Meet the Faculty: Meet Sidney Church


Registration for Creativation University is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our workshop teachers and seminar speakers so you can learn what to expect from taking their live classes in Phoenix this January.

This week, meet Sidney Church!


Sidney is partnering with Michael Mayne, founder of Kin Community, to hold one of our iDiscover Chats titled, Making Their Way Home & Maker Space: What the Heck Is It? Sign up for Sidney’s seminar to learn how a maker space is relevant to your creative business, whether you or your customers do or don’t identify as makers.

Read our interview with Sidney to get to know him and more about his Creativation seminar.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sidney Church and I’m the Electronics Zone Manager at CREATE at the Arizona Science Center.

In a few words, tell us about the education session you’re teaching at Creativation. 

I’ll be giving a seminar on what the heck a maker space is and how it’s good for business.

Who and why should someone attend your session?

Anyone interested in finding out what goes on in a maker space or wondering why these spaces are starting to pop up everywhere – especially those who have never heard of a maker space before.

What are you looking forward to the most at Creativation in Phoenix?

Edible arts!

What do you love most about your job?

My job allows me to expose people who have never even seen 3D printers or laser cutters to these technologies. For a creative person, these become fantastic tools that allow you to take your projects to the next level. I also get to see people who don’t feel like they’re creative realize that they can make things relatively easily with computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment. It can open up a new world for some people.

What do you love most about the creative industry?

It’s an ever growing and expanding industry. This also means that more and more people want to make things, which is amazing. It’s exciting to see what new technologies become available to the home consumer that will help her or him make new and awesome things that have never been seen before.

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You Won’t Believe What’s Next for Eclectic Products


This is a guest post by Eclectic Products Inc.

We are excited about the upcoming CHA show, Creativation, and can’t wait to get to Phoenix in January to see everyone, be inspired, and maybe even share a brand new product that we believe will be the talk of the show (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Eclectic Products has a collection of brands and products consumers love and trust, like E6000, Amazing Goop, Shoe Goo, Allure, and Glaze Coat.  We know that you spend a tremendous amount of time and creativity bringing your inspirational visions to life, so we make sure all our products are made to the highest quality and performance standards to ensure your vision becomes the reality you desire.

We love hearing stories about how one of our E6000 products, or Allure, or Glaze Coat allowed you to make something that you never thought possible.  We look forward to hearing more of those stories at Creativation!  Come see us at booth #1055 and inspire us!

One of the things we love to do is meet folks face to face and demonstrate what some of our products do and have our experts answer questions.  This year, we will be sharing our Glaze Coat High-Gloss Craft Resin, and sharing ideas that will get your creative wheels rolling!  Glaze Coat Craft is ideal for creating beautiful jewelry, amazing craft furniture and tables, beautifying clocks, picture frames, embedding keepsakes, making bed trays, jewelry boxes, plaques  & much more!  Our resin is a very durable, waterproof and acid-free finish that allows you to create heirloom quality projects that have a hard, smooth professional finish.  Come by and see for yourself.  We think you will walk away with some new ideas about how to create even more spectacular projects!

And speaking of something new…… if you come see us at booth #1055, we will let you in on our newest secret…… It’s a new product that we are VERY excited about sharing that is not anywhere in the marketplace!  We don’t want to say too much yet, but it allows anyone to turn ordinary objects into personalized masterpieces!  It is almost limitless in its uses, and can be used on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, concrete, laminate and most any other substrate!  Truly, the only limit is your imagination!  We are “Spitting Excited” to get this into everyone’s hands and see where the creativity takes you…..


We are so excited to see everyone at Creativation in Phoenix in January!  Come to Eclectic Products at booth #1055 and let us show you what everyone will be talking about for the rest of the show!  See you in the desert!

Meet the Faculty: Meet Eloise Wagers


Registration for Creativation University is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our workshop teachers and seminar speakers so you can learn what to expect from taking their live classes in Phoenix this January.

This week, meet Eloise Wagers!


Hand embroidery is the perfect solution for vintage and modern home décor! Join Eloise in her workshop, W404: Hand Embroidery for Home Décor, to learn how to build a great embroidery program for your shop using Clover Needlecraft’s markers, hoops, needles, threaders and scissors.


