What’s the big deal about the Hot Product Showcase?

Dreaming up the next big product is no walk in the park. And once you do, your job only gets harder. You need to get buy-in, manufacture it and then bring it to market only to hope it flies off shelves. You don’t need us to tell you it’s a lot of work. However, you should listen to us when we tell you about a program that can help take your craft product to the next level.

hotprodsThe Hot Product Showcase at the CHA MEGA Conference & Trade Show recognizes outstanding innovation, design and function in consumer craft products. In addition to getting eyed by thousands of buyers, these products are judged by a panel of media, celebrity and industry judges for a chance to earn the prestigious title of the Hot Product Award winner. The panel critiques products submitted in each of eight categories (Bead & Jewelry, Cake & Food Decorating, Fabric & Needle Craft, Floral Craft, General Craft, Kids Craft, Paint & Art, and Paper Craft), and ultimately the Hot Product Award winners.

So, how does being a Hot Product Award winner make your product hot?
Here’s what Lindsay Moore, VP of Sales at Hazel & Ruby, knows. Last year, DIY Décor Tape by Hazel & Ruby won the 2015 Hot Product Award for General Crafts, one of the most competitive product categories.

Kudos to the CHA staff for putting on such a great event. It was all first class. Having not participated in the past, we didn’t realize how important this was to our company and our industry. 

 Immediately after we were announced as a winner, our peers were so gracious about congratulating or complementing us on our achievement. Everyone was very kind and supportive. Competing manufacturers and retailers alike, took the time to stop and visit. We love this industry because of the people in it. Whether it’s the retailers, other manufacturers, the CHA staff, or sales reps. We are all rooting for each other and this is something we experienced firsthand. Make no mistake, we cheered for every manufacturer nominated as a finalist. We are some of their biggest fans. It takes a village to raise and keep a vibrant craft industry.

 Being a relatively new brand, trying to capitalize on a new growing trend, this event was something that helped give us credibility and validation for the vision of our company. Being a finalist opened doors that we believe would have taken nothing short of a miracle to happen on our own. We met wonderful, new retailers that we attribute directly to participating in this event.

 This event is needed for new companies and companies that have been around for a while to help grow the industry. I would encourage anyone and everyone in this industry to experience it. It’s a no risk, high-high reward situation.”

Submit your new craft product or prototype to the 2016 Hot Product Showcase by November 16 for a chance to be the next “DIY Décor Tape”.  Stay tuned next week for more success stories from our Hot Product Award winners. 


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