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The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is an international not-for-profit trade association consisting of thousands of member companies engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and retail sales of craft products worldwide. For more about CHA, the value of membership, or its award-winning Conferences & Trade Shows, please visit www.craftandhobby.org.

Bloggers, Join CHA by November 17th & You’ll Be Entered to Win a CHA 2015 MEGA Show Travel Package!


cha blogger
All eligible bloggers that join CHA by November 17th will receive an invitation to attend the acclaimed Hot Product VIP Media & Retailer Event at the upcoming CHA 2015 Conference & Trade Show (CHA MEGA Show), and will be entered in a drawing to win a CHA 2015 MEGA Show travel package including a 2-night stay for two at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel. Confirmed CHA Blogger Members will receive an application to be included on the Prime Publishing/FaveCrafts party list at the CHA MEGA Show.

The CHA 2015 MEGA Show Travel Package includes:

  • Two (2) night stay for two (2) at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel
  • Breakfast for two (2) for two (2) mornings
  • $50 gift card to The Catch restaurant
  • Two (2) Disneyland Resort Park Hopper tickets

When you join CHA as a blogger member, which is classified under the Industry Professional category, you’re able to enjoy all of the CHA membership benefit offerings.

Of particular interest to the blogging community, your CHA membership includes:

  • Free admission to the CHA 2015 MEGA Show
  • Membership in CHA’s Social Media creative community
  • Subscription toCraft Industry Today  magazine
  • Discounts on education programs and services to grow your business

CHA’s President and CEO, Andrej Suskavcevic, recently wrote a blog post outlining the reasons why CHA created the new membership just for the blogging community. To read this blog post, click here.

For more information please visit www.craftandhobby.org. To join now, click here.

Introducing CHA’s New Blogger Membership


By Andrej Suskavcevic

Last week we introduced a new category of membership for bloggers. This was a result of months of consultation with our Social Media Section leadership, the CHA Board appointed Membership Committee and the Board itself. Feedback thus far has been very positive and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the thinking that went on that got us here.

CHA has a wide-ranging membership, not only by the type of business (supplier, retailer, etc.), but also the kind of business (beading, quilt, paint, etc.).  Though, for many our key value proposition is the MEGA Show, much of the work we do is supporting the various communities that constitute our membership. As the industry evolves we need to evolve with it. Over the last couple of years we have seen the growth of blogging within the craft industry. Many current CHA members utilize bloggers to promote their products or stores. Given that blogging has become part of the social fabric of the craft industry we felt it was time to highlight this community with its own membership category. Through this effort we look to help build the connections with other CHA members for mutual business success.

The criteria for membership were established to attract established bloggers that do this as a business versus individuals who are blogging to support their love for crafting.  It’s a challenge as to where to draw the line of being inclusive versus exclusive. Our current criteria seek to find that balance. See the criteria here. We particularly had this in mind when it came to access to the MEGA Show floor. We are looking for bloggers to be multipliers and influencers for the industry and not go to the Show for free stuff. We are additionally developing Show guidelines to help blogger members better understand the do’s and don’ts of networking and business development at the Show.

As we bring blogger members onboard we will be taking in all of the feedback we receive along the way, and if we see a need for a change to the criteria we will bring that to the Membership Committee for consideration.

I tip my hat to all of our members in the “CHA 2015 – See you in Anaheim” Facebook group for all of your feedback and thoughts. I read all of the comments and as you see above we are incorporating your ideas to make this a better, welcoming experience for everyone involved. Keep the feedback coming. It’s what makes CHA better.


A Look at CHA Designer Section Authors


‘Creativity is our Business™’ is the tagline of the CHA Designer Section.  CHA Designer Members are the connecting piece between manufacturers and craft enthusiasts, providing professional services that markets, educates and inspires consumers.  As business owners, CHA Designer Members are experts in their own craft mediums and experienced professionals in all aspects of marketing.  CHA Designers are skilled in promoting new products, designs and some in creating new products and bringing those new products to market.

