31 Days of Crafting: Aunt Maureen’s Art Club

March is National Craft Month! All month long we will be sharing stories from your peers about what they are doing to celebrate and how they are encouraging others to discover the benefits of creativity.

Nothing gives Maureen Walsh, CHA’s Vice President of Membership and Marketing, more joy than spending time creating with her nephews and nieces. Read about the “side business” she runs after work and on the weekend, where she gets paid in paint, smiles and sugar crafts.

“I’ve always been the ‘artsy’ one in the family and enjoy sharing my talents with the next generation. I started sharing my love of all things creative many years ago with my first two nephews, Jack and Alec, who are now college age and fabulous people! I’ve continued to invite my nieces and nephews to join me for creative projects and lessons.


My siblings are quite happy to send the children to Aunt Maureen’s Art Club, where they learn painting and drawing techniques, or often choose a new and interesting creative process to explore. We will be gathering this March for an official meeting and mosaic project!

Last Spring we made our Club official, painted a sign, elected my nephew Tyler as president, and got down to some serious acrylic painting. Another meeting involved shamrocks, glitter, glue, clay and 3D St. Patrick’s Day cards for Grandpa and Grandma!

Since that time, I’ve watched my niece Katie and nephew Tyler blossom into talented young artists. Tyler has his own sketch pad and draws regularly; Katie has won an award for her work. A bit like Cezanne in technique, certainly the most passionate about creativity, Tyler told me he likes that you can ‘design anything you think of and make it into something beautiful.’ His words, not mine.

And recently, my nephew Liam drew an amazing sailboat for his Grandma as a gift. While my nephew Dylan is more into sports than artwork, he too has been part of our Club and shows his stellar intellect and talents in everything he does, especially when he convinces me his time would be better spent watching hockey and calling the play-by-play! He’s a better artist than he realizes!

Generally, Art Club is a sleepover event and involves some sugar craft when we’re done with our projects, which generally ends with sprinkles, icing and frostings smeared on faces and fingers and walls and gigantic smiles on all the Art Club members.

This family creative adventure has become so important to all of us and is as much about sharing love as it is about sharing our imaginations and creative energy. I have seen my very special group grow in confidence, self-esteem and pride as we come together to make stuff! This year we will welcome two new members, Ainsleigh and Brendan, who are just old enough to put on their smocks and get busy. Ainsleigh already loves purple crayons, especially on the wall. And we have another little one ready to join us next year, Gracie ‘Van Gogh’. Her first art project from day care is already framed and hanging in my living room.”

Stay tuned for more stories and tips on the CHA Blog and all of CHA’s social media channels.

Keep us informed of your events that encourage creativity all year long. Tell us your story by emailing marketing@craftandhobby.org or using the hashtags #WeAreCHA and #CRE8TIME on social media.

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