31 Days of Crafting: Spring Cleaning

March is National Craft Month! All month long we will be sharing stories from your peers about what they are doing to celebrate and how they are encouraging others to discover the benefits of creativity.

MichelleCummingsCHA Member Michelle Cummings is celebrating National Craft Month by getting rid of the craft clutter in her home and studio! Her studio is getting what she describes “a long awaited purge”, making an environment in which she can freely create. Also, she is rejuvenating old furniture to wake up her living room, and jazzing up old pots with a few coats of paint and new blooms to give her garden a fresh look.

Stay tuned for more stories and tips on the CHA Blog and all of CHA’s social media channels.

What are you doing to celebrate National Craft Month? Share your story by emailing marketing@craftandhobby.org or using the hashtags #WeAreCHA, #CRE8TIME and #NationalCraftMonth on social media.

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