Here is some information from an email that was distributed to CHA Members from Jon Krance, CHA’s Membership Marketing Manager about updates to CPSIA legislation.

Attention All CHA Members: 

On Tuesday, December 15th, CHA CEO Steve Berger, Jon Krance, and legal counsel Rick Locker met with the Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Ms. Inez Tenenbaum and members of her staff.  The purpose of the  meeting was to:

1) Begin a dialog with the CPSC, 

2) Provide the CPSC with CHA/Industry background information, and 

3) Explore opportunities where CHA can impact safety issues.  

Overall the meeting proved to be beneficial to everyone attending.  Following the conference with the Chairman CHA also had the opportunity to have brief meetings with two additional Commissioners to continue the discussion surrounding the CPSIA and its impact on members.  

The day after meeting with the CPSC the Commissioners voted on (and passed) two important proposals: 

 1) To allow “component parts” testing and 

2) To extend the “stay” on the certification and independent third-party testing rules on the amount of lead allowed in children’s products from February 2010 to February 2011.   

 This is not to say that our meetings were the primary reason why both the proposals passed, but combined with all the other input the CPSC has been getting from other trade groups we do believe we contributed to the outcome.

Click here for the CHA Bulletin surrounding these proposals

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