31 Days of Crafting: Crafting With My Grandkids

March is National Craft Month! All month long we will be sharing stories from your peers about what they are doing to celebrate and how they are encouraging others to discover the benefits of creativity.

Society of Decorative Painters employee Sheryl Born coordinated a craft day with her six grandchildren. You heard that correctly – six grandkids, with number seven on its way! Read about her craft day below to get a free project that you can use in your store or for your next family gathering.

“Crafting is a wonderful way to hang out and connect with the most creative group I know – MY GRANDKIDS! Celebrating National Craft Month with them is a good way to share what I enjoy doing – exploring and having fun with crafts!

My grandkids, in Wichita, KS, are between the ages of 17 months to 3 ½ years. I wanted to do a craft they all would have fun making without getting frustrated. It had to be simple, colorful, and a way to explore textures and shapes. So, I decided to make colorful butterflies and flowers with them.

Preparing the project ahead of time keeps it simple for the toddlers.
Step 1: I designed the butterfly and flower patterns, and used the templates to cut the pattern out of foam paper and glitter paper.
Step 2: Cut out the center of the pattern.
Step 3: Peel the back off the contact paper and press the pattern on sticky side up. Trim.
Step 4: Cut up various lengths of ribbon and different shape from the paper scraps and place in a bowl or in the center of the table.

I gave my grandkids the butterfly and told them to stick the ribbons or shapes onto the contact paper in the center of the butterfly. They did not need much help unless they asked.


The older toddlers started sticking on the ribbons right away. The younger toddlers explored their project, getting their hands stuck to the contact paper, examining the ribbon rolls, and dumping the shapes on the project and the floor. (Nothing wrong with that, I consider that creative exploring and part of the activity of crafting.)




When done, we taped the finished craft to the sliding glass door to admire with the light shining through.


As you can tell, they had a lot of fun and they did a great job! I love doing things with my grandkids; they have a lot of creative energy and a great imagination that I love to be around. It’s fun to play in crafting!”


Stay tuned for more stories and tips on the CHA Blog and all of CHA’s social media channels.

What are you doing to celebrate National Craft Month? Tell us your story by emailing marketing@craftandhobby.org or using the hashtags #WeAreCHA, #CRE8TIME and #NationalCraftMonth on social media and we will share!

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