product.  Our ability to work well together may come from the many volunteer projects on which we worked for the CHA Designer Section.  Volunteering to help make CHA a better organization helps develop business relationships that are rewarding.

So, what is Bella Crafts Quarterly™?  It is the #1, free downloadable craft magazine published by four of the craft-industry’s top professional craft designers.  We create quality projects and are the bridge between manufacturers and the crafting public.  Our preview Halloween issue of Bella Crafts Quarterly™ ranked #8 on Magcloud’s Top 15 Popular Magazine

What will you find in Bella Crafts Quarterly™?

  • Artist to Artist – Interviews with our industry’s creative professionals
  • Blog Star – Creative bloggers share their experiences
  • Craft Projects – Craft projects designed to inspire
  • – A quick craft project to help crafters reconnect with crafting
  • Photo Talk™ – Taking your photographs to the next level
  • Lessons with Lisa™ – Crafting advice to make a difference in the crafter’s life
  • Live Links – Our digital versions contain live links to send readers to products used in projects
  • Socially Sensible™ – Social Media advice to help your business
  • Sponsored Craft Projects – Craft projects brought to you by the industry’s manufacturers
  • Trending Thoughts – Trend and topical advice from CHA professional craft designers

winter-journey-cover-smallBella Crafts Quarterly™ is can be downloaded free on our website, and you can read it free online at  The print version is also available through Magcloud for a fee.

We are able to provide the free digital version of Bella Crafts Quarterly™ to readers by project sponsorship from manufacturers.  If you are Manufacturer and like more information, contact us at

Wishing you very successful CHA 2013 Winter Show.

~ Carol

Become an official CHA Blog Guest Blogger!

The CHA Blog is currently seeking guest bloggers and blog posts. Any CHA member can submit a post! Basically, a blog post consists of either a video or photo of an event or experience and a short blurb. We want you to tell your story: what current trends do we need to know about? What is the one thing you look forward to the most at CHA shows? What crafty community service project are you involved with? If you’re interested, please submit your post idea, blog post, name and contact information to

All guest blog posts are the sole responsibility of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA), its staff members, sponsors or exhibitors. The inclusion of a link or reference does not imply the endorsement of the linked site by the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).

CHA Summer Conference and Trade Show – Designer Section Meeting Thanks!

The CHA Design Members hold their section meeting at the CHA summer and winter shows.  This summer was no exception.

However, before the start of our meeting, we were able to have some great products as door prizes for the CHA Design Members who attended our early morning meeting.

CHA Manufacturers are known for their generosity and the munificence gifts for the door prizes were breathtaking.

Beadalon® provided wonderful tools and supplies for jewelry making.

Impress Art® sent a great metal stamping kit which included their new hammer designed just for metal stamping.® supplied a goodie basket filled with their fantastic products, which was wrapped beautifully.  They also offered a Tulip® ScreenIt™ to every CHA design section member who attended the summer show.  The designer had to register with® at the show in order to receive the machine.

Cousin® gave fantastic jewelry kits and their new Snap in Style® bracelets.

Die Cuts with a View gave a pretty container loaded with their magnificent products.

Sizzix® presented one lucky winner a Vagabond and some amazing dies. Design Section Member, Shannon Bielke, was the winner.

Velcro® sent a bag over filled with their superb fasteners for every need.

Westcott® loaded up lucky winners with excellent cutting tools that will make cutting a joy.

Beacon sent a bottle of Zip Dry for all the designers who attended the meeting, unfortunately, the box couldn’t be located during the section meeting. 

The Design Council and the Designer Members of CHA thank Beacon, Beadalon®, Impress Art®,®, Cousin®, Die Cuts with a View, Sizzix®, Velcro®, and Westcott® for all their support and generosity.