Designing Spaces TV Show Looking for Kids Craft Companies

Last week I was contacted by the producers at the Designing Spaces TV Show.  They are gathering information for a special edition of Designing Spaces entitled Kid’s Spaces that will be airing in the first quarter 2011.  Within this special episode they will be addressing crafts projects and all the good things that result from parents and children engaging in crafting activities.   Additionally, they will be addressing crafting in context with home decor within their regular Designing Spaces programming throughout the year. 

Below are links to previously produced programming under both the Kids Spaces and Designing Spaces series.

Crafting related segments:

The producers are interested in speaking with ANY CHA members doing exciting things in this space to determine whether there may be appropriate groups with whom they may partner as industry experts to help produce and sponsor these crafting segments. Those interested parties may contact Mark Koncsol, Senior Producer for more information concerning the program, sponsorships or appearances at 954 571 5221, ext. 131.

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