Read our interview with Eloise to get to know her and more about her Creativation workshop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a former public junior high school and adult education teacher. Since, I’ve spent many years employed with various companies in the craft industry in management and sales. I love sharing my knowledge and the importance of learning crafts for our well-being. Garment sewing and knitting are my favorite pastime activities, along with a pursuit of fashion forward trends.

In a few words, tell us about the education session you’re teaching at Creativation. 

Embroidery stitches are fun to do and create unique designs. With so many threads and yarns in a myriad of colors and textures, why not use these talents to embellish items for your home? There is something gratifying and relaxing about hand stitching!

Who and why should someone attend your session?

Anyone who would like to learn or relearn some basic embroidery stitches in order to add artistic touches to projects for home environment enjoyment.

What are you looking forward to the most at Creativation in Phoenix?

I’m looking forward to see new products and tools that have been developed for crafts and get inspiration for new projects. The booths are always great to visit and see companies’ complete product offerings as well as meet with their personnel.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the opportunity to learn, share my knowledge and inspire others to enjoy the benefits of developing fun, creative projects.

What do you love most about the creative industry?

There is always some new tool or product that I have to try! I love getting new ideas for future projects, too, but most of all, I love the opportunity to mingle with my industry peers, friends and colleagues!

Project Runway Contestant to Host The After Party at Creativation!


When Faber-Castell offered Valerie Mayen the opportunity to be part of our Fashion Fusion Collaborative Challenge, she couldn’t resist. Valerie signed on to host the fashion show at The After Party, where the winners of our Fashion Fusion Collaborative Challenge get to walk the runway and meet her!

If you’re like most of us and have been a fan of Project Runway, then you already know of Valerie Mayen.

Valerie Mayen (3).png

Valerie made her own personal “Project Runway” long before the reality television series was a gleam in some cable TV producer’s eye. As a child, she turned hand-me-downs into coveted fashions.

In 2008, she started her own design business, Yellowcake, and created an online presence for her work.  Her garments were well-received and gained national attention on the award winning reality series Project Runway where she competed to much praise in Season 8. She earned her spot in the top six of 17 designers, designing through 11 out of 14 episodes, and winning a showcase at New York Fashion Week in September of 2010, which earned her recognition by national celebrities and stylists. Valerie was asked to come back to Project Runway and competed in the All-Stars Season 5 which aired early 2016.

Sign up to participate in our Fashion Fusion Collaborative Challenge to learn how crafts meet fashion design and for a chance to meet Valerie! Only a limited number of spots are available, so register today!

Here’s to the Start of a Beautiful Friendship


This is a guest post by Vital Imagery.

Making new friends is nice. They bring us different perspectives and experiences. They are confidantes, providing the ear and advice we occasionally need. They support us, share the good times, and work with us.

The same is true of friends in business. Brainstorming opportunities and a strong union are integral for building success into the future. Connecting with companies that complement your own, forming partnerships that inspire growth are extremely beneficial in today’s competitive market.

At Vital Imagery Ltd. (VI), we’re excited about the new ‘Affinity’ relationship with the Craft and Hobby Association and absolutely thrilled to be offering CHA members a great value on quality images for use in products and projects that are only limited by one’s imagination. Given that CHA is the largest creative and craft organization in the world, we suspect there will be no bounds to what its talented membership will do with this resource.

An online subscription graphics industry leader, VI is the parent company of several popular websites, including,, and Animation Factory. All boast diverse content for creative success, and CHA members are now able to subscribe to the one of their choice or bundle up for optimal benefit at exclusive/discounted rates. Just visit the CHA Member Benefits page under Vital Imagery to view the various discount codes and make sure you’re logged in.


In addition to having one of the world’s largest collections of wholly-owned content, VI’s royalty-free photos, illustrations and animations are fresh and original. As we like to say, “We help you do great work.”

Each site, not unlike a circle of friends, has a unique personality. The eldest ‘family’ member is actually one of the most recent to be welcomed into the fold. A pioneer in the business, was acquired by VI in the early part of 2014. With thousands of new images being added to freshen the content, subscribers to this site have access to over 13,000,000 downloadable photos, illustrations, animations and fonts. is the world’s number one royalty-free clipart subscription site with over 8 million images. Besides the fact that the vast majority of its illustrations are available in vector formats, it also offers photos, fonts, sounds, web graphics, animations and video.


