Cheers to 75 Years Celebrating 75 Years of Creativity with Jill MacKay

To celebrate 75 years of creativity at the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show, we are profiling our members and sharing their stories of how they made their mark in the history of our industry.


Jill MacKay is an accomplished designer, author and consultant. Her genuine enthusiasm, combined with over 25 years creative work experience makes Jill one of the most skilled, diversified and sought after designers working in the creative industries today. Jill is best known for having been the jewelry designer for the daytime drama: The Guiding Light, and for her past work on Paramount Studio’s, Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition, Jill is the woman behind Liteseeds LED Stickers, which are stickers that crafters can use to add illumination to paper crafting, scrapbooking, paper computing and many other types of projects. The Jill MacKay brand continues to evolve and charm the jewelry makers and buyers of the industry. MacKay’s jewelry currently sells in over 2,000 stores internationally, on television, and online.

How long have you been a CHA Member?jill4

I have been a CHA member since 1992.

What’s the best thing about being a CHA Member?

The best thing about being a CHA member is the home I have found. I used to design for Hollywood types and it wasn’t at all for me; the people weren’t very down to Earth. When I attended my first CHA Show, everyone was so on my wavelength. The genuine quality of the people struck me in the way that I knew I had found a home, and I have been here ever since! The quality of people in our industry is amazing, and I have made good friends with many along the way with CHA.

Why do you love attending the CHA MEGA Show?

Jill2I love attending CHA Shows because it is so exciting to see all the new products, watch what is evolving, understand how the market changes from year to year, and, of course, spend a little time with all my old friends.

What is your most memorable CHA Show story?

Every year is special because the Show is the only time I get to see some of the people I love from CHA. So, our time together is precious. When the Show was in Las Vegas, every day the Jill3
Show would let out and there was a very long line (what seemed like a mile long as there were never enough taxis). Well, I am not very good at waiting. While approaching the taxi line one evening, I glanced over and saw this young man standing in front of a party bus. I ran over and asked him how many people I would need to rent it, and then I ran back and gathered up that many friends. In a matter of minutes we were off and no more waiting! We hopped on that bus and felt like we had just gotten away jill1with something; we were laughing and had so much fun!  Oh my gosh – I cannot tell you how hard we laughed! We took turns pretending that we knew what that pole in the back was for (wink, wink)! As I recall, that same night some of us from the bus ride had dinner together; we were having so much fun at dinner that perfect strangers came up and asked if they could join our table because they wanted to have as much fun as we were having!! At CHA, we know how to work hard all day, and have fun (on the way to) and over dinner!

Join us and Jill in the workshop, Inspire, Imagine and Create Leather Jewelry with Sizzix, at the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show to have FUN and celebrate the latest craft industry products and innovations.

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Share your “Cheers to 75 Years” story and we’ll feature it on the CHA Blog leading up to the 2016 CHA MEGA Show! Email, or share it on Twitter using the hashtag, #WeAreCHA.

One thought on “Cheers to 75 Years Celebrating 75 Years of Creativity with Jill MacKay

  1. I was lucky enough to meet and spend some time with Jill last year. She is inspirational, encouraging and just plain fun! I loved reading this little interview spotlighting such a special lady!

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