Getting Excited About The CHA Winter Show in Los Angeles?


Ok, the 70th Annual CHA Winter Conference & Trade Show is just a little over a week away and I’m honestly getting excited about heading to Los Angeles. Maybe it’s my recent kick on searching YouTube for LA-related songs & videos or maybe its the snow in New Jersey, but I can honestly say that I’ve been craving the unwrapped sushi dish from LA Market since I was last there last summer.  So imagine my delite when I found out that CHA Winter Show attendees will be able to take advantage of dineLA Restaurant Weeks January 24 – 28 and January 30 – February 4 AND that LA Market is on the LIST!!!  dineLA Restaurant week is hosted by some of LA’s hottest restaurants offering prefixed three-course lunch and dinner specials at discounted prices of ranging from $16-$44. These special restaurant promotions will give CHA Show attendees a chance to taste some great food at great prices. Please click here for list of participating restaurants and offerings.

Like Randy Newman, I LOVE LA!  20 years later the song is still catchy.

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