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Stock photography from

If you’re passionate about crafting and want to take your hobby to the next level? You’re not alone. Successful craft businesses are popping up everywhere and it’s no surprise. The crafting industry is worth nearly thirty billion dollars. Not to mention that crafting is also becoming a convenient work from home business and respected cottage industry. Whether you’re replacing your 9 – 5 by monetizing your hobby or supplementing your income with part-time crafting, it’s imperative to find the best ways to get your craft business off the ground and running.

You can market your craft business, even on a shoestring budget, using a variety of free and low cost tools and resources. From stock photo sites and printing needs to business software and web consulting firms, it’s easier than ever to publicize your business and get recognition. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Here are four simple tips to guarantee your craft marketing campaign is off to a good start:

1. The web offers endless marketing possibilities for the crafting world. It is becoming the single most important way to network and build your business. Now is the time to ramp up your web presence. There are lots of competing craft sites out there, make yours stand out!

2. High quality images are a necessity for both web and print marketing. A picture is worth 1,000 wordsand great imagery goes a long way. is a great resource that offers both professionally shot and user-generated content. Their image library of over 2.5 million royalty free stock photos and illustrations are available as single images, image packs or subscriptions, so you can save based on your project needs. The compelling, high quality images and illustrations help improve websites, blogs, and email, as well as print collateral including advertising, presentations, sales brochures, and more.

3. Once you have established a good first impression with your web design, focus on delivering content that is clear, descriptive, direct and useful. Craft enthusiasts might be visiting your site with the intent to buy or learn more about your business, but it is nice to have trend information and other craft content for them to explore and learn from.

4. Blogs and social networking sites help make you look authoritative and relevant. Sites like Facebook offer niche crafters the opportunity to build communities and connect with potential customers.

This post was created for CHA by, a division of Getty Images. is a leading source of both professionally shot and user-generated content and proud member of the Craft & Hobby Association. Go to for more about digital stock imagery.

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