Welcome to PHOENIX! Home of Spellbinders and a creative community like no other

This is a guest post by Spellbinders.

There is not a more beautiful place on the planet in January than Phoenix, Arizona. With the mild temperatures to ease your stress, colorful sunsets to take your breath away and the unique mountains, rocks and cactus that adorn the landscape you will forever be enchanted by its creativity and brilliance.

The Arizona environment inspires a one-of-a-kind region that is home to countless companies, artists and Native American Tribes that embrace creativity and self-expression as a way of life. The CHA team could have also not picked a better place to host its annual convention because among the inspiring environment you can walk to amazing restaurants and entertainment to enhance your show experience. It’s only fitting that the all-new Creativation show will be hosted by such an amazing and dynamic city.


The sun sets between the Saguaros Cacti, in the Sonoran Desert, a desert home to the cultures of over 17 contemporary Native American tribes.

It’s no secret that the craft industry is in it’s own evolution and needs to look at how we speak to our customers and people who desire to be creative alike. As creative individual businesses and collectively as an industry, we cannot continue to do the same things, in the same places, the same way and expect different results. We must embrace our history, love our core customers and lead our industry into the future. If there is to be a craft/creative industry tomorrow we must embrace and teach the millennial’s today that the ink, the paper, the fabric, the metal and the techniques of the Craft past are the fuel for the Maker future. Creativity knows no limits, no age boundaries, no style limitations, no medium or surface is sacred, and creativity is inside out. That is where we came from and that is where we are going.

It is with Phoenix as a backdrop that we must collectively recognize that now is the time to embrace the new name of the show, enjoy the adventure of a new host city, tackle the challenges ahead of our industry with new ways of doing things and speak to new consumers while cherishing our core and the beautiful past we created together. The limitations of the future of our industry are only the limitations that we collectively allow ourselves to have.

That is the future of the craft industry and that is the future of Spellbinders. No matter what your thoughts or pre-conceptions are about Spellbinders as a company, they are wrong. We are working harder than ever to embrace our heritage and past while also reaching out to new users, new creative types and teach people “craft” is not a dirty word and “maker” is not a new word. Creativity and self-expression bonds us generationally and unites a passion for baby boomers and generations X, Y and Z.

Join us at the first ever CREATIVATION 2017 Show at booth #419 to see how we are evolving with amazing new licensed designers, stunning projects made from our user friendly products and embrace creativity, young or old, simple or sophisticated the passion to make and the joy to share will make Phoenix in January the time that changed your belief in what is possible and what you can do about it.


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