Ideas to Increase Class Attendance—A “Different Kind” of CHA Seminar! by Joe Rotella

Savvy marketers realize that classes are a key component (or perhaps, should be) for most craft and hobby professionals and organizations. Classes give people the opportunity to get to know you or your business, learn how to use products—old and new—and help build a relationship between you and the people you serve.

Whether you host classes at a brick and mortar location or online, boosting class attendance can help drive sales. I’ve been fortunate to see this happen with some crafting classes I’ve taught through Create & Craft. Students learn something new, socialize with others, have fun, and most end up saying, “I’ll have what he’s having!” and purchase products to use at home. Sometimes they feel they even need the product rather than want it and when that happens, sales soar!

The key to using classes to promote sales is to drive attendance. Fill classes and then deliver an exceptional experience, and you’re on the path to success.

Join me at the Summer Conference & Trade Show for Business Seminar S111, where we’ll explore 10 Ways to Increase In-Store or Online Class Attendance (Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 4-6PM, Room 24).

Explore is the key word. From 4-5PM, I’ll share my ideas to get more people through your doors—physical or virtual. Then, from 5-6PM, I’ll host an open forum where we can learn from everyone’s experience. That’s what makes this seminar different. It will be a mix of what I’ve learned and the chance to learn from your peers.

You’ll leave this seminar with ideas and templates you can use to help make your classes a success.

Mark your calendar and take time to step out of your business so you can focus on your business. Take advantage of all the Summer Conference has to offer—from seminars to workshops to classes to networking to the trade show floor. Come up and say, “Hi!” I would love to meet you!

One thought on “Ideas to Increase Class Attendance—A “Different Kind” of CHA Seminar! by Joe Rotella

  1. Please let me know where I can find the seminar materials for “10 Ways to increase In-store or On-line Class Attendance”. I was unable to attend CHA this summer. Thank you very much

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