Experience Paint like Never Before with DecoArt

This is a guest post by DecoArt.

Preparation for the next CHA show seems to begin the moment we’ve unpacked our bags from the last one. Like you, we return full of ideas and inspiration that makes us want to hit the ground running innovating for next year’s show. There’s something about that much creativity all coming together under one roof that really motivates us to think again about ideas that might have been previously discarded as “too risky” or “too early for the market.”

With over half the year behind us, we assure you the entire company has been buzzing like Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve to develop our new product offerings for the 2017 launch in Phoenix. Make sure you stop by our booth, #1233 to visit your old friends like Americana, Gloss Enamels, and the Americana Décor product family and see what new items we have to offer.

We have lots to share and will gladly give you a personalized tour of our booth. While there, you should rest your feet while doing one of our many make-it-take-its that will offer you a hands-on experience with our product lines. The instructors are full of knowledge and enthusiasm for our products so make sure you take advantage of your time at the tables and pepper them with questions!

We are also happy to announce that world-renowned mixed media artist, Andy Skinner will be back with us offering education on our Media line and demonstrating some of his tricks-of-the-trade with you. Make sure you visit our website ahead of time to watch his Media tutorial videos. If you weren’t already a mixed media artist, we are certain you will want to at least try it out after seeing Andy work his magic in our booth.


But hanging out in the booth isn’t the only thing we will be doing at the show. Check out some of our sponsored events as well!


Splatter Room – It’s exactly what it sounds like! You, bottles of paint, and some blank canvases positioned across the room will create some fun and unique art with just a tiny bit of mess. Don’t worry! We will make sure your fancy show duds are covered before you enter the Splatter Room. Even if you don’t want to participate, make sure you walk by to see the finished paintings displayed and to watch the fun in person!

Paint & Sip = While there, you can also check out the Paint & Sip event where students will be walked through painting a simple canvas in a relaxing atmosphere.

From all of us here at team DecoArt, we can’t wait to see you at the show! If you can’t make it be sure and follow along with us on our blog and social media platforms to get behind-the-scenes looks as well as plenty of on-the-ground video footage and candid photos of all the fun.

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