CHA Member Faber-Castell Celebrates 250th Anniversary!!!

In a modern world of corporate mergers, short product life, and an ever-changing business climate, there are only a small percentage of companies strong enough and solid enough to last more than 50 years.  Industry icons are generally recognized for 100 years of business.  So what do you say about a business that celebrates its 250th anniversary?  I say congratulations to Faber-Castell for creating a legacy of success that has bridged three centuries pre-dating the American Revolutionary War.  Their longevity underscores the possibilities of understanding a target market and evolving to meet the needs of its consumers.  Congratulations to Faber-Castell on its 250th anniversary.  See the complete news release below. 

Faber-Castell Celebrates Its 250th Anniversary in 2011

CLEVELAND, Feb. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — 2011 is a milestone year for Faber-Castell USA as we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Faber-Castell and 35 years of Creativity for Kids!  We are proud of our longevity and what it represents – consistent delivery of a quality experience in all areas of business.  In keeping with Lothar von Faber’s quote, “to rise to the highest rank by making the best that can be made in the whole world”  Faber-Castell USA is committed to staying true to this vision of quality, tradition, and innovation now and in the future.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Faber-Castell USA is part of the Faber-Castell family of companies that was founded in 1761 in Stein, Germany.  The company is renowned for its high quality, innovative products, respect for tradition, and environmental awareness.  Today the company is managed by eighth generation family member Count Anton von Faber-Castell, who has been instrumental in new product development and the expansion of international activities.  Faber-Castell USA, under the direction of CEO Jamie Gallagher, offers a wide array of creative and writing products for children and adults through our various brands.  2011 also marks the launch of a new product line designed for crafters called Design Memory Craft.  

In 1999 Faber-Castell acquired Creativity for Kids, and in the 11 years since then the company has experienced growth and improved market penetration by continuing to provide high quality products, particularly in the Art & Graphic area with the immense success of the PITT artist pen, and the changes made to the Creative Studio line to increase its appeal for aspiring and student artists.   The Playing & Learning line received an extensive review which resulted in a new focus on EcoPencils in keeping with the overall corporate attention given to environmental awareness.  In the Premium Writing area, the Pen of the Year provides an aesthetically intriguing product to delight pen connoisseurs and reinforce the prestige of the Graf von Faber-Castell brand in the marketplace.  The Design line is a great introduction to the Faber-Castell brand as it reflects the aesthetics of innovative styling with interesting materials.  Ergonomics and functionalism combine for a pleasurable writing experience.  

The Creativity for Kids brand continues its well deserved reputation as a consistent provider of quality, innovative, and thoughtful products for children that consist of both classic and trendy creative activities.  Today many Creativity for Kids products include Faber-Castell art supplies as components that enrich the creative experience.  During this time our craft kits have received many awards from organizations such as Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Dr. Toy, The National Parenting Center, ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) and the TIA (Toy Industry Association), plus recognition in national publications such as Parents Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

In 2004 Faber-Castell USA moved to a new facility in Cleveland, with a larger warehouse space to accommodate increased activity as a distribution center with the majority of production shifting overseas.  Within a consistently competitive US market, the company has sustained growth by concentrating on incremental sales opportunities, fine-tuning the various product lines, and an emphasis on delivering great service.  

SOURCE Faber-Castell USA

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