CHA Board on the Results of Member Survey

Dear CHA Members:

A big thanks to all members who took time out of their busy schedules to complete our recent member satisfaction survey. Your opinions are very import to your Board of Directors in setting future direction for our organization. Following are the key findings from the research along with more detailed survey data and the link to detailed information from the survey.

The key findings from our members include:

  1. CHA Trade Shows are the most important member benefit. Members rated CHA’s performance related to trade shows very high.
  2. The next most important thing to members is stimulating growth in the craft industry through consumer trial, media coverage of crafts, awareness of the benefits of crafting, etc. 
  3. Members value and desire information and educational resources at a higher level than has been stated as a priority in recent years. Those who have participated in CHA’s educational programs found them to be very well done.
  4. Making CHA’s member network bigger, involvement in federal legislation, and sponsoring of consumer shows were among efforts rated lower in importance.
  5. Members like to have affinity/group discount buying programs, yet there was remarkably low awareness of many of CHA’s existing programs.
  6. Members are very pleased with customer service (timeliness and quality of response) when they contact headquarters staff. While awareness of benefits and affinity programs was surprisingly low, overall ratings of CHA’s communications vehicles (websites, e-mails, CHA Portfolio magazine) are very positive.

CHA Board of Directors response to survey findings is summarized below:

  1. The Board is very pleased that CHA’s trade shows remain valued as the most important benefit and that they are a positive experience for attendees. Because trade shows overall are becoming more about relationship development and less about “writing orders,” the Board plans to do a more extensive assessment of the supplier/exhibitor segment of CHA’s membership to identify ways to enhance service and increase value to this member segment.
  2. The Board revised its “Priority Results” to segment four high-priority areas. The trade show and stimulating industry growth were previously the primary focus. Future emphasis will include expansion of educational benefits and clearer definition of benefits to include business resources that contribute to members’ success.
  3. Consumer shows are a key contradiction for our members. Based on three CHA Consumer Show trials in the past 16 months, these shows have some strong advocates within the membership, but those who are less supportive of the effort outnumber them. At the same time, the Board has observed that nearly all members place high value on the results these shows have been designed to produce (consumers trying new crafts, product inspiration, media coverage, etc.). Therefore the Board has committed to a course of action to pursue those results through a new structure of partnership(s), with the intent to engage an exponentially larger audience without the substantial commitment of CHA resources. Announcements on this will be forthcoming.

This survey exemplified how important it is to hear from you. Your Board spent two days reviewing your responses and exploring with staff how we can enhance our service/value to you in light of what you have shared with us. As your elected Board, we are committed to continually assessing your needs and our organization’s performance in addressing those needs.

We ask that when we reach out to you in the future, whether through online surveys, forums, membership meetings, etc., that you do connect to help us serve you better. 

Click here to view the complete survey results.

Best regards,



Maureen Ruth, Chair CHA Member Connect Committee

Maureen Ruth








Maureen Ruth
Member Connect Committee Chair

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