Don’t Just Offer an Event – Make it a CRE8TIME Event!


Michele Freitag, our local Horizons Teacher, invited me, Laurel Pollard, to join Village Elementary School as they celebrated Enrichment Day last week.

As both the owner of New England Paper Crafts, a widely respected regional promoter of paper crafts, and Team Leader of “Inspire! New England Paper Crafts” CRE8TIME team, I happily took advantage of the opportunity to share a number of delightful paper crafting products with some of our littlest friends.

As you know, no event is ever “small.”  No matter what the volume of attendees are going to be served, any event is going to require distinct investment, many of which I’m sure you’re all too familiar with.  Here are only a few to consider:

  • Project design
  • Sourcing and buying supplies
  • Kitting the project
  • Coordinating volunteers/staff
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Producing the event

Following the offer of this level of contribution, the question immediately becomes: “What CRE8TIME marketing tools are available that make it possible to capitalize on this investment?  What will broaden New England Paper Crafts’ reach beyond the event itself?”

In order to maximize our investment in time, money and energy I expect to put into organizing this event, I quickly found advantage by cross-branding our event with CRE8TIME.  The non-profit organization offered multiple promotional tools I could easily take advantage of for FREE:

The CRE8TIME brand immediately lends credibility to our team’s initiatives:

  • More appearances become available to us, resulting in added visibility and promotional options from this expanded network.
  • Industry suppliers are more likely to support, and, it turn, promote our efforts.
  • Media outlets take a closer look at our press releases and are more likely to cover our story.
  1. The CRE8TIME facebook fan page wall is “open,” giving us the opportunity to direct our message to upwards of 5,500 CRE8TIME enthusiasts.
  2. The pre-made CRE8TIME marketing materials, including fliers and bag stuffers, can quickly be customized for each event. This allows our marketing to reach well beyond the frame of any event – both visually through event photos posted after the event, as well as hard copies handed to each event attendee. They are immediately downloadable under the “file” tab on the CRE8TIME Facebook Group for Businesses.
  3. The online CRE8TIONS Gallery is available for posting photos of our projects, allowing for a list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.  Embedded with this process is the ability to add hyperlinks to source pages at will.  Once we have opted-in our CRE8TION as “viewable,” it then becomes picture-perfect content to take advantage of the social network sharing options available in the CRE8TIME Gallery, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

So, armed with card kits and two enthusiastic volunteers, Kate Pfirman and Joan Toomey, we hosted eleven bright-eyed kindergarteners for CRE8TIME at Village Elementary School’s Enrichment Day.  These active children came ready to dig in to the project and they loved the opportunity to cut out their own Sizzix Flip-Its cards!


At the end of the session there was no stopping our new friends from jumping in for “free cut,” where they were able to pick from a stack of designer paper and use any of the steel-ruled dies available in order to make their choice of die-cuts to carry home with them to personalize other projects.  “Hello Kitty” remains a huge hit with the little ladies!!

We not only reached the eleven kindergarteners at the CRE8TIME make-n-take, we reached their families with the bag stuffers we created.  We connected with our local community through links posted in the Parent Group Facebook page (to which the school is affiliated) as well as a release with event details and photos to the local press.


In addition, New England Paper Crafts tweeted, facebooked, pinned and CRE8TIME galleried all this terrific content – not only on our sites, but cross promoting via social media with industry suppliers (thanks AGAIN, Little Yellow Bicycle!) and CRE8TIME.


With the promotional opportunities already structured within the CRE8TIME organization (**and fully supported by the responsive staff at CRE8TIME!), we were able to promptly turn an intimate event like ours at a local kindergarten class into an opportunity to broaden our reach to thousands of people!

Without a doubt, the “Inspire! New England Paper Crafts” CRE8TIME event for the eleven kindergarteners at Village Elementary School was a monumental success.  With a little extra effort and no additional fee, by partnering with CRE8TIME and combining our marketing power, New England Paper Crafts was able to increase our visibility exponentially. 

If your organization is preparing an event, why don’t you take advantage of these tools and make your next event a successful CRE8TIME event, too?


Happy Day,
~ Laurel Lee Pollard
New England Paper Crafts
“The 411 on paper crafts in New England”
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