Meet the Faculty: Meet Natalie Wright

Registration for Creativation University is open! Over the past several weeks, we’ve introduced you to some of our workshop teachers and seminar speakers so you can learn what to expect from taking their live classes in Phoenix this January.

This week, meet Natalie Wright!


What a wonderful time of year it is to register for Natalie’s workshop: W305: What a Wonderful World with Social Artworking! In addition to being introduced to one of DecoArt’s exciting new product launches of 2017, you’ll make a show-stopping piece of art using on-trend crafts to display in your store.


Read our interview with Natalie to learn more about her and what you can expect to learn by taking her Creativation University workshop!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was genetically bred to be creative. Okay, not really, but my father was a builder, and my mother a crafter and event planner. So I naturally love getting my hands dirty and making things. I am also a lefty. Do I get bonus points for that?

My career in the creative industry has been very focused on the DIY movement. I have worked in paint and paper crafting mostly. My background is in photography, so I know how to make anything look good! I am currently working as the Education and Creative Design Manager at DecoArt. I basically get to play on my computer and paint all day. Yeah, it’s a pretty good gig. I also have a creative blog at, and four fabulous children at home. Well, except for the last one. She’s a bit of a stinker!

In a few words, tell us about the education session you’re teaching at Creativation.

I will be teaching a Social Artworking class. This is a canvas painting class that teaches a lot of great terminology and brush knowledge to beginner artists. Paint parties are becoming more and more popular, so this will be a fabulous way to understand the trend better, and potentially become a paint party consultant. Wine will not be included in this paint party event, but what your teacher doesn’t know will never hurt her. Winking Face on Apple iOS 10.0

Who and why should someone attend your session?

Anyone can attend! Beginner or seasoned artists can have fun painting canvas art. We provide you with all the materials you need, including instruction and design. We will have staff available to help you with any questions, so it really is a fun way to create an art piece for your home or craft room, or garage if you are like me and hide all your projects at home from your husband.

What are you looking forward to the most at Creativation in Phoenix?

All of it! These are my people! I am incredibly passionate about the creative world, and I’ve made some of my dearest friends from attending CHA’s annual trade event. It’s a wonderful place to connect and meet others just like you in the industry. Although stretchy pants and Netflix are not a conference focus, if you love to create in that type of environment, you are sure to meet a new best friend at this event!

What do you love most about your job?

I am so lucky to have found a job that allows me to bring my passion and creativity to the workplace. I am involved in education initiatives, product testing, product development, and creative design. And coffee! No one at work judges me based on how much coffee I drink every day – so I really, really love that.

What do you love most about the creative industry?

I get asked all the time if I ever run out of creative energy. No way! Creativity inspires more creativity. My favorite thing about the creative industry is that I get to inspire others, and be inspired myself. Making crafty things just makes my heart happy!

Register for Natalie’s workshop and our other education sessions and events at Creativation!

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