CHA Members Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day – January 15


CHA posted an interesting press release about National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 15.  CHA members iLoveToCreate and Cathie Filian provided some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas for pet couture.  Check out the release, video and photos courtesy of our CHA members.  


CHA Celebrates National Dress Up Your Pet Day January 15

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (January 8, 2010) – A recent survey reports more than 71 million* (62%) U.S. households own at least one pet. With such popularity it’s time for enthusiastic pet owners to give “paws” to observe a special day for their beloved pets and what better way to do it than by crafting a special pet outfit for National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 15, 2010.

According to the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA), 39% of U.S. households participate in general crafting, including areas such as pet costuming and accessorizing.  As a matter of fact, while not quite as popular as pet ownership, 56% of U.S. households craft each year and despite the recession craft participation has held steady over the past three years creating a $27 billion U.S. craft and hobby industry.

In recognition of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, members of CHA have developed some crafty pet couture and accessory ideas.  Whether you have dogs, cats or more non-traditional pets, CHA members iLoveToCreate and Cathie Filian will have you crafting and your pet strutting down the “catwalk” in no time.

iLoveToCreate developed individualize couture ideas for non-traditional pets.  Yes, these projects will have ALL your pets “pimped out” and “glammed-up” in time to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Get inspired with this “When Pigs Fly” project found at or check out the complete iLoveToCreate PET FASHION SHOW video** with llamas, ostriches, ponies, pigs, cats, dogs and goats at

If you don’t own a petting zoo, Cathie Filian, lifestyle expert, designer, TV host and author of Bow Wow WOW: Fetching costumes for your fabulous dog (Lark Books) has some easy projects for your pooch in her book that features an irreverent collection of 36 designs for dog-crazy, but sewing-challenged humans.

“I started creating some fun costumes for my Chihuahua, but soon realized that smaller dogs actually need the warmth of clothes to protect them,” explained Cathie Filian. “The book shows dog lovers how to create some great doggie clothes ranging from seasonal costumes to fun everyday fashions.” 

Simple Project Idea from Bow Wow WOW:

Transform a plain dog t-shirt with just about any craft product you can think of.  They can be painted with fabric paints, appliquéd with bits of fun fabric, bejeweled with rhinestones, beads and sequins or embroidered with designs.

For a quick transformation use predesigned iron-on’s.  Iron-on’s are available in thousands of styles and themes.  The hardest part of the project will be deciding which one to use.  Plain dog t-shirts are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can be purchased from many online t-shirt retailers.

Still at a loss for ideas, here’s some inspiration for the “purrrfect” pet costumes and accessories.

  • Create a full ensemble of sweater, hat, necklace, booties, ear wear and tiny purse for your pet.
  • Dress yourself and your pet exactly alike.
  • Recycle items that are already in your closet, sewing basket or crafts drawer.  You may already have some fun items to add to the pet’s style.
  • Accessories are the cat’s meow – deck out their beds, place mats, bowls, leashes and collars. 
  • Personalize pet photo frames to show off their fashions with jewels and embellishments. 

CHA also invites pet enthusiasts from across the country to enter the “CHA Pet Costume Contest.”  By electronically submitting photos and instructions of creative handmade pet costumes at you might win a crafty prize package. The contest will run January 11 – 31, 2010. CHA will award a prize for the top handmade costume. All costumes must be handmade to qualify. For details and more information on how to enter, for more craft project ideas, to find the nearest craft store or for more crafting tips, log onto

About Cathie Filian 

Cathie Filian is a lifestyle expert, television host, writer and handcraft designer. Cathie brings a fresh approach to creative living with her “outside the box ideas” for crafts, recipes and home décor. Cathie produced and hosted 8 seasons of the Emmy nominated international craft show Creative Juice on HGTV & DIY and hosted the Emmy nominated show Witch Crafts.  Cathie’s latest book, 101 Snappy Fashions is filled with over 156 ideas for embellishing baby onesies (Lark Books, Spring 2010). Cathie authored, Creative Juice – 45 fun and funky recycling craft ideas and Bow Wow WOW! – fetching costumes for your fabulous dog. Cathie writes D.I.Y. Home, a syndicated newspaper column for United Features.  For 10 years, Cathie worked in the film business creating costumes for such films as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers and Vanilla Sky. For more about Cathie go to

About iLoveToCreate, a Duncan Enterprises Company                                                                                        

iLoveToCreate™, a Duncan Enterprises Company, is a privately-held, family-owned, Fresno, California based company that has been a leader in the ceramics arts and crafts industries since 1946. As a manufacturing, marketing, sourcing and distribution organization, iLoveToCreate™ maintains a solid reputation for excellence in product development, quality, education and health & safety. Not one to rest on its reputation, iLoveToCreate™ always strives to explore new avenues of creativity for its core brands, Duncan® Ceramic Arts, Tulip® Fashion Art, Aleene’s® Crafting Adhesives, Crafty Chica™,™ and OA™ Object Art. For more go to  



The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is a not-for-profit organization consisting of thousands of member companies engaged in the manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products in the near $30 billion U.S. craft and hobby industry. The Association offers a broad range of member services including market research and education, as well as operates two annual award-winning trade show and the CHA Craft SuperShow events, attracting industry professionals and consumers from around the world. For more about the CHA please go to

*Statistics from American Pet Products Association – 2009/2010 Pet Owner Survey

**High-resolution pet photos and interviews available upon request          


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