For small business, is the perfect place to go when looking for print-quality photographs in sizes from small to X Super. With an incredible virtual warehouse of over five million images, there is something perfect for every requirement.


With over 600,000 animations, 3D clipart, HD videos, PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, Animation Factory is the number one 3D animation subscription site. No question. Bumping the entertainment factor, this site offers a wonderful variety of images to enhance designs and presentations.

No matter what the choice, one thing is certain. From scrapbooking to photography, having a cost-effective resource for accessing images is as great a boon to creative businesses as having good pals is to our personal lives. “We feel sure that this new relationship between VI and CHA is going to be the start of a productive and long-lasting friendship.”

Meet the Faculty: Meet Dana Walsh


Registration for Creativation University is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our workshop teachers and seminar speakers so you can learn what to expect from taking their live classes in Phoenix this January.

This week, meet Dana Walsh!


Calling all creative entrepreneurs! Join Dana Walsh of Weebly for a hands-on lab where you’ll create your website or online store in one night. Dana will help you design your website or store for optimal customer experiences. You’ll learn to design and master SEO, while enjoying a beer or wine!

Read our interview with Dana to get to know her and more about her Creativation workshop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Dana Walsh and I am the event and community coordinator at Weebly. Weebly has three office locations: Scottsdale, New York City and San Francisco. I’m based in New York City, but I have the opportunity to travel across the country and meet and work with some of our 30 million users.

In a few words, tell us about the education session you’re teaching at Creativation.

Our Weebly team is going to help anyone get online with a free website, blog or online store in one night. We will be helping people with e-commerce, SEO, email marketing and so much more. Get the one-on-one help you need.

Who and why should someone attend your session?

Small business owners, students, bloggers and anyone that wants to start a website, blog or online store EASILY!

What are you looking forward to the most at Creativation in Phoenix?

We are excited to get to work one-on-one with Weebly users and those who are new to the product. It is one the most rewarding feelings to see the excitement on someone’s face when he/she hits “publish” and his/her website is live.

What do you love most about your job?

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to work with Weebly users all over the United States. I get to spend a great deal of time interacting with their websites on a daily basis. Although, when I get to host an event and meet the small online business owner in person, it is a humbling honor.

Experience Paint like Never Before with DecoArt


This is a guest post by DecoArt.

Preparation for the next CHA show seems to begin the moment we’ve unpacked our bags from the last one. Like you, we return full of ideas and inspiration that makes us want to hit the ground running innovating for next year’s show. There’s something about that much creativity all coming together under one roof that really motivates us to think again about ideas that might have been previously discarded as “too risky” or “too early for the market.”

With over half the year behind us, we assure you the entire company has been buzzing like Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve to develop our new product offerings for the 2017 launch in Phoenix. Make sure you stop by our booth, #1233 to visit your old friends like Americana, Gloss Enamels, and the Americana Décor product family and see what new items we have to offer.

We have lots to share and will gladly give you a personalized tour of our booth. While there, you should rest your feet while doing one of our many make-it-take-its that will offer you a hands-on experience with our product lines. The instructors are full of knowledge and enthusiasm for our products so make sure you take advantage of your time at the tables and pepper them with questions!

We are also happy to announce that world-renowned mixed media artist, Andy Skinner will be back with us offering education on our Media line and demonstrating some of his tricks-of-the-trade with you. Make sure you visit our website ahead of time to watch his Media tutorial videos. If you weren’t already a mixed media artist, we are certain you will want to at least try it out after seeing Andy work his magic in our booth.


But hanging out in the booth isn’t the only thing we will be doing at the show. Check out some of our sponsored events as well!


Splatter Room – It’s exactly what it sounds like! You, bottles of paint, and some blank canvases positioned across the room will create some fun and unique art with just a tiny bit of mess. Don’t worry! We will make sure your fancy show duds are covered before you enter the Splatter Room. Even if you don’t want to participate, make sure you walk by to see the finished paintings displayed and to watch the fun in person!

Paint & Sip = While there, you can also check out the Paint & Sip event where students will be walked through painting a simple canvas in a relaxing atmosphere.

From all of us here at team DecoArt, we can’t wait to see you at the show! If you can’t make it be sure and follow along with us on our blog and social media platforms to get behind-the-scenes looks as well as plenty of on-the-ground video footage and candid photos of all the fun.

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Meet the Faculty: Meet Kim Bell


Registration for Creativation University is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our workshop teachers and seminar speakers so you can learn what to expect from taking their live classes in Phoenix this January.

This week, meet Kim Bell.


If your goal is to learn more about sewing and sewing techniques, then Kim’s workshop, Sewing Notions 101 is for you. Kim will teach you useful and unique sewing tools and hardware, explain how to use them, and let you give them a try! Plus, you’ll take some of the tools home with you.


Read our interview with Kim to get to know her and more about her Creativation workshop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My mother is a sewer and I became interested at a very young age. I started to make my own clothes at age nine and went on to receive a degree in Home Economics Education. I have been in the creative industry for over 20 years.  Currently, I am a Product Specialist for Prym Consumer USA. My goal is to teach others about sewing and hopefully transfer that love of creating to them.

In a few words, tell us about the education session you’re teaching at Creativation.

Have you ever stared at the sewing notions wall in your local store and asked – What are all these tools used for? Why are there so many different pins and needles? We’ll answer those questions and more during Sewing Notions 101. It will be a great introduction to our wide range of sewing products. We’ll be making some simple projects while we learn about the many uses of sewing tools.

Who and why should someone attend your session?

Beginning sewers and those who want to learn more about sewing should register.

What are you looking forward to the most at Creativation in Phoenix?

I am looking forward to meeting lots of creative people, and hearing and seeing their great ideas.

What do you love most about your job?

I get to express myself creatively and share my knowledge with others.

What do you love most about the creative industry?

Innovation; just when you think it has all been thought of or there’s no better way to do something, someone has another great idea!

Welcome to PHOENIX! Home of Spellbinders and a creative community like no other


This is a guest post by Spellbinders.

There is not a more beautiful place on the planet in January than Phoenix, Arizona. With the mild temperatures to ease your stress, colorful sunsets to take your breath away and the unique mountains, rocks and cactus that adorn the landscape you will forever be enchanted by its creativity and brilliance.

The Arizona environment inspires a one-of-a-kind region that is home to countless companies, artists and Native American Tribes that embrace creativity and self-expression as a way of life. The CHA team could have also not picked a better place to host its annual convention because among the inspiring environment you can walk to amazing restaurants and entertainment to enhance your show experience. It’s only fitting that the all-new Creativation show will be hosted by such an amazing and dynamic city.


The sun sets between the Saguaros Cacti, in the Sonoran Desert, a desert home to the cultures of over 17 contemporary Native American tribes.

It’s no secret that the craft industry is in it’s own evolution and needs to look at how we speak to our customers and people who desire to be creative alike. As creative individual businesses and collectively as an industry, we cannot continue to do the same things, in the same places, the same way and expect different results. We must embrace our history, love our core customers and lead our industry into the future. If there is to be a craft/creative industry tomorrow we must embrace and teach the millennial’s today that the ink, the paper, the fabric, the metal and the techniques of the Craft past are the fuel for the Maker future. Creativity knows no limits, no age boundaries, no style limitations, no medium or surface is sacred, and creativity is inside out. That is where we came from and that is where we are going.

It is with Phoenix as a backdrop that we must collectively recognize that now is the time to embrace the new name of the show, enjoy the adventure of a new host city, tackle the challenges ahead of our industry with new ways of doing things and speak to new consumers while cherishing our core and the beautiful past we created together. The limitations of the future of our industry are only the limitations that we collectively allow ourselves to have.

That is the future of the craft industry and that is the future of Spellbinders. No matter what your thoughts or pre-conceptions are about Spellbinders as a company, they are wrong. We are working harder than ever to embrace our heritage and past while also reaching out to new users, new creative types and teach people “craft” is not a dirty word and “maker” is not a new word. Creativity and self-expression bonds us generationally and unites a passion for baby boomers and generations X, Y and Z.

Join us at the first ever CREATIVATION 2017 Show at booth #419 to see how we are evolving with amazing new licensed designers, stunning projects made from our user friendly products and embrace creativity, young or old, simple or sophisticated the passion to make and the joy to share will make Phoenix in January the time that changed your belief in what is possible and what you can do about it.