CHA announces Canadian Spring 2012 Trade Exhibition for Quilting, Sewing & Fibre

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (December 5, 2011) The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to announce the CHA Canada 2012 Spring Trade Exhibition For Quilting, Sewing & Fibre (QSF) to be held May 14-15, 2012 in the Palomino Ballroom at the Stampede Grounds in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The QSF is the third Canadian trade event hosted by CHA over the past year and a half and reinforces CHA’s commitment to the Canadian craft industry. The QSF will be double the size of the previous CHA Canadian events and will include both domestic Canadian and international exhibitors and attendees from the fibre arts, sewing and quilting sectors of the industry. CHA anticipates approximately 120 retail businesses will attend from across Canada.

The QSF is a two day event designed to help the industry focus on the wealth of Canadian businesses engaged in sewing, quilting and fibre arts. The QSF will include booth exhibits, order writing, showcase events, new product demonstrations as well as business seminars by marketing and business expert David Saxby.

“CHA remains committed to encouraging and growing the craft and hobby industry across Canada,” explained Tony Lee, Acting President & CEO, CHA. “We are very excited about the latest CHA effort designed at facilitating a greater dialogue between different sectors of the craft industry and the primarily Canadian exhibitors and retailers that will be attending the CHA 2012 Spring Trade Exhibition for Quilting, Sewing and Fibre.”

For more information on attending or exhibiting at the CHA Canada 2012 Spring Trade Exhibition for Quilting, Sewing & Fibre, or for more about CHA’s programs in Canada contact Paula Jones at or 519-940-5969

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