Today at 9:55 a.m. Michael McCooey (CHA Board Chair), Steve Berger (CHA President & CEO) and Brad Stephens (Mayor of Rosemont) will officially open the annual Summer Show in a ribbon cutting ceremony with scissors provided by Westcott. 

While CHA is not immune to the ebbs and flows of a recovering economy we are pleased to report that the CHA 2010  Summer Show is 9% larger than the 2009 Summer Show with about 9% more exhibitors.  So this year, take advantage of growing CHA Summer Show by participating in the business education as well as the show floor sales activity.


  1. We were a few of the lucky New Memebers to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. We had such a GREAT time.
    Everyone was super nice! Cant wait till January!
    It was sooo fun to meet such nice people! Shout out to Kevin, Omar, and Barry at Sizzix, Tim Holtz for all his paitence, Donaa Salazar , Heidi Swapp, Chris, Angela Dan and Ryan from Unity Stamps, Donna and Margaret from Sparkle and Sprinkle, Suede at Ecrafts…..I could go on. It was GREAT to meet these people and see that they are just regular people like us with AWSOME personalities. I had no Idea what I was in for. But all three for are SSSSoo Glad we came! Taste of Rosemont was AWSOME!!!!
    Thanks for inspiration, great ideas, awsome tips and a some really good times

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