Cheers to 75 Years – Celebrating Scott Remmers

To celebrate 75 years of creativity at the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show, we are profiling our members and sharing their stories of how they made their mark in the history of our industry.scottremmers

In 2002, Scott Remmers and his wife Wendy opened Brea Bead Works in Southern California to offer a broad selection of quality gemstones, crystals, handmade glass beads, and other beads to crafters. In addition to selling beads, the team educates and inspires customers through offering jewelry making workshops. Brea Bead Works has been recognized by Bead Style magazine as one of the best bead stores. More recently, Scott and Wendy helped to establish the CHA North America Bead Association (NABA) Section. He has been the leader of NABA since it was founded in 2013, and is an advocate of bringing bead industry professionals together.

How long have you been a CHA Member?

My wife Wendy and I have been CHA Members for 10 years.

What’s the best thing about being a CHA Member?_67a9590

The best thing about being a CHA Member is learning and being inspired by others in and out of the bead industry. Seeing what others in the craft industry are doing creatively is just amazing! Gathering with members at various CHA events just makes us want to do better in our store as creative and business professionals.

A few years ago, a group of brick-n-mortar retailers, vendors, and designers joined together as the CHA North America Bead Association (NABA) Section. NABA was started to get a conversation going between all the parties on what could be done to better the industry, whether that be through consumer awareness, B2B relations, or something else. While the Section has had some growing pains (what group doesn’t?), it has been able to move forward with the support of CHA. We encourage any bead retailer, vendor or designer to join the Section to share their ideas and make their industry stronger.

Why do you love attending the CHA MEGA Show?

I love interacting with everyone! You can’t get that when talking on the phone or through an email. It is vital to everyone, especially a store owner, to invent in taking a class, learning something new, or enrolling in a seminar to listen how to make his/her business better. There is always something to take away from a seminar to better your business.

What is your most memorable CHA Show story?

It’s embarrassing. Two years ago at the Show, everyone recognized Wendy and me from the photo on the front cover of CHA’s Craft Industry Today magazine. We had a story in there about our store, and the start up of the NABA. We would be at vendor booths, walking the Show floor, or whatever and people would just blurt out, “I saw your picture!” It was fun and brought up great conversation!

Join Scott and Wendy at the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show to have FUN and celebrate the latest craft industry products and innovations.

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