Post-Show Seminar Throwback: Pop Up Retailing

So, you attended our Conference Program at the 2016 CHA Conference & Trade Show earlier this year. You absorbed a ton of information on everything from basic blogging and social media to legal and finance management.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be featuring your favorite seminar speakers to remind you of the knowledge you learned and why it is important for your creative business.

This week we’re doing a throwback to this seminar: Start, Grow or Expand Your Business with a Pop Up Shop, taught by Patti Biro.

Read her recap below.

Start, Grow or Expand Your Business with a Pop Up Shop
By Patti Biro

Cart, kiosk, trunk show, MRU (mobile retail unit) and yes even a tent can all be vehicles for creating a pop up presence for your business. So where will you go with your pop up store? At the 2016 CHA Show discussions about this new type of retail option were buzzing – and for many good reasons!

Just to recap some of the key ideas shared in my presentation and provide some pop up inspiration for you, let’s cover some pointers.

trunkshow2#1: You can start small – really small – with little risk, but a huge potential for exposure and profit. One of the easiest ways to get started is by having a pop up trunk show in a store that fits your product line and brand. Yes, this can be as small as a single display area or even an actual trunk. Think of stores right in your local area that would be a great place to showcase your work. Many stores will be receptive to your plan. Even better is being on-site to actually demonstrate or discuss your work.

greentray1#2: Create a collection. For a pop up event you can’t possibly take your entire inventory. Select items that fit your venue. For a farmer’s market or outdoor event, select those items that have an outdoor, country or natural flair to them. Your product selection should be tweaked to fit the customers who are going to be there. You’d select different price points and products for a jazz event at a museum than at a craft fair.
#3: Prop it up! Basically you want to create a retail display of your work. A few key props can set the stage, invite conversations and help to showcase your inventory. Remember the rule here – 80% product to 20% props and you will be on your way!


trunkshow3#4: Build some buzz about your pop up event. Use every social media tool you have. You can also create in store promotions and shelf talkers. Nothing is better than a creative invitation as part of your promotional plan.


ElviswithPattiatBoerneMarketDays#5: Have some fun! You’ll be making connections as well as sales, and this can lead to other invitations and events. Make the time to visit and chat with other vendors during the event. They are a great resource for information on the pop up retail scene and how to expand your market.

Best wishes for a successful pop up season!

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