Hot Product Showcase Success Story – FABRIC ELEMENTS

hotprodsThe Hot Product Showcase at the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show recognizes outstanding innovation, design and function in consumer craft products. In addition to getting eyed by thousands of buyers, these products are judged by a panel of media, celebrity and industry judges for a chance to earn the prestigious title of the Hot Product Award winner. The panel critiques products submitted in each of eight categories (Bead & Jewelry, Cake & Food Decorating, Fabric & Needle Craft, Floral Craft, General Craft, Kids Craft, Paint & Art, and Paper Craft), and ultimately selects the Hot Product Award winners from each.

fabriceditionsSo, how does being a Hot Product Award winner make your product hot? Here’s what Libby Brooks, National Sales Manager at Fabric Editions, Inc., knows. Last year, FABRIC ELEMENTS by Fabric Editions, Inc. won the 2015 Hot Product Award for Fabric & Needle Crafts.

“2015 was our second year exhibiting at the CHA MEGA Show; we had been working on a new program with a licensed designer Rebekah Meier, so we were very excited about the mixed media program using fabric called Fabric Elements. We felt that is what CHA is all about, showing stores how to combine product they already have with other products.

We knew we had a product that no one else had seen or heard of before, so we entered it into the Hot Product Award competition. We saw this as a chance to validate our excitement by getting an early pulse on what the market would say about the program. We have had great success with the program. We have placed SKU’s in three large chain stores and several independent retail stores. It has also challenged us internally to meet the bar of the success of Fabric Elements. With each new program we create we ask ourselves if this is worthy of entry into the Hot Product Award competition. (And yes, we will be entering again this year!)

Store owners and chain store buyers go to CHA to see what’s new! What better opportunity to show off a new product than in the Hot Products program. We know we never miss that section of the Show, and often busy buyers go there first! As part of the finalist round, we got to meet new designers and other manufacturers that had great new products. It gives you an opportunity to build new relationships with others whose products are different than yours. It is also a great kick-start to conversations in any sales setting to say that we were the winner of the award in 2015.”

Submit your new craft product or prototype to the 2016 Hot Product Showcase by November 16 for a chance to be the next FABRIC ELEMENTS”. Stay tuned next week for more success stories from our Hot Product Award winners.


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