CHA 2013 Winter Conference Speaker Series (Post 1)

Throughout the month of November we will feature the speakers and instructors who will be teaching courses at the 2013 Winter Conference January 11 – 14 in Anaheim, CA.

Art Clay Level 1 Certification Workshop

By Cindy Pankopf, Master Instructor, Art Clay World USA; Owner, Creative Place in Fullerton, CA

Since I first discovered metal clay, it has been a personal mission of mine to share this amazing material with as many folks as possible…not enough people know that they can create solid, fine-silver jewelry easily at home! Becoming a Master Instructor with Art Clay and opening my own studio/shop Creative Place in Fullerton, CA has given me an opportunity to help even more people reach their personal goals and expand their artistic vision with metal clay. I love to see what students create once their creativity begins to unfold. I feel very passionately that having a strong foundational skill set is vital for the fullest creative expression so giving students that knowledge is key, especially in this class.

In this three-day immersive Art Clay Level 1 Certification workshop, students will create 7 projects that use many silver metal clay techniques from making rings to working with glass/porcelain to setting stones to firing the clay in an array of scenarios. All of this information can be translated into future works.

People take the level one metal clay certification course for an array of reasons. Some people want to teach; the only way to be authorized to teach metal clay classes to others is by being a certified instructor. Certified instructors are listed on Art Clay World USA’s web site. This gives prospective students an easy way to find teachers in their area, which certainly helps fill classes!

Other folks have no intention to ever teach, but they want the intense, fast-paced environment to take their skills to the next level. Because we will be working on many different pieces simultaneously, students will quickly learn how to switch back and forth from wet to dry to fired clay. This will greatly improve confidence and an understanding of the different stages of working with the clay.

Some are relatively new to the medium and want to get instruction on as many methods as possible over the quickest time span because they are ready to move forward with their own designs and are curious to explore the possibilities.

Everyone enjoys the 30% discount on silver clay products that they receive after successfully completing the Art Clay Level 1 Certification course!

I hope to see you in class. Be ready to immerse yourself into the incredible world of metal clay.

~ Cindy Pankopf

Conference Program registration opens Friday, November 16th at 10am ET.  Lottery Registration for Hero Arts, Ranger and Sizzix has been extended through 5pm ET on Tuesday, November 13th. These classes will NOT be a part of regular Conference Program registration. Click here for more information on registering for the Conference and Workshop Lottery.

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