Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is Canada Day

We hope you are enjoying the long weekend both here in Canada and in the US.

Do you know what Canada Day is all about? It is the date of confederation, when Canada united as a single country under the British Empire. Celebrated pretty much the same as July 4th, only we welcomed the British… not kicked them out!  Picnics and fireworks abound, with the red & white flags and Maple leaf flying high. There are celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and parades across the country. Often, border cities in Provinces and the States have joint July 4 and Canada Day celebrations, as the two holidays are so close together. Although Canadians are known for their polite reservation, patriotism runs rampant during Canada Day. It also helps that we finally are guaranteed no more snow!

Check out this crafty patriotic bike, great for any parade! Of course Canadians are polite enough to let you copy the idea with your own stars and stripes…. Happy 4th of July to our southern cousins!