Final thoughts from the CHA 2014 Paper Arts Show

Well, it’s been a whirlwind ride these last 3 days at the CHA 2014 Paper Arts Show in Atlanta.  I arrived Tuesday and was thrown quickly into the chaotic fun of CHA Workshops.  They were fast paced and informative, with terrific teachers and sponsors that I was thrilled to meet.  The sponsors gave some really great products to the participants to take home, and get more comfortable with so they could use them as teaching tools in their stores. I was really floored by their generosity.  Thank you CHA for allowing me to participate in these super intense and informative workshops.  I learned so much!

wpid-wp-1406659429827.jpegI have to say, after sitting in on the Seminars and group discussions, I have a whole new respect for the challenges that independent stores face.  At the same time, these wonderful store owners continue to seek out new ways to grow and change with the times; looking for ways to incorporate growing trends, sharing obstacles but also rejoicing in the shared triumphs.

20140731_10125320140731_094204There were so many who supported me here at CHA, I couldn’t possibly name them all – but a few standouts: Keli and Tina from CHA, thanks for helping a girl out from time to time; Dave from Spellbinders, thanks for being my camera guy; Stephanie Barnard and Katharina Doyle, I adore you both!  Thanks for the hugs!  I could literally go on and on.  Jason, my guy at CHA headquarters, thanks for the tough love and lastly, thank you Mr. Andrej Suskavcevic, for taking a chance on me!  I miss you all already!

20140730_194217– Terri Burson

3 thoughts on “Final thoughts from the CHA 2014 Paper Arts Show

  1. Yes as a previous store owner I can relate , we just need to keep encouraging people to shop local stores whenever possible , take classes and attend local events. Sadly only store in North Alabama… Enjoyed your posts see you in the Alabama Scrappers Group!

  2. Yes! That’s Fab Scraps. I had a great conversation with those ladies on day two. They are wonderful. Oh my goodness, their stuff is unbelievable. They had a table at Open Market that completely sold out. I wish there had been 3 of me to juggle all the workshops, seminars, tweeting, blogging, photography, tech issues, etc. so more vendors could have been recognized. Each and every one is so deserving.

  3. Nice to see the South African Fab Scraps booth here I think…not entirely sure, but it looks like their products and props? Not been much on the net about this show…I was looking forward to seeing a bit more out there on the social feed.

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