Guest Blogger: “CraftyChica” on getting ready for the summer show!

For professional crafters, the Craft & Hobby Show and the Craft Super Show are our versions of a movie premiere red carpet event. Except we wear comfy sneakers because the carpet never runs out…it keeps going and going and going all around the convention center. As we make our way through each aisle, hands pointed in one direction and our eyes darting in another, there are flashes coming from every direction. But not from cameras – I’m talking sparkly new craft supplies that are going to be on the market soon! There are also art displays. And handmade showpieces. And make-and-takes. And freebies.

Luckily, I have a dream job where I work for one of these companies, iLoveToCreate. Every month I spend a week at thier Fresno headquarters and get sneaky peeks of all the cool new inventions they are working on. In addition, they manufacture my Crafty Chica product line. My job is to make as many funkfabulous (I make up words when I get excited) projects I can, using all the products. My boss asks for these to be “showstoppers.” Talk about pressure to perform! So basically, I’ve been working non-stop for the past two weeks, like an over-caffeinated mad scientist, making “showstopper” display items for our booth.

Here is a microshot at a piece-of-a-piece-of-a-piece-of-one of them in progress:

project in progress

If you have a crafty business and live in the Chicago area, I highly suggest that you bring some friends and check out the Craft Super Show next month. It is open to the public and you’ll get an insider’s view of a craft trade show. Opportunities abound. If you do make it out, come and find me in the iLoveToCreate booth and let me know how you like the event. It will change your life and take you to the next level of ultimate crafty hoarding artfulness!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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