Family Ties: A CHA Blog Video Exclusive With Beacon Adhesives

By Jason Baum

The CHA Blog was given exclusive access to the Beacon Adhesives factory for our Family Ties: Craft Business Pass Their Torch From Generation to Generation series.

Beacon Adhesives is a family owned and operated business located in Mount Vernon, NY. The company was founded by David Meshirer in 1926 and was originally a manufacturer and distributor of hat making supplies. David’s son, Milton (Mickey) Meshirer joined the company in the 1950’s and has since gone on to become the CEO as well as the chief chemist. Mickey’s vision and imagination led to the creation of some of the most popular adhesive products for the craft industry.

Today, Beacon’s President is Mickey’s son, David and his daughter, Debbie is Vice President.

It was a true pleasure discussing what it is like to own and operate a family business, especially one that has been around for more than 75 years! The insight provided by the Meshirer family is inspirational to those thinking about opening their own family business.

Thank you Mickey, David, Debbie and Bobbie for inviting us in to your “second home” in Mount Vernon. Also, a special thank you to Diane Newman who made this interview happen.

While compiling the article, “Family Ties: Craft businesses pass their torch from generation to generation,which appears in CHA’s magazine, Craft Industry Today (Fall 2012, Vol. 1, No.3) we were fascinated by the amount of family-owned companies, each with their own unique stories, within our industry.  Click to read about Katie Hacker & Dee’s Delights, Hobby Lobby, Momenta, and Mangelsen’s.

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