Mobile is Not Just an Option Anymore – It Is Essential for Your Business

Mobile Commerce and Computing for Business: Retailers, eTailers, Designers and Manufacturers

By Tony Ford, CHA 2013 Technology Expert; Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of and principle consultant for Bounce Rocket Media

She walked into your store looking for inspiration, 10 minutes later she walked out empty handed. In four out of ten cases, it was her smart phone that caused her to leave without buying. By next year it will be 6 out of 10 times.

She had trouble using your craft product, so she used her tablet to look for instructions, but your site took too long to load on her tablet. So she posted something about her frustration with your product to her 800 fellow crafter followers and moved on to another project

She is going to spend big this year on Black Friday. She’s looking for the perfect craft kits for all the kids on her list. She wants them to love crafting the way she does. But, your site isn’t optimized for mobile commerce, so, she won’t be buying from you.

Mobile is not an option. Mobile commerce, mobile marketing, mobile reputation management and even mobile search and content are moving billions of dollars now and will only expand in the near future. Every day you wait to learn how to use these tools to help your business, you leave dissatisfied customers, untapped market share and real money on the table.

At ArtFire we saw our mobile sales double in a day when we optimized our checkout for mobile devices, the bare minimum we could do at the time with the many projects and constraints.

We have a long way to go. Mobile is so important that our entire re-build of the multi-million dollar ArtFire platform is designed, first for the phone, and then the tablet and only then do we design for the PC. We’re building “mobile first” for our future. You should be considering mobile first for yours.

Join me on February 20th for a one-hour webinar on mobile trends for 2013. We’ll look at the market, the growth, where the current craft customer is and what the future customer will be like. I’ll also give you specific strategies and concepts for you mobile future based on the type of CHA member you are designer, manufacturer, brick and mortar store or etailer.

That customer you’ve built your business around? Well, she’s got the tablet on the table, the smartphone in her purse and a new project in mind. Are you ready to provide her with the level of service she deserves?

Tony Ford is the co-founder of and principle consultant for Bounce Rocket Media, a new media and social marketing consulting firm based in Tucson, Arizona.  Bounce Rocket provides social media marketing and new media marketing services including staff training, account management and education for a wide range of firms with a special focus on creative professionals in the art, music and literature space as well as small business and non-profits.  More information can be found at

Click here for more information and to register for Mobile Commerce and Computing for Business: Retailers, eTailers, Designers and Manufacturers

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