CHA Craft SuperShow Section Heads to Utah

New CHA Craft SuperShow Sections

New CHA Craft SuperShow Sections

In a news release posted to the Craft & Hobby Association website yesterday, CHA announced a partnership with a leading consumer show producer, Marketplace Events, to host a CHA Craft SuperShow Section in the Deseret News Fall Home Show to be held at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah October 7- 9, 2011. This agreement will be CHA’s first foray into Utah, home to 136 CHA member companies and millions of avid craft enthusiasts.  To read the entire news release go to

2 thoughts on “CHA Craft SuperShow Section Heads to Utah

  1. I appreciate the conversation I just had with Tony Lee today. Was happily surprised that he answered his phone. Very nice man and a good change for CHA. While I do feel the SuperShow will follow the same pattern as the majority of other consumer shows throughout the country. It will become just another dumping ground for excess product and will weaken this market and the specialty stores further. CHA continues to say the specialty stores are the backbone of the crafting industry, but I believe their ties are with the big box companies.

  2. I am a scrapbook retailer located in Utah. It seems to me that if your interest is to strengthen the craft market and specialty stores, you would include the 15+ specialty stores in this show. They could work with the manufacturers in working with the consumers. If CHA only includes the manufacturers, you are simply going around the stores and will weaken them. CHA has shown us all through the years that they have their own agenda and are not really interested in strengthening this market, but more in their own bottom line, wherever that takes them.

    Brenda Birrell
    Pebbles in my Pocket

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