CHA Paper Arts+ Blog Hop Project by Madeline Faiella

The Ribbon Print Company™ is a gem for anyone who wants to make life easier and in the most professional way.  Print anything you want on ribbon.  Don’t know what you need (it happens) the staff at The Ribbon Print Company™ is there to assist.  They don’t just sell ribbon, they are also designers and “cool thinkers”…I loved my experience with them and the product.

The quality of the ribbon is outstanding allowing you to do pretty much anything you want to do with it.  Take a saying, name, event, drawing, logo  and send them off to The Ribbon Print Company™ and they will print just about whatever you need for your wedding, corporate event, kids or grownup parties and more.

Make fabulous bows and your message is already there!  Nothing more to do.  Merry Christmas from the Smith Family and that’s all you need.  The ribbon comes in 20 brilliant colors and different widths to make your project perfect.  There are over 20 foil colors to choose from for printing your very special message.

Retailers, ribbon and foils are made to work with the TRPC Ribbon Printer (there are a few models) and a MUST HAVE in your store.

Now you can have your own key ring for when you meet the girls for coffee.  This project is easy peazy.  Using beautifully printed ribbon from The Ribbon Print Company™ your project is practically done by itself.


Let’s Coffee Klatch Key Ring

*16 inches of The Ribbon Print Company™ printed ribbon at 1.5” wide (Length is your choice. You will be folding it in half lengthwise.  This project is 15” of ribbon folded in half to create 7.5” tails).
*10mm beads
*seed beads (any size you like)
*needle to sew beads (be sure it fits through the beads)
*matching thread
*one key ring
*Fiskars® scissors

NOTE: Colors are your choice.  There are so many!  This project:

  1. Simply pull the ribbon through the key ring at the half point.
  2. Stitch a running stitch just below the key ring
  3. Stitch the beads directly over the running stitch
  4. Cut the bottom of the ribbon in a “V” (optional)

Now enjoy the coffee and your friends!!!  These make great gifts!

Charles & Melissa – please sign the guestbook Bookmark


* 21 of The Ribbon Print Company™ ribbon at 1.5” wide with the name of the bride and groom. (Length is your choice. You will be using two identical pieces of printed ribbon. This project is for a 10.5” bookmark so I used just over 21” of ribbon)
*The Ribbon Print Company™ ribbon at ½” wide that reads, “please sign the guestbook”. This ribbon will hang nicely down both sides of the book mark with a bow at the top.  I used 26” to create the bow and the tails.
*Scotch® Double Sided Tape. ½”
*Lace. Any flat lace the shows just over the edges of the 1.5” ribbon.  Refer to photo.
*Pearls. Any size you like.  I used coin pearls, fresh water pearls and synthetic black pearls (10mm).
*Fiskars® scissors.

  1. Cut ribbon with “names” on it in half.
  2. Place double sided tape on the long end of one piece of 1.5” ribbon with “names” on it and lay it down onto the lace. Refer to photo-edge of lace should stick out beyond edged.
  3. Repeat #2 for the other side of the 1.5”ribbon.
  4. Turn the finished taped piece over and repeat #2 and #3.
  5. Make a bow with the ½” ribbon and tape to top of one side of the bookmark. This is the FRONT of your bookmark.
  6. Use a scrap piece of ½” ribbon to cover bottom of bookmark. NOTE: This is optional.
  7. Tape 2 tails of ½” ribbon on either side of the center of the bow and allow them to hang outward from the center.
  8. Add beads/pearls to bottom of bookmark and ribbon as desired.

You might like to use matching or coordinating ribbon on stemware, centerpieces and anywhere you would like to communicate something to your guests. Here’s to the happy couple!!!

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