31 Days of Crafting: Neighborly Inspiration

March is National Craft Month! All month long we’ll be sharing stories from your peers about what they are doing to celebrate and how they are encouraging others to discover the benefits of creativity.

This is a guest post from AFCI Staff, Alison Muldoon.

Well…it’s that crafting time of year again…and time again for me to check in with the crafting Kolveks of Ridgewood!

I wondered what my neighbors were up to in 2017. I made a quick phone call and was greeted by my neighbor at her door. Leslie had that crafting twinkle in her eye… I realized immediately   she was in the middle of another epic crafting project and I couldn’t wait for the big reveal!

With much anticipation, we walked downstairs to her crafting studio…aka…the “craft haven”, and there they were…fairy houses made out of bark and other recycled ecologic materials. Leslie had created these adorable crafted condos using $1 bird houses, recycled bark, moss, pine cones and a glue gun. The structures’ destinies are kid inspired planters, along with live plants such as lemon cypress, maiden hair ferns, pink polka dot plants, and maybe even a fondant crafted garden gnome or two! The finished product is a most unique and whimsical Fairy Garden! This is a craft idea that is truly worthy of recognition!


Leslie is a member of the Woman Gardeners of Ridgewood, a dedicated nature lovers group that sponsors a children’s craft program in Ridgewood, NJ called Green Kids. This program is offered by the town’s community education and introduces children to the topics of science, ecology and nature through guided craft projects each year. Green Kids touches the lives of children in many ways, one of which is to introduce the beauty and wonder of nature through these original and one of a kind crafting projects.

And it’s my neighbor who is the very heart and soul of this program. Leslie conceptualizes these projects by channeling her inner crafter. With unmatched enthusiasm and passion, she shares her talent and love of crafting year round with so many in the community.

I truly believe Ridgewood NJ is one lucky community…and, Leslie Kolvek…you are my crafting inspiration!

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What are you doing to celebrate National Craft Month? Share your story by emailing aarmeni@afci.global or using the hashtags #WeAreAFCI, #CRE8TIME and #NationalCraftMonth on social media.

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