CHA member Coats & Clark to Host 2010 Independent Handbag Designer Awards

CHA member Coats & Clark is sponsoring the 2010 Independent Handbag Design Awards.  If you think you got what it takes see the press release below on how to enter…happy crafting….


The 2010 Independent Handbag Designer Awards To Be Co-Sponsored By SINGER® Sewing Company and COATS & CLARK
Handbag Designer 101 Focuses on Education with Tips from The Best Known Brands in Sewing; SINGER and COATS & CLARK

New York, New York, [February 12, 2010] – Handbag Designer 101, the world’s handbag designer resource, announced today that SINGER® Sewing Company and COATS & CLARK will cosponsor the “Best Handmade Handbag Category” for the 2010 Independent Handbag Designer Awards (IHDA).   This unique partnership will recognize the world’s finest handmade handbags and inspire handbag designers to incorporate new techniques under the auspice of two of the best known brands in the world of sewing.

“The ‘Best Handmade Handbag’ is one of the most competitive categories to our prestigious competition that spans the globe,” said Emily Blumenthal, founder of Handbag Designer 101 and IHDA.  “In 2009, we had more than 300 entries in this category with the winner, Alexis Campagna of Antibellum, designing a one-of-a-kind downloadable bag with ‘how-to’ instructions for the enthusiast to make at home. We are pleased that SINGER and COATS & CLARK see the value of our competition in terms of inspiring the modern sewist.”

The SINGER name has been synonymous with sewing, reliability and innovation for the past 159 years.  For nearly two centuries, generations of needle-crafters around the world have looked to COATS & CLARK for its signature quality and inspiration.  The partnership of these two well-respected and loved brands allows IHDA to continue to provide the best in sewing education to more than 2,000 handbag designers and our 300,000 on-line visitors, continuing its mission as the resource for handbag designers.

Exclusively for Handbag Designer 101, SINGER and COATS & CLARK will continue to provide “Sewing Tip of the Month,” including techniques for the beginner and advanced designer as well as accessory information to make sewing easier.  The monthly SINGER/COATS & CLARK Sewing Tip will be featured on Handbag Designer 101 and the Handbag Designer 101 Weekly Round-Up which reaches the handbag designer community at large and handbag aficionados throughout the world.

“We are once again pleased to be a part of this impressive competition. The 2009 Best Handmade Handbag winner’s free downloadable design was extremely popular with more than 143,000 visitors to Alexis Campagna’s handbag project page” said Gary Jones, President, Mass Sales, SINGER Sewing Company.  “We are pleased to partner with Coats & Clark for the 2010 IHDA and look forward to working closely with the 2010 Best Handmade Handbag winner.

“We see this as an opportunity to develop the COATS & CLARK brand with up and coming designers from a domestic and industrial view point,” said Dale Sutherland, commercial vice president sales and marketing, sewing products. “Sharing the spotlight with SINGER makes it that much better given the longevity of our brands and the natural connection between sewing machine and thread.”

The winner of the 2010 Best Handmade Handbag will receive a SINGER CURVY™ sewing machine which boasts the world’s first SwiftSmart™ Threading System and Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System for easy machine set up, a key factor to successful sewing.  The winner will also receive from COATS & CLARK a collection of various types of thread, including its new Dual Duty XP® general purpose thread, a unique poly core, poly-wrapped thread offering precise and pleasurable stitching. In addition, the winning handbag will be featured on the SINGER and the COATS & CLARK website where the winning designer will also share a downloadable handbag pattern from his/her collection for the sewing enthusiast.

Applications for the 2010 Independent Handbag Designer Awards are now available at  The pinnacle of the international competition will culminate with the annual awards ceremony on June 16, 2010 at Parsons The New School for Design.


Coats & Clark is the world’s largest textile/thread manufacturing company with products sold in over 150 countries for industrial and home use.  Coats continues to innovate with ongoing research leading to revolutionary new products such as Dual Duty XP® “X-tra” Performance thread, the culmination of over 200 years of thread manufacturing experience.
For more information contact:

Nancy L. Jewell
Coats & Clark
Charlotte, NC
Telephone: (704) 329-5031

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