Mystery Knitting Graffiti Artist Hits New Jersey Town

Some call it “Yarn Bombing,” and others call it “Knitting Graffiti.” The idea is simply, instead of spray painting graffiti, knitters create knitted pieces and wrap street poles, traffic signs, barricades, or other public displays.  A mystery knitter in New Jersey has Yarn Bombed trees and signs in a local Cape May park.  While the Mayor and public officials are looking into the mysterious knitter, they have not yet removed the knitted pieces from the trees or signs. I guess it’s just another way people are celebrating National Craft Month.  See the complete article and photos at the CBS website Unraveling the Mystery of the West Cape May Midnight Knitter.

I think it’s interesting to note that the creator of this modern art movement is Magda Sayeg (also known as KnittaPlease) who has (with permission) created numerous public yarn bombing displays across the globe from Australia, to New York City, to London, Mexico City, and even Paris (See the complete KnittaPlease Global Gallery) where she knitted leg warmers for statues in front of the Eiffle Tower. (See the image of Knitting Graffiti in Paris)   In her case Magda was commissioned by the municipalities to juxtapose soft, warm yarn against cold, hard steel and concrete creating legal public art.  While Magda is based in Texas and is not the mystery yarn bomber,  CHA encourages the LEGAL display of creative expression.

Photo: Dale Gerhard of Press of Atlantic City

Posted: Wednesday, 10 March 2010 12:39PM

Unraveling the Mystery of the West Cape May Midnight Knitter



NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Some towns have a midnight burglar, one town in New Jersey has a midnight knitter on the prowl. Their weapon of choice? Size 10 knitting needles.

WCBS reporter Marla Diamond talks with West Cape May Mayor Pam Kaithern to learn more about the mystery.

“They’re wrapping light poles, tree limbs, stop signs a little at a time but it’s growing,” said Kaithern.

Authorities are trying to unravel the mystery.

“The police about a week or so ago came to our offices and asked if we authorized that because there are different quirky events, we have a lima bean festival,” said Kaithern.

The Mayor says tree cozies will stay…for now.

“It’s a very open and accepting community,” said Kaithern.

If the mystery knitter came forward, could they be in any kind of trouble?

“Maybe we have to take their knitting needles, right?” said Kaithern.

The Press of Atlantic City reports regulars at the park love the handiwork. Susan Longacre, who lives at Victorian Towers in Cape May, takes her daily walk in the park to see the latest attack firsthand. Longacre admitted senior citizens at Victorian Towers have contributed yarn to the midnight knitters, some of whom she knows.

Check out their photo gallery of the mystery knitter’s work!

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