Questions Every Retailer Should be Asking by Kizer & Bender

Are you prepared to hit the show floor at CHA Winter 2012? Much of your time will be spent on the show floor interacting with exhibitors. It’s a time for networking and relationship-building, but it’s also prime time to mine information to help you spin the doors on your store once you return home. CHA’s Retail Experts, Kizer & Bender, prepared the following checklist of questions to ask at each booth visit:

  • What’s the best way to sell this product line? Alone or cross-merchandised with your, or another vendor’s, product?
  • Who else is selling this merchandise? What are they doing to move it that’s important for me to know as well?
  • Where should I display this product in my store?

 Many vendors have a host of extras to help you display and sell their products, sometimes they are readily available and sometimes you have to ask. Bring this list of questions with you to each booth you visit:

  • Do you have presentation and display tips for his product or product line?
  • Are there racks available to better show and inventory the product in my store?
  • Do you have signing or other point-of-purchase materials available such as QR codes, project sheets or brochures?
  • Do you have videos I can use for associate training and for in-store play?
  • Do you offer merchandise planograms?
  • Do you offer made-up samples for model boards and other in-store displays?
  • Do you have people who can help with store sets and departmental relays?
  • Do you have people who can train my staff on how to best use your product?
  • Can you recommended designers I can bring in to help during special events?
  • Can you recommend an in-store event or other idea I can use to promote your product and build foot traffic in my store?
  • Do you have items I can have to use as giveaways and as door prizes during my special events?
  • Are there co-op dollars available to help pay for bag stuffers and other advertising medias used in promoting your product line?
  • Are there co-op dollars available to pay for part of my Yellow Pages ad if I list your product line in the ad copy or feature your logo?
  • Do you have articles or photographs I can use to promote your line in my e-mail blasts, newsletter and on my website?
  • Do you have information, photographs and retailer-friendly links I can use to promote your line on my social medias?

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