Paige the Intern

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Paige and I flew across the country from Ogden, UT for a PR internship with CHA in New Jersey. I enjoy long walks through the city, reading and most of all—CRAFTING!

You name it, I do it. Sewing, paper crafts, wood crafts, baking, jewelry making, painting… I have tried it all. So when I found out CHA offered a summer intern program I knew I wanted to be involved.

I owe my love of crafting to my mother. All growing up I watched her craft and as I began to get older she began to include and teach me. A lot of our time spent together has been through crafting and I’m grateful to have that bond between us that I can someday pass to my own children.

My interest with CHA started back in high school when I worked at a cute little scrapbook company called Daisy Dots & Doodles. Adorable right? We worshiped the CHA trade shows. We would wait until all the new products were released at the Show and then make large orders to prep for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the shop closed in 2009 when the economy declined.

Since then, I keep up on trends through craft magazines (Paper Crafts is my favorite) and find new ideas online through Pinterest and blogs. My biggest motivation for crafting is for gifts and entertainment like theme parties.

Here are a few crafts I have done.


My mom taught me how to sew in middle school and I really dove into it during high school. Aprons are my favorite to sew for gifts because they are adorable, quick and easy.

Card Making & Paper Crafts

I love how quickly I can put together cards. I feel like people are much more appreciative for a homemade card than one you paid $5 for. I would say my biggest paper crafting weakness is stamps, I love the re-usable factor!

Food Crafts

I love to make food look good. Cakes, cupcakes and pies are my weakness (for baking and for eating)! I highly recommend the Wilton Cake Decorating classes as a start if you want to learn. I have taken courses I, II, and III.

So here is where I would like to hear from you! Send me, Paige the Intern, a photo or two of your favorite craft project you have done and I will select my favorites to include in my next guest post. Please include a sentence about yourself, the photo and title of your craft with a sentence or two about why you love it to

Can’t wait to see your great projects! Happy Crafting!

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