Meet the Instructor: Meet Marie Browning

Registration for the 2016 CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some of our Workshop instructors so you can hear about their live classes and what you can expect to learn from them.

CHA Instructor

This week, we meet Marie Browning of Tombow! Marie will be teaching Custom Lettering Decorations for the Perfect Party. After taking her Workshop, you will be able to educate your customers on how to personalize their next party using tips, techniques and Tombow products!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a consummate craft designer who lives on Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island in Canada, and has made a career of designing products, writing books and articles, and teaching.

As a bestselling author, I have written numerous books with over three million in print and reprinted in nine different languages. I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in October 2010. I am also the author of Time to Tangle with Colors, the first book on coloring Zentangles published by Design Originals, and contributor to the book Joy of Zentangle.

In addition, I am a Creative Consultant, assisting manufacturers in developing innovative products and identifying new ways to market their products to the craft consumer. I teach classes, demonstrate at trade shows as well as appear on TV and in videos. Currently, I am the Signature Designer for American Tombow.

How many years have you participated in the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show?
I’ve been attending CHA Shows since 1999, before they were CHA but rather Hobby Industry Association (HIA) Shows. Since then, I have missed only two Shows.

What is your favorite part of the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show?
My favorite part is dealing directly with clients and other participants. I also love seeing and catching up with all of the friends I’ve made over the years.

Why should buyers and creative professionals take your workshop?
I design my workshops to be energizing, informative and inspiring. Plus, I make sure there’s lots of swag so attendees don’t go home empty handed!

How does your workshop relate to emerging trends and the current state of the creative industry?
This year my workshop is on trend with two growing areas of craft; a party theme with creative lettering using Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens; and drawing with pencils and colored pencils. Both of these trends are huge, especially with many scrapbook paper manufactures branching out into the party and art market.  At a recent show, I asked everyone who stopped by the Tombow booth what they thought the emerging trend is right now and almost everyone said ‘hand lettering’.

What is the best advice you can offer about attending the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show, whether someone is attending for the first time or is an industry veteran?
Come with enthusiasm and a smile, and be open to absorb everything. Oh, and wear comfortable shoes.

What do you love most about the creative industry?
The people. I love how everyone shares in this industry. I love to surround myself with all the creative professionals at the Show!

Where do you see the creative industry in five years?
We may face some growing pains with new technology; however, technology will never replace the value of face-to-face meetings, an in-person workshop, or meeting new, enthusiastic store owners on the Show floor.

Register to take Marie’s Workshop on Friday, January 8, 2016, and our other CHA MEGA Conference programs before they sell out! Stay tuned on the CHA blog next week when we meet CHA member and instructor Seth Apter!

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