CHA Summer Show Statistics!

The CHA 2010  Summer Show demonstrates growth during a down economy despite the trade show industry’s projected declines.  Square footage up, exhibitors up, new exhibitors up, total buyers up, etc…

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Guest Blogger: Crafty Chica’s checklist for CHA!

I leave this Saturday for CHA. It will be my tenth visit (three times as a newspaper reporter, seven as a professional crafter), but I’ll be doing something new this time – helping to set up the iLoveToCreate booth from scratch!

The show doesn’t open until Tuesday, so that means our team will have two days to transform our space from concrete to craftabulous. That’s 48 whole hours! However, being a reality show junkie, I know those minutes will disappear faster than a tube of squeeze glitter in a kindergarten classroom. I’m bringing my Flip Video to film all the action. I know there will be plenty, I can smell it already. I’m preparing for this gig in many ways. I’ve already bought a pair of cushiony insoles for my sneakers. Not just any insoles, these were labeled “WORKER” for construction and factory workers!

Let me fast forward to my crafty checklist for when the show actually opens. I’m there to demo in the iLoveToCreate booth, teach a class at the Super Show Craft Academy, do a live web broadcast with Cool2Craft, sneak in all the make-and-takes I can, and of course mingle, chat, hug, joke, play and HAVE FUN!!

To reach my MHP (Maximum Happy Potential), these are the things I’m bringing. In no particular order:

Scissor necklace. This is a cord necklace that has a mini-set of scissors attached to it. You never know when you need to cut something! However, I learned at the last show that scissor necklaces are more sought after than the One Ring. My last set was misplaced. Somehow, some way, I’ll score a new one in time for the show.

Permanent markers. There are plenty of crafty people walking around asking for artful contributions to their clothing, books, fabric swatches, emergency signs, suitcases, etc.

Portable handiwipes.
I have this bad habit of trying to walk from Point A to Point B, but get sidetracked with the awesome make-and-takes going on. So I’ll sit down and speed craft and then I have to remove the evidence from my hands before I get back to my assigned workstation. Handiwipes are perfect for this! They are also good because many times I’ll come across a fellow crafter who needs one badly, and it always feels good to help out!

Batteries for my Flip Video. They are so expensive at the hotel! I buy a big package before I leave.

Handmade goodies to give away and trade. I always make a batch of items to give away to people I meet, or to favorite friends, or even the clerk behind the coffee stand. One year I made bracelets. I’ve also made magnets, pins, rings, etc. It’s kind of an unwritten ritual that crafties do at this event. It’s a fun way to show camaraderie and a love for our community. It’s a great way to give shout outs when people ask “Where did you get that?”

Handmade show pieces to wear. I always like to wear new jewelry I made, or clothing items. Everyone does this, it’s a great way to express yourself and share your talents without even saying a word! They make great conversation pieces.

Crafty 911 Kit. Needle and thread, buttons, Band-Aid, glue, safety pins.

An artful apron. There is glitter, glue, and paint flying from every direction sometimes, it’s good to have an apron to protect your fancy wearables. (I make sure the apron has secret pockets to collect stuff!)

The Comfiest Shoes in the World. Heels – no. New shoes that need to be broken in – nada. Flip flops – nil. The best way to soak up all that the convention has to offer is to feel light, airy and springy like a ninja, and that only comes from good shoes.

Lots of business cards. Not just any business cards though. I make sure they are up-to-date and relay my “signature story,” so people will remember me long after the show has ended.

Press kit.
You just never know who you will meet in the ladies room or in the coffee line. Editors, producers, retail buyers, movie stars, etc. I don’t suggest huge press kits though, people like sleek and light. Edit it down so it packs a punch!

One almost empty carry-on. This is because I always have gobs of samples, books, projects, and supplies to bring home.

Makeup to go. Lots of talking is going on, as well as pictures with friends that end up on Facebook and blogs. Lipstick wears off fast, so does eyeliner. I hate seeing pictures after the show, and thinking – “Geez! Why didn’t I freshen up my makeup?”

Mini-notepad. I always get inspired for craft ideas or for the novels I write. I also pick up many tips from my crafty comadres and know if I don’t write them down, I’ll forget.

Phone charger in my purse!
I’m an iPhone addict for everything and I begin to twitch and itch once the battery goes below halfway. I plug my baby in wherever I can.

Okay, that’s it. Did I miss anything? What are your must-take items?

P.S. My publisher is sending a box of my new crafty-themed novel for me to give away all next week. Mention it to me, and I’ll give you one!

Guest Blogger: Nancy Nally from Scrapbook Update

At the Craft & Hobby Association Show in Chicago in July, I’ll be taking part in two of what to me are the most important parts of the event.

First, I’ll be taking part in the education program as a speaker. I firmly believe that events like CHA offer industry professionals an unparalleled opportunity to learn skills that will improve their businesses. I always try to attend part of the education program, and am proud to be part of presenting it in Chicago.

I’ll be leading the panel on Press Relations for Manufacturers: Working with Different Types of Press (Wednesday, 11am). In addition, I’ll be available to help small businesses in the industry tailor their press relations plans (or create one) as part of CHA’s expert consulting series on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Press relations are an important tool for businesses of all sizes. Making the best possible use of relations with the press can be a huge advantage for a company. Getting your message out through the press is a great way to stretch marketing dollars, and also to lend credibility to your marketing message. CHA is a great place to learn how to do just that, tailored to your type of business!

The other important thing I’ll be taking part in – which can also only be accomplished by being there – is networking. Reading about products online, visits from company reps, or even phone calls with company executives cannot replace the experience of walking the show floor. I’ll shake hands with new people and cement existing relationships. Casual conversations that start out without a purpose will suddenly develop one. A friend-of-a-friend will become a friend – and then a business associate.

Why is all of this so important? Business in our industry is built on relationships. Survival in our industry is becoming increasingly dependent on cooperation between companies. If you want to make ambitious things happen, you need to know other people to work with to make them happen. Building a network of solid relationships can only happen face-to-face. That’s an important function of an event like CHA, and it shouldn’t only take place during the hours that the show floor is open. Morning, noon and night there are opportunities to spend time with people and build relationships. You never know what you might learn, or what you might discover that you can build with someone that will be bigger than the two of you alone. To me, it’s one of the best parts of the show.

I look forward to seeing many old friends in Chicago – and making many new ones! See you all on the 26th!

Nancy Nally

Editor, Scrapbook Update

Beadalon Announces Hot New Line by Katie Hacker

Katie Hacker, the new host of the public TV show, Beads, Baubles & Jewels announced that she will be co-branding a new line of of components that are specially designed to give jewelry makers the power to customize their creations. The new line, called Katiedids, is being co-branded with CHA member Beadalon. Katie will be the moderator for Social Networking For Designers: Making the Most of Your Online Presence at the CHA Summer Show.

440 Highlands Blvd. • Coatesville, PA 19320 USA • Toll Free: 1-866-423-2325 • Phone: 1-610-466-6000 • Fax: 1-610-384-7260


Beadalon® Introduces Katiedids Creative Components by Katie Hacker

COATESVILLE, PA (June 17, 2010) Katiedids™ by Katie Hacker is a line of components that are specially designed to give jewelry makers the power to customize their creations. Each piece provides a channel-set effect for beads, flatbacks, fibers, polymer clay, resin, and more. The donuts, sticks and pendants can be filled in a simple manner, allowing beginners to easily add a high fashion look to their hand beaded jewelry. Or, designers can use more advanced techniques with Katiedids™ to personalize and set their work apart. The channels in the components provide a framework, and you can customize it with beads, wire, fibers, polymer clay, resin and more. Imagine the possibilities!

Katie Hacker is a Beadalon Design Team Member, jewelry designer and author whose books have sold more than half a million copies. She is also the new host of the public television show, Beads, Baubles & Jewels, and a columnist for Beadwork magazine.  Hacker states, “I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Beadalon on a new line of co-branded products for beading. I designed these components to give beaders the power to completely customize your designs – right down to the findings! The sticks and scallops make great earrings or dangles and the circles are perfect for pendants. The channels in the components provide a framework, but you make it yours.”

There are 7 tarnish resistant silver plated variations: short stick, long stick, scallop, donut, donut with bezel, donut with drilled bezel, double-circle pendant.  MSRP is $6.99 each pack.

“I’m sure digging your new line of Katiedids™ findings–they all have such great possibilities.” – Jean Campbell, Beading Daily Contributor

“Katiedids™ rock…I made them into toggles!” – Heather Powers, Art Bead Scene Founder & Editor

Ask your favorite bead shop or supplier for Beadalon products. Beadalon is the originator of flexible bead stringing wires and has been manufacturing wire in the USA since 1976. Beadalon offers high quality beading products, competitive prices, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery. For more information, please call toll free (866) 423-2325 or visit our website at High-resolution images of all Beadalon products are available upon request.

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Yvette Rodriguez

Beadalon Event Manager/Marketing Coordinator

(866)  423-2325 ext. 102

The Craft SuperShow Has “Fashion Fever”

The Craft & Hobby Association and the National Sewing Council are pleased to announce a sewing competition, the “Fashion Fever Challenge”, will take place at the SuperShow in Rosemont. Full release below.



The National Sewing Council challenges contestants in their fashion and sewing skills at the CHA Craft SuperShow


ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (June 3, 2010) The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) and the National Sewing Council (NSC) are pleased to announce a sewing competition, the “Fashion Fever Challenge”, during the CHA Craft SuperShow consumer event in Rosemont, Illinois held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center from July 30 – 31, 2010. The Fashion Fever Challenge is a contest in which selected finalists are given the opportunity to create their own fashionable garments and compete for prizes. The competition will begin on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 8:00am.

Fashion Fever Challenge contestants must be at least 18 years of age and have basic sewing skills needed to create a functional garment. Knowledge on pattern alteration is a plus, yet pattern-drafting skills are not required. Contestants must fill out an entry form found at and mail it along with clear, detailed pictures of previous garment samples to the National Sewing Council 1385 Clyde Road, Highland, MI 48357. Complete applications must be received no later than July 1, 2010, and the finalists will be notified by July 10, 2010.

To become a finalist, applicants will be judged 50% on their application and 50% on their creativity shown in the garment pictures submitted. Those chosen can bring a limited amount of their own sewing supplies, but will also receive “SuperShow Dollars”, which must be spent at Vogue Fabrics or on the show floor for more supplies. The finalists will arrive Thursday, July 29, for space assignment and orientation. They will shop from 9:00 am to 10:00am at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Illinois to gather supplies and work on their garment from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, on Friday, July 30. The following day, the contestants will have from 8:00am to mid-afternoon to finish up their garment and fit their model.

The Fashion Fever Finale will begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday, July 31, and consist of judging and announcement of the winners. Fiber artists and sewing professionals will serve as judges.  Winners will be selected on originality, adherence to selected theme, workmanship, creative use of materials and overall design execution. The winners will receive great prizes which are to be announced, along with having the opportunity of auctioning their garment for charity.

This contest will provide great entertainment for the Craft SuperShow attendees, as well as allowing a fabulous opportunity for the finalists to challenge themselves and receive recognition on their creations. The artistic environment of the Craft SuperShow containing various crafts and art supplies is the perfect setting for creative minds, and ideal venue for sharing “Fashion Fever.”

Craft & Hobby Association

The Craft & Hobby Association is an international not-for-profit organization consisting of member companies engaged in the manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products in the near $30 billion U.S. craft and hobby industry. For more information about CHA, to find a craft project, or to find a local craft retailer visit For more about the CHA Craft SuperShow visit

National Sewing Council

The National Sewing Council is a not-for-profit 501(C)(6) council/association. The National Sewing Council is dedicated to expanding the sewing industry by developing and employing an advertising and marketing plan designed specifically to inspire, educate and instill confidence that will attract more people to sew. For more information about the National Sewing Council, please visit

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A.C. Moore Announces the Hottest Crafting Vacation: Trip to CHA Craft SuperShow

A.C. Moore announced today that they will be giving six lucky crafters the vacation of their dreams: the opportunity for an all expenses paid three night trip to the Craft and Hobby Association’s SuperShow in Rosemont, IL. Three grand prize winners will receive a package for two, valued at $1,500 which includes round trip airfare, three nights’ accommodations, transportation to and from the show and VIP access to the SuperShow. To enter, crafters must use their A.C. Moore Rewards card, along with the sweepstakes coupon, during any transaction between now and June 19th.

Contact: Susan Stoga/Patti Thomas

(847) 884-0000,


BERLIN, NJ – (June 8, 2010) – A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Inc., with 136 stores (NASDAQ:ACMR) along the Eastern Seaboard, will give six crafters the vacation of their dreams: a trip to the Craft & Hobby Association’s (CHA) SuperShow in Rosemont, IL, July 28-30, 2010.

Three grand prize winners will receive a package for two, valued at $1,500 which includes round trip airfare, three nights’ accommodations, transportation to and from the show and VIP access to the SuperShow.  Winners will also receive a gift basket from A.C. Moore, ( valued at more than $100.

“The Craft & Hobby Association is grateful for the continued support of A.C. Moore in promoting the Craft SuperShow. We look forward to providing an incredible experience for the winners of the “ultimate crafting vacation,” said Steve Berger, President and CEO, CHA.

“Our winners will receive star treatment along with VIP backstage access at the CHA show,” said David Abelman, Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer for A.C. Moore.  “CHA is the epicenter of crafting excellence, and winners will not only be a part of the creative experience, but will also get the chance to interact with marquee names in the crafting world.”  Industry stars presenting at the show include:

  • Wendy Russell, is the host and creator of HGTV’s series, She’s Crafty.  Russell also is running on IonLife in top markets across the United States.
  • The Double Stitch Twins, the multi-talented, crochet fashion designers and identical twins, Erika & Monika Simmons. They have created an original collection of ‘fun and flirty’ hand crochet apparel that flatters all body types.
  • Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka “The Crafty Chica” renown for her glittery and fun Latina  “Chicano Pop Art” crafts, licensed products and fiction publications carried in retailers including Bloomingdales and Target. She has authored seven books including Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing. She is also the founder of, and has a web series on
  • Julie McGuffee has been a host of Scrapbook Memories TV show for 12 years and is an award winning designer and author of over 40 “how to” craft books on subjects including decorative painting, jewelry making, creative lettering, and silk ribbon embroidery.

To enter, crafters must use their A.C. Moore Rewards card, along with the sweepstakes coupon, during any transaction between now and June 19th.  Customers can enter as many times as they like during the promotional period.  A.C. Moore Rewards membership is free and crafters can sign up at any A.C. Moore store or via the website.  For all contest rules and regulations, or to become an A.C. Moore Rewards member, visit

About A.C. Moore

With 136 stores along the Eastern Seaboard, A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Inc. brings families together for fun through creativity.  Recently named by Parents Magazine as one of the top 10 places for birthday parties, A.C. Moore offers a wide range of programs to engage adults and children in crafting, including workshops, demonstrations and Make & Takes. In addition to traditional craft products, A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts is also well-known for its selection of scrapbooking, jewelry, floral, yarn, fine art supplies, children’s crafts kits and educational toys, along with ready made frames and custom framing. To locate your local A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, visit

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CHA will be holding a media event at the CHA Summer Show on July 27, 2010 from 8:30 – 9:30 am (before the Show floor opens.)  The media event will feature about 20 product demonstrations from manufactures that submitted entries into the Innovations Showcase.

The product demonstrations will be selected by CHA’s panel of media judges from the Chicago Sun-Times, Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine, and who will also judge the entire Innovations Product Showcase.

To be considered for participation in this media event companies MUST be participating in the 2010 CHA Summer Innovations Showcase.  For more about the Innovations Showcase go to  For applications and more about Innovations Media Event participation go to

Hurry! The Deadline for submissions is MAY 14th!

See complete details below…

Download Contract


The  Toy Industry Association and CHA announce a partnership that will create a TIA pavilion at the upcoming Summer Show in Rosemont. Read the complete release below…



ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (January 20, 2010) The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) and the Toy Industry Association (TIA) announced today that the TIA will host a pavilion for toys and youth products during CHA’s Summer Convention & Trade Show held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention and Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois from July 27 through 29, 2010. This collaborative effort provides increased opportunity for both organizations to better serve their buyer and seller communities and offers CHA Summer Show attendees a broader array of products.

The pavilion will feature manufacturers and distributors from TIA’s premiere trade events: American International Toy Fair and Fall Toy Preview

“This is a great way to highlight the synergies between the craft and hobby, and toy industries,” explained Steve Berger, President and CEO, CHA.  “The TIA Pavilion will provide retailers with another forum to review and order youth-oriented products for the Fourth Quarter.”

“Toy manufacturers will benefit from the additional Third Quarter face-to-face sales opportunities,” added Carter Keithley, TIA president.  “We are pleased to present our Toy Fair and Fall Toy Preview customers with a summertime trade event that will open additional markets for their products.”

The CHA-TIA collaboration also signifies the launch of a new cross-industry promotional program which could expand to include enhanced retailer education and legislative outreach.  Both industries already share a united voice on several important issues, including consumer product safety legislation. 

“We are confident that carefully planned and coordinated efforts from both our organizations will result in an ideal opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to conduct business in the critical weeks and months leading up to back-to-school and holiday shopping,” said Berger.


The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is a not-for-profit organization consisting of thousands of member companies engaged in the manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products in the near $30 billion craft and hobby industry. The Association offers a broad range of member services, including market research, education, as well as operates award-winning trade show events, the CHA Winter and CHA Summer Shows, and the CHA Craft SuperShow consumer event. For more about CHA go to

About Toy Industry Association (TIA)
TIA is the not-for-profit trade association for producers and importers of toys and youth entertainment products sold in North America, representing over 500 companies who account for approximately 85% of domestic toy sales.  Toy safety is the number one priority for the toy industry. TIA has a long history of leadership in toy safety including development of the first comprehensive toy safety standard more than 30 years ago, and working with government, consumers and industry on ongoing programs to ensure safe and fun play.  For more information visit

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