One of the important skills Designers bring to CHA and the crafting market is teaching, as demonstrated in the number of books they have authored.  We asked Jo Packham, of Where Women Create and Where Women Cook, to share with us some of her experiences as an author and publisher:

“I have been writing and packaging books for more than 30 years, with over 1,000 titles in my library.  Publishing and becoming published are very different today than they have been in the past and both are changing more rapidly, all due to the speed of technology. Today’s “Wanna-Be” author must be cognizant of the changes and able to adapt to what the publishers’ need.

ijustlike_cover_suzy&lilla_5-3First, you must find a way to submit to a publisher because many publishers no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. Today, the best way to be noticed by a publisher and asked or accepted to write a book is to have a current well written blog. It will very quickly, inexpensively, and easily tell a publisher exactly what kind of work you do, what kind of writer you are, exhibit your attention to detail and solidify your level of professionalism.

Publishers no longer have big marketing budgets nor time to build an author’s reputation. Today, it is more important to a publisher that you can help with the successful marketing and sales of a book. A well known Blog/Blogger can do that. An established personality in any field can sell a respectable number of a fairly good books but a totally unknown author can usually only sell a few of even a really great book.

The most popular general category right now in publishing is food. Customers, young or old, are consumed with healthy eating. New, small entrepreneurs and storeowners are not just making or selling handmade cards or scrapbook supplies, hand-knitted sweaters or yarns, they are making and marketing organic home grown jellies, salsas, cup cakes, salts, spices, as well as herbal bath products and perfumes.

The food market is enormous, established, and “hungry” if you will, for new products, new ideas, and new areas for growth. They are not DIYers but we can teach them the “simple side” of what we do to package their goods creatively, market their products inexpensively, and grow in an additional successful direction.”

Many CHA Designer Section members are published authors.

Myléne Hillam from Australia has a similar story to tell:

“Creative people are tactile people and whilst many crafters are embracing digital technology to inspire them, there is still nothing like being able to thumb through the StylishLeatherpages of a book. As the author of two jewelry-making titles (“Stylish Leather Jewelry” and “Findings Made Fabulous”), my experience with my publisher has been extremely positive – having an editor who understands my vision for the book makes the editing process run smoothly and the end result is a polished book with beautiful photography and styling. My best advice for getting a publisher interested in publishing your book concept is to have a unique idea or a fresh take on an older idea. It also pays to be just ahead of the trends because of the time it takes to get your original concept to a finished book.”   

Mandy Collins agrees:

“Digital media has provided an option for more of us to ‘own more books’.  As a crafter, I like the tactile feel of reading a book, there is something special about tumixedmediamandyrning a page.

Collaborative books provided my first taste of publishing and are still a favorite.  Blending a variety of creative styles widens the view for readers and shows there is something for everyone’s taste.

Try before you buy is an old marketing tool that over the last few years has become more important.  This year I have teamed up with Catherine Matthews Scanlon to co-author a collection of free e-books to let people try our tutorial and creative styles.”

Cindy Shepard echoed that message:

“While I tend to refer to myself as a ‘self-taught’ artist, most of the credit goes to those artists before me who so willingly shared their love of art and their devotion to craft through the books I have enjoyed over the years.bottleart

I am an avid art book collector and still have “how-to” books from the 1970’s. It’s amazing how relevant some of them still are today. It has been fun to watch the progression of art and craft books over the last 40 years. They have evolved from basic “how-to” books to introducing new art movements and fabulous new products, plus lots of encouragement to help you lead a creative life.

When I author a book my main goal is to have a conversation with the reader, to help them explore the possibilities within them and expand and enhance their own personal style.”

As author and co-author of over 20 hard and soft cover books, Designer Member Tiffany Windsor is familiar with the publishing arena. Her newest title Creative Scarves is releasing in November. She completely agrees with the importance of the visibility of today’s creative blogger.

“I was contacted via email by a creativescarvespublisher who had a specific book topic in mind and found Cool2Craft through social media. We set up a phone call and talked for about an hour and decided it would be a good match to move forward. When we first started the conversation, she did not know my deep ties in the craft industry, so for me, it was a perfect example of how important social media is in building your brand. I didn’t have to go out and pitch a book concept, my brand speaks for itself and when this publisher was looking for an author for a specific title, they reached out to me. Definitely the easiest book deal I have ever made!”

cha designer logoThe CHA Designer Members are a communications link between manufacturers and craft enthusiasts, professional crafters and artists, and creative DIYers.  The CHA Designer Section members provide professional services in a range of marketing fields, social media, developing tutorials and editorials that support delivering product knowledge and inspiration to create.   To connect with CHA Designer Section Committee Members click here. 

Canadian Designers Meet To Share Ideas and Projects


By Paula Jones


In Ontario, Canada there are a core group of designers that get together regularly for a quarterly meeting. They usually meet at a Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) supplier or retailer member’s location to share business knowledge, catch up on each others activities and learn some new techniques doing a few small projects.

On October 1, 2014 they met at the Sewing Café in Georgetown, where they spent the day learning about Chinese Knots and created exceptional leather and bead projects sponsored by John Bead. They also received great goodies from Westcott.

sewingcafe 2

K & Company paper designer, Kelly Panacci, joined the group for the first time and she brought along samples of her new fabric line with Riley Blake.

The group is planning their third annual retreat in Barrie, Ontario at the end of May.

Many thanks to Linda and Anna of the Sewing Café for hosting the meeting.


Do you have a core group of designers in your area? Why not plan a get together and invite some prospective designer members to participate in your meeting? This is a great way to introduce non-members to CHA and show them the valuable benefits of our creative communities. Contact Paula Jones at pjones@craftandhobby.org for more information.

New CHA Member’s Business Provides an Answer to Stash Busting


By Paula Jones


Craft Happy, an independent craft store run by sisters Megan Wellsbury and Alyssa Elstone, is located in the town of Orangeville in Ontario, Canada. The store has a unique business model specializing in reselling previously loved craft supplies, as well as tools and materials for the purpose of creating upcycled crafts.

paula 2Patrons bring in their unused or no longer wanted craft supplies/ materials and Craft Happy purchases them for a store credit. The store is like a Pandora’s Box full of amazing finds including buckets of scrabble pieces, genuine ephemera, old license plates, mason jars, fabric, threads, fibers, knick-knacks and almost anything you can think of for your next upcycled or mixed media project.


A majority of their inventory comes from donations, drop offs, garage sale finds and estate sales.  They also sell new products. Their inventory is constantly changing, which is great for the crafters who are always looking for “what’s new” as well as those looking for the final missing piece for their projects.

Craft Happy posts their new inventory regularly on their Facebook page.  Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/crafthappyorangeville.


Darice: Sixty Years of Crafting History and Still Going Strong!


By Paula Jones

darice 1This summer I received an invitation to visit the Darice facilities in Strongsville, Ohio. I knew that Darice was a large craft company with gazillions of craft products, but I had no idea of what to expect. Darice is a privately held, family run business and the family feel is immediately evident when you enter the facility. I visited the day after the company celebrated its sixtieth anniversary. There was a huge outdoor tent where they hosted a company wide picnic still on the lawn when I arrived. From the moment you stepped into the facility, whether it was being greeted by the friendly receptionist to the genuinely enthusiastic staff, the atmosphere was welcoming and a hive buzzing of creativity.
darice 2The fourteen thousand square foot show room was amazing! It is larger than most craft stores, complete with sample project ideas and “Trend Caps” so that visitors and retail buyers can be inspired and informed of their latest products and ideas. Local stores who purchase from the show room are given a scanner to scan the items they want and the information is sent directly to the warehouse for pick up or shipping to their store.

darice 3I was particularly impressed with the new “LockerLooks” product display which Darice predicts will be a big hit for the back to school season. It included glitter paper wall liners, fuzzy soft mini mats, a battery operated chandelier to hang at the top of the locker, and magnetic containers that held all of the accessories you could possibly imagine.

darice 5From the show room I was escorted through a maze of office suites and introduced to various departments.  Along all of the walls were motivational and inspirational posters. It was clear from speaking with the employees, many of whom had been with the company for decades, that the company practices what they preach.

darice 6The 500,000 square foot warehouse was overwhelming! The pick, pack and ship process was explained to me, and I was shown three levels of conveyor belts that feed various packing stations which are fully automated and help achieve over a 98% fill rate on each order.  There is a constant loading of huge transport trucks at docking stations and delivery of shipping containers from overseas sourcing. The automated system can track contents of shipping boxes, refill packing stations, identify customers preferred shipping methods and get it out of the building for the most part within less than 24 hours. Overseas shipments have special attention to detail to ensure everything is as perfect as possible and minimize the hassles of errors with tariff codes and import duties.

darice 8Darice also distributes for many companies, owns several previously independent companies and also has its own brand of products. The company ships to retail customers all over the world and gives back to their local community, which was evident from the various philanthropic endeavors in the town, including the local community complex.

darice 9After the warehouse I was given a tour through the rest of the office.  They have an entire department dedicated to marketing and social media, a “Darice University”, to upgrade employee training. Then it was on to my favorite area, research and development. The R&D department was like going to craft heaven. 3D printers, huge laser cutting machines, piles and piles of supplies to play with and ideas hanging from ceilings and walls.

darice 10I particularly loved the plastic tie and the necklace display chandeliers. The design staff could not wait to show me what they were working on and demonstrated how their tools worked and even cut out some samples for me. I was in designer heaven!  I also met the trade show booth designer who creates all of the cool ideas that they show in their CHA booths.

darice 11Next up was the play room where I met a gentleman whose job is to play with the products and come up with sample ideas to help promote them.  He was playing with a plastic fork, paint and a paper plate and created the picture to the left. The walls were floor to ceiling full of every imaginable craft product, I wanted to stay and play, fancy being paid to do that work, sign me up!

darice 12Next to R&D was the photo studio where the projects and products are photographed. Darice designs their own packaging and creates its own images. On the way back to the show room we passed by the wellness wall, which contains literature and information on employee health and benefits. Darice takes care of and values their employees.

The next day I was introduced to buyers from various craft segments that walked me through the show room again to show me the latest trends and hot products as well as upcoming projects. The bead and jewelry buyers explained the close links to fashion and how they spend significant time and energy following trends and pantone colors to predict and produce products ready for the next season release. The children’s craft buyer showed me how their own branded products integrate with other craft lines and how products are developed at different price points for various markets.

darice 13
The Director of Programing Planning and Sourcing showed me some of the products Darice had developed, how they contine to evolve and the process that Darice goes through to get products to market. For example, a children’s hand puppet program was developed at a low cost price point and included a door frame puppet stage. This program is now being upgraded with better packaging, QR Codes for more ideas to use in the open stock kits and even its own app, where kids can pick a puppet they have made and make a video on an iPhone about the character. The Director also shared a new secret project she is working on, and allowed me to share my ideas on how this product, currently thought of as a “grandma” craft, could be updated for children of the twenty first century.  I came away inspired and anxious to see how this project will develop.

Darice is an exceptional company. They imagine, innovate, source, create, test, safety approve, package, publish, market, educate through social media, display, sell through retailers, pick, pack, ship and provide support both to their retail and end user customers. After 60 years they are constantly evolving with the market, giving back to their community and caring for their employees, truly impressive. To learn more about Darice and their products go to www.darice.com.

Hire CHA Designers for New Product Development and More!


The Craft & Hobby Association’s (CHA) Designer Section is a particularly busy group. Their tag line is “creativity is our business™” and it shows. CHA Designer Members are experts in their own craft mediums and experienced professionals in all aspects of marketing. The CHA Designer Section has created a directory that provides information about the Designer Section to help the industry search for professional creative services offered by our Designer Section Members. The directory includes graphic listings from over 70 current CHA designers that profile their work, and index of over 250 designers listed by company and geographical location which will assist manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals seeking qualified designers to create, educate and promote their products.

Among other things, CHA Designers help promote new products, design or create new products and bring new products to market. The following Designers have found recent success developing products for industry manufactures.

Eileen Hull

01 ColorBlends Collection of colors

Last January at the CHA MEGA Show in Anaheim, a new product called ColorBox Blends™ was released which CHA Designer, Eileen Hull launched with Clearsnap. Prior to Christmas, Eileen was purchasing stocking stuffers for her kids when she noticed shoe polishers 3/$1. She purchased the shoe polishers for her kids in the military and couldn’t help but notice their unique design – they had a barrel and sponge attached at the other end to apply the polish with. She instantly knew it would make a great ink applicator!

She wrote a proposal and presented it to Clearsnap at the CHA 2013 MEGA Show. After some research and discussion, a contract was signed and at CHA in January, 2014, ColorBox Blends™ were launched!

ColorBox Blends are the ink pad, applicator and reinker all in one! The easy to use ColorBox Blends™ are available in ten unique colors of Crafter’s Ink and can be used on multiple surfaces including fabric, wood, paper, and matboard. They are permanent when heatset and are great for distressing edges, inking stencils, building backgrounds, using with embossing folders for a letterpress effect and using with stamps. Best of all there is no messing with an applicator or ink pad lid, the applicator is all you need keeping your hands clean!

Check out a sample project here and visit Eileen’s blog for more ideas on how to use this versatile new product.

Nathalie Kalbach

Recently, CHA Designer Member, Nathalie Kalbach launced a new line of stamps for Stampendous!® designed to create the look of textural backgrounds on a flat surface. Nathalie has always loved to use stamps in her Mixed Media and Scrapbooking projects in untraditional ways to create texture and layers.  Early on she dreamed of a line of stamps that could do exactly that but not take away from the focal point of her projects.

004 Wired Stamp Set Nat K

003 Grunge Stamp Set Nat K








Unfortunately the first company that Nathalie worked with went out of business and her designs never made it to market. Lucky enough, she discovered Stampendous!® and developed a good business relationship with them.  After some discussions about stamp designs and a number of business meetings, a contract was signed. Nathalie’s first three n*Studio Stamps for Stampendous!® were launched during the CHA 2014 MEGA Show.

The Cling Rubber Stamp sets include three stamps and a reusable stencil template. You can use them with ink and acrylic paint, they are very durable and perfect to use in art journals, cards, on scrapbooking layouts, for print making, on canvases or with any Mixed Media project. You can find some samples linked here or visit Nathalie’s blog for more inspiration.

Download the CHA Designer Section Directory today and use it as a resource all year long.

 cha designer logo

Gift Suite Success at the 66th Emmy Awards


Estelle Harris, “Seinfeld”

CHA members Spinrite, Clover Needlecraft, Sizzix and Plaid, participated in an off-site gifting suite hosted by the Borgine Group at the 66th Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles, California on August 23, 2014.

Stars from hit shows like Breaking Bad, Seinfield, True Blood, Glee and Happy Days took the time to create make-n-takes using the amazing products from the participating companies.

Gregg Daniel

Gregg Daniel, “True Blood”

I was so happy to have the celebrities take the time to sit and craft with us!” said Laura Hollar, Sizzix Community Manager. “They were all very kind and gracious with us and seemed to be really excited about Sizzix, too!”.

David DeLuise

David DeLuise, “Wizards of Waverly Place”

The sponsors captured photos and autographs of the celebrities using their products that they were able to post immediately on social media, and will later use to enhance their marketing efforts.

Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams, “How to Build a Better Boy”

“Spinrite L.P. is very excited to have participated in the 66th Emmy Awards Gifting Suite hosted by the Borgnine Group. It was a great opportunity to share our brands Paton’s and Bernat, with past, present, and future Emmy nominees, as well as our customers on social media!” Said Christa Baker, Brand Manager, Spinrite LP.

To view more photos taken at the gift suites, click here to view the CHA Facebook Page photo album. Search the #CHASwag and #CRE8TIME hashtags to view social media posts from the event.

If you are interested in participating in future Gift Suite events, contact Nidia Negron at nnegron@craftandhobby.org or 201-835-1204.

CHA Social Media Section News


The CHA Social Media section is rounding up news to share each month here on the blog about upcoming craft designer blog tours, craft product promotional campaigns and other exciting collaborations. Click the links to learn more and share some of this news via your own social media channels to inspire your fans and followers to create!

All CHA members who work in a social media capacity are welcome to join the section’s Facebook group to stay informed of social media news and best practices, ask questions about new apps and platform updates, and collaborate with other CHA members.

Tulip For Your Home – Blogger Campaign
September 1 – 12, 2014

Working with Blueprint Social and iLoveToCreate, 20 top craft bloggers are shopping in their local Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or online to find Tulip For Your Home Décor products – including stencils, paints, and other home décor items. The bloggers will use what they bought to create a 3-piece vignette for a room in their home!

Plaid’s Martha Stewart Vintage Décor Paint and Chalkboard Paint – Blogger Campaign
September 1 – 12, 2014

In a partnership between Plaid and Blueprint Social, 20 top home décor bloggers are creating tutorials featuring Plaid’s Martha Stewart Vintage Décor Paint and Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint.

Glue Dots & Friends – Craft Stash Giveaway
September 1 – 30

Over the years, we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some top-notch companies! We’ve brought them all together for one awesome Glue Dots & Friends Giveaway!

Paper Trail Teaching Tour
September 3 – October 25

Follow licensed artist Eileen Hull as she travels and teaches her way across the US and back