Meet The Speaker: Meet Crystal Washington

CHA’s NEW eCourses are a series of one-hour sessions where you will have the option of learning live, or at your own pace through recorded sessions. They are an easy and efficient way to expand your business knowledge throughout the year!

Social-Media-Speaker-Crystal-Washington-2-The upcoming eCourse, GET CLIENTS NOW! Training and Coaching Program, will be taught by social media marketing strategist Crystal Washington.

When powerful companies want their teams to take action online, they book social media expert and dynamic speaker Crystal Washington, who has worked with Google, Microsoft, GE and others in the USA, Africa and Europe. For this comprehensive knowledge on social media, she has been interviewed by ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and numerous radio stations and magazines around the globe.

Crystal is well known for her ability to take complex Web and social media topics, and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people and small business owners. She owns CWM Enterprises, a social media instructional brand aimed at training everyone from Gen Y’s to Baby Boomers in strategically using social media. Educating consumers on the practical applications of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is her passion.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I began my career in corporate sales. As the youngest manager at my company, I felt the need to prove I was a strong asset. So, I challenged myself and quickly became a top performer, closing contracts with Fortune 500 firms and exceeding all my sales goals. Soon enough, I was managing my peers and colleagues who were twice my age. Somewhere along the way I was bit by the entrepreneurial bug. I started my own marketing firm, CWM Enterprises, which has enabled me to help hundreds of organizations, big and small, leverage social media marketing to increase their bottom line.

Deep down inside, I’m a fun-loving and eclectic nerd. Often you’ll find me reading the newest book on social media, meditating with Buddhist monks, attending a West African Dance class or parasailing.

What are the top takeaways that students will learn by taking your class?
1. Effective marketing strategies specifically designed for you and your business.
2. Confidence and tools you need to implement your personalized marketing plan.

What’s the biggest challenge that small business owners will face when developing a social media marketing plan?
Small business owners always feel like they should be doing more to market their business, but don’t necessarily know exactly what they should be doing. There’s a laundry list of items to do, which can be overwhelming at first. Every owner needs an organized plan in place to make taking any action manageable and successful.

Each week you’ll be covering a different step on how small business owners can take their businesses to the next level. What new skills can participants expect to walk away with by the end of the course?
Do the work and you’ll walk away with a toolkit of sales and marketing techniques, enhanced problem-solving skills, and the ability to create and implement a plan that will make a positive impact on your business growth.

GET CLIENTS NOW! Training and Coaching Program begins July 14 and runs through August 18, 2015. Courses will take place every Tuesday from 8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Can’t make it to the live sessions on Tuesdays? No worries! We are recording the courses so you can access them at your convenience!

Here’s what you’ll learn and when you’ll learn it:
Week  1

– Effective marketing strategies
– How the strategies you choose impact your results
– How to diagnose what’s wrong with your marketing using the Universal Marketing Cycle
– How to design a marketing program that is suited not only to your business, but your personality, strengths and favorite activities

Week 2

– Select “Success Ingredients” to be more effective in your marketing efforts
– Design 10 specific daily or weekly marketing actions
– Draft and submit a 28-day marketing action plan to Crystal for review and feedback
– How to create a customized, affordable, reusable and realistic marketing plan

Weeks 3-6

– Implement the personalized marketing action plan you designed in the first two sessions. In each session, you will report what you did and didn’t do, and what results were achieved.
– Crystal will coach participants on accountability to your plan, help solve logistical problems, provide assistance with overcoming fear, resistance, and procrastination, and acknowledge your efforts and progress.

Register today!

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