Straight from the Bloggers – the Benefits of CHA Blogger Membership

Bloggers play a critical role in creating awareness in any industry. The craft industry is no exception. That’s one of the main reasons why CHA created a membership for craft bloggers.

CHA Blogger Members receive all of the benefits that come with CHA Membership. How does that aid their businesses? We asked a few bloggers that question. Here’s what they said.

Nancy_Nally_profile1“I advocated strongly for the creation of a new membership category to serve the craft industry’s online publishers. Being a CHA Blogger Member gives me access to the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show, networking groups, webinars, and information that CHA provides, all of which are important to my ability to succeed. But perhaps even more important is that being a member gives me and other bloggers a voice in the future direction of the Association,
and through that, the future of the craft industry.”
-Nancy Nally, Scrapbook Update

Bettijo B. Hirschi“Being a member of CHA helps keep our blog fresh and exciting. features a lot of kids craft and DIY home décor ideas. We have found that being members of CHA and attending the CHA MEGA Show allows us to develop productive working relationships with our favorite crafting brands and to see the emerging trends in crafts. We also love to be among the first to see and experiment with new products. As crafting innovators, things can seem to get stale quickly and it can sometimes feel hard to come up with something new and creative; we always come away from the CHA Show inspired
and ready to create.”
– Bettijo B. Hirschi,

Niki-Meiners_web“Being a CHA Designer and Blogger has given me the best of both worlds. As technology started to become more prevalent in the craft industry, I knew I needed to be a part of the change. About seven years ago, I started a personal blog and incorporated some of my designer work into it. Manufacturers liked having an extra outlet to showcase their newest products and I liked working with them. As requests for blog posts and creating content for specific companies became the norm, I decided I should build a website; was my brand. My blog gives me an outlet to demonstrate all facets of my art, as well as my technology, marketing and public relations skills. I actively create projects for manufacturers for both their sites and mine. Plus, I consult several manufacturers on digital public relations and social media management. My involvement in CHA aided with me forming many of these relations. It helped me create 365 Days of Crafts, which has grown to have a very loyal audience who loves crafts and always come back for more.”
– Niki Meiners,

Join CHA to amplify your voice in the craft industry, and attend the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show for free. Join online today!

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