The 2010 CHA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2011 CHA Board of Directors. Feel free to nominate yourself or others willing to serve in this volunteer capacity. See below for more about the process and deadlines.

CHA 2011 Board of Director Nominations Now Open

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (March 15, 2010) The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to announce that the 2010 Nominating Committee is now accepting candidate nominations for the 2011 CHA Board of Directors. Nominations are being received through June 1, 2010.

CHA Members can download the Board Nomination Form by visiting the “Members Only” section of www.craftandhobby.org or they can request a copy by email or fax by contacting the CHA Member Services Department at (201) 835-1206 or emailing memberservices@craftandhobby.org. Any CHA member may nominate the name of an Association member or submit themselves as a candidate to sit on CHA’s governing body beginning January 2011.

Members of the CHA Board of Directors serve a three-year term in which they meet quarterly to address the needs of the industry from a strategic viewpoint, strengthen the ties between CHA members and the Association, and guide the focus of CHA to provide member value. Members of the CHA Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis, through which they establish networking and business opportunities, advance their careers through industry leadership, and contribute their voice as advocates for CHA members.

“With a slowly recovering economy and reduced consumer spending, CHA now more than ever needs its members to step-up and provide insight, direction and guidance to the craft and hobby industry,” explained 2010 Nominating Committee Chair, John Laurie (Coats & Clark). “If you or someone you know is ready to work as an advocate for change, then please submit a nomination.”

All nominations will be considered by the committee. Board nominations must be received by June 1, 2010 to facilitate the review process. Nominated individuals who wish to be considered will receive a Board Nominee Profile Form to complete and return by June 15, 2010. If a Nomination Form was submitted and the nominee does not receive the Board Nominee Profile Form to complete within a few days, please contact CHA Member Services at (201) 835-1206 before the June 15, 2010 deadline.

Nominees should plan to have available time for an in-person interview by the Nominating Committee on July 26, 2010, one day before the opening of the CHA 2010 Summer Show. The Summer Show will be held July 27-29 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

To submit either a Board Nomination Form or the Board Nominee Profile Form (if you have been nominated), all nominations should be sent by mail to the chair:

John Laurie, 2010 Nominating Committee Chair
Coats & Clark
3430 Toringdon Way Ste 301
Charlotte, NC
Fax: (704) 329-5279
Email: john.laurie@coats.com

If fax or email methods are used, please set the fax machine or the email program preferences for a “delivery receipt” to ensure delivery.

The CHA Board of Directors consists of individuals representing the various sections of the CHA membership. This committee will review nominations and submit a slate of candidates for the 2011 Board of Directors to the membership. The membership will be notified in advance of the Annual Business Meeting to submit their proxy ballot as outlined in the Association Bylaws.

In addition to the 2010 Nominating Committee Chair, John Laurie, Board committee members are: Emma Gebo (SIERRA’S) and Rob Bostick (Judikins/Stamp, Stamp, Stamp) with Board alternates Julie Stephani (HomeArts Magazine/North American Media Group), and Mark Hill (Creativity Inc.). To complete this committee, the CHA membership elected Jim Scatena (FloraCraft Corporation), Mark Lee (Flower Soft Inc.), and Jessica Goursolas (The Creative Network, Inc.); member alternates are Carol Niemyski (Bazzill Basics Paper) and Megan Darrow (TENseconds Studio).


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