Here’s to the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

This is a guest post by Vital Imagery.

Making new friends is nice. They bring us different perspectives and experiences. They are confidantes, providing the ear and advice we occasionally need. They support us, share the good times, and work with us.

The same is true of friends in business. Brainstorming opportunities and a strong union are integral for building success into the future. Connecting with companies that complement your own, forming partnerships that inspire growth are extremely beneficial in today’s competitive market.

At Vital Imagery Ltd. (VI), we’re excited about the new ‘Affinity’ relationship with the Craft and Hobby Association and absolutely thrilled to be offering CHA members a great value on quality images for use in products and projects that are only limited by one’s imagination. Given that CHA is the largest creative and craft organization in the world, we suspect there will be no bounds to what its talented membership will do with this resource.

An online subscription graphics industry leader, VI is the parent company of several popular websites, including,, and Animation Factory. All boast diverse content for creative success, and CHA members are now able to subscribe to the one of their choice or bundle up for optimal benefit at exclusive/discounted rates. Just visit the CHA Member Benefits page under Vital Imagery to view the various discount codes and make sure you’re logged in.


In addition to having one of the world’s largest collections of wholly-owned content, VI’s royalty-free photos, illustrations and animations are fresh and original. As we like to say, “We help you do great work.”

Each site, not unlike a circle of friends, has a unique personality. The eldest ‘family’ member is actually one of the most recent to be welcomed into the fold. A pioneer in the business, was acquired by VI in the early part of 2014. With thousands of new images being added to freshen the content, subscribers to this site have access to over 13,000,000 downloadable photos, illustrations, animations and fonts. is the world’s number one royalty-free clipart subscription site with over 8 million images. Besides the fact that the vast majority of its illustrations are available in vector formats, it also offers photos, fonts, sounds, web graphics, animations and video.


For small business, is the perfect place to go when looking for print-quality photographs in sizes from small to X Super. With an incredible virtual warehouse of over five million images, there is something perfect for every requirement.


With over 600,000 animations, 3D clipart, HD videos, PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, Animation Factory is the number one 3D animation subscription site. No question. Bumping the entertainment factor, this site offers a wonderful variety of images to enhance designs and presentations.

No matter what the choice, one thing is certain. From scrapbooking to photography, having a cost-effective resource for accessing images is as great a boon to creative businesses as having good pals is to our personal lives. “We feel sure that this new relationship between VI and CHA is going to be the start of a productive and long-lasting friendship.”

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