You’ve got to be in it to win it.

By Andrej Suskavcevic

One of the main aspects of the CHA MEGA show activity is celebrating innovation. Every year we have the New Products Showcase, which highlights industry innovation. All you innovators out there, you don’t want to miss submitting your products in this year’s showcase because this coming January we will be adding a celebratory twist to it. As an extension of the showcase we will be hosting the Hot Product Awards. When you submit your product for the showcase you will have to identify it within eight traditional craft categories. You can enter one product into multiple categories and you automatically become eligible for the Hot Product Award. A jury of notable craft celebrities, journalist, bloggers and personalities will select the top three nominees for each category.  Winners will be announced during the Foundation Gala at the MEGA show on Sunday night. All nominees will receive two complementary tickets to the Gala.


As part of the continued promotion of industry innovation the winning products will become part of a “roadshow” as CHA showcases the Hot Products at other industry events throughout 2015 (Creativeworld, NAMTA, etc.)

Each year, we celebrate the industry at our Foundation Gala. It’s an opportunity to help CHA and its Foundation further the awareness of and participation in the creative arts industry. In addition to the Hot Product awards, we will recognize individuals and companies for their service to the industry and induct new members into the CHA Hall of Fame. See our press release for this year’s CHA award honorees here. It will be a night to remember with a reception and dinner, awards ceremonies and a band that will knock your socks off. Our silent auction and raffle will have some amazing prizes and you’ll want to enter. All proceeds benefit the CHA Foundation that raises awareness and participation in amazing industry of ours.


Personally, the Academy Awards can’t hold a candle to the type of party we will be throwing. Just sayin’…

To submit products for the awards program link here.

To reserve your seat or to purchase a table for the Gala link here.

To submit items for the silent auction or raffle contact Cathy Martell at


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