Crafting grows in bad economy

Here is s a cool story on Crafting in a bad economy from WTHI-TV in Indiana featuring quotes for CHA Member Hobby Lobby.  Read below or visit the link for the video []  


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Sisters Cindy Kasinger and Judy Stifal shop at Hobby Lobby for material to make their own jewelry.

“I just love doing it. I mean last night, I stayed up ’til, like, 2 in the morning,” Kasinger said.

Even though they love doing it as a hobby, the economy is now pushing them to do it even more often, and they’re not alone.

“It’s affected everybody,” Stifal said.

The fabric department’s business has at least doubled in the last three years because of the economy.

People want to get back to basics, making homemade items for themselves, as a gift, or for a fun family activity.

“Every time it goes down, we get an increase with people coming in looking for things with fabrics and crafts so that they can create for their families with out spending a lot of money,” Hobby Lobby’s Eileen Liffick said.

Not only are people saving money, they’re making it.

“We have many people selling these items making extra money. Some of them do it on Facebook, some of them on eBay, Some of them just through friends, just through the place they work,” Liffick said.

Kasinger and Stifal just recently created their own jewelry business.

“There’s still, you know, people buying, they still want that special thing,” said Stifal.

“They want homemade,” Kasinger said.

They want to help others save money, while making a little extra for themselves.

“We try to keep our prices as low as we can and still make a little bit of a profit,” Stifal said.

The economy isn’t getting any better.

However, in the meantime, we don’t have to cut what we enjoy, just remember to be smart with the money we spend.

Hobby Lobby says they have sales very often, and if you watch your sales, your crafts and activities will be very inexpensive.



One thought on “Crafting grows in bad economy

  1. That is very inspiring story. It is hard in the economy, especially to sell in the craft industry. However, I have found that people find relief in crafting as well during tough times. It is just time to tighten up & still provide people what they want that brings joy. Very cool post though. thanks!

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