Terri O to Host Satellite Media Tour for National Craft Month

That’s right, Terri O will be hosting a satellite media tour for National Craft Month.  As a reminder, a satellite media tour is a series of morning show TV interviews conducted from the comfort of a TV studio and all the TV interviews are conducted via satellite broadcast – hence the name Satellite Media Tour.  CHA has traditionally hosted these successful SMT’s but due to budget constraints, has not hosted one since 2008.  With that said, I’d like to applaud Terri O for helping drive awareness of National Craft Month and providing CHA members with opportunities for national TV exposure with this SMT.

Any interest in participation should be addressed directly to Terri O.  Please read the following thoroughly before contacting her directly at the email address provided…


Terri O  – Home Arts & Crafting Expert, Author


March 11, 2010


NOW IS THE TIME!  Secure your participation in the annual craft satellite media tour and celebrity endorsement with Home Arts Expert & Creator of the Super Simple Crafting Series, Terri O.

In a live television broadcast, via satellite, Terri O will bring your messaging and products to life to millions of viewers across the country. The event takes place March 11, 2010 and will be viewed as editorial content on local morning and midday news programs.  Terri O will inspire viewers to unleash their creativity with your product just in time to celebrate National Craft Month!

Who Should Participate?

Terri will be featuring products and services that can be incorporated into simple springtime crafts. Examples include: crafting tools, crafting supplies, paper goods, and specialty decor products.  She will mention the products by name along with her personal endorsement.

Co-op Satellite Media Tour Details:

The package includes a Deluxe Satellite Media Tour with coverage in a minimum of 15 markets, Multi-Media Release, and Web Syndication to top video portals, including a social media campaign.  Opportunities for radio coverage also exist.

We anticipate upwards of 1.5 -2M viewers and listeners. The social media campaign is expected to reach an additional 400k viewers upon posting with the potential of reaching 1.5M – 3M viewers beyond the initial campaign.

You’ll also receive:

  • Full production of web-ready video for your use and distribution
  • Live appearance in Phoenix, the 12th largest market in the country
    • Exclusivity to your product category
    • Update within one day of the tour including final schedule
    • DVD highlights reel
    • Web links and editorial feature on Terri O’s web site


Due to segment time constraints, the tour is limited to five products and are available on a first come, first serve basis.


For Pricing & Availability:  Shay Pausa @ shay@chikii.com 480-212-1945 Ext. 101 or Terri O @ terrioaz@cox.net

About Terri:

Terri Ouellette, known to her fans as “Terri O” is a two-time Emmy award winning television personality. As a home arts expert, Terri O shares her passion for creativity thru her book and television appearances across the country. Terri O’s outgoing & unique outlook on creativity inspires even the “not-so-crafty”.  For 9 years the Craft & Hobby Association has chosen Terri O as its spokesperson to show America how to be creative via in studio appearances and satellite media tours. Terri O is also a featured guest on network shows on Discovery, HGTV and TLC. Terri also contributes to TV stations in Phoenix, appears nationally in industry related infomercials and provides sponsored how-to videos at www.terriocraftprojects.com

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