“Meet the Teachers” Blog Series: Meet John Petersen of IMAGINE CRAFTS!

jpetersenWe are getting to know some of our Paper Arts+ workshop teachers in this “Meet the Teachers” blog post series. Through the series, you will learn about their art and inspiration, the value in attending their workshops, and what you can expect to learn. This week we’re featuring John Petersen of IMAGINE CRAFTS!

The DIY with IMAGINE Crafts workshop will have projects that can be used as quick make-n-takes or classes in your store. The versatility of these projects will allow you to incorporate them into paper and mixed media projects, as well as stand-alone pieces for home decor and more.

Tell us a little about yourself.
As a child, I had obsessions with paper and everything that could be done with it: lettering, painting, collaging, and even bookmaking. My degree is in photography, yet my passion for paper arts led me to a variety of different fields, including printing and design. In high school, I began to make journals from old books in which I kept sketches, ideas, and clippings of my day to day adventures. Naturally, that led me to the altered arts (and three shelves of books!).

Along the way I picked up a few more obsessions, including calligraphy, beading and rubber stamping. All of these creative endeavors are evident in my current fusion of mixed media works, which combine paper arts with jewelry.

Currently, I lead the education and product development teams for IMAGINE Crafts, featuring Tsukineko. I am also on the design team for Authentique Paper, “The ICE Prince” with the ICE Resin creative team, and an educator for Prima Marketing.

What do you love most about the creative industry?
I am continually amazed at what other artists create, and how they share those ideas with others to help the industry evolve. The possibilities of this industry are endless, just like the artists who can grow and support the community.

What do you love most about teaching workshops? 
My teaching philosophy has been the same over the years – I am here to give you the tools to be creative. My role as an instructor is to educate on how to use those tools to let your creative voice speak and express itself. My only goal in teaching is for students to leave a class with the knowledge to grow as an artist.

What value would you place on attending classes offered at live conferences such as the Paper Arts+ Show? 
There is no other experience like attending a live class. No matter what your skill level, as a student you will always leave a class having learned a new technique or another way of using a product. Even if I have taken numerous beginner classes in the past, I still sign up because I know that it is usually in those classes that I will learn the one tip that’s priceless.

What are the top takeaways that attendees will learn by taking your workshop? 

1. At least one new way of how to use a product that they’re already familiar with
2. How to translate product knowledge into building a sale
3. Passion for being creative

When you’re not teaching, what can we find you doing?
I’m naturally curious about learning, whether it’s in my studio discovering new
techniques or experimenting with some crazy new recipe that I found on Pinterest. In the sunny months, you’ll likely find me outside either doing yard work or enjoying the view of Mount Rainier from my deck, dreaming up my newest creation!

The Paper Arts+ Show is around the corner and Show registration is open! Register for imaginethe DIY with IMAGINE Crafts workshop today!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we will feature Bonnie Krebs and Kate Swanson of
Art Impressions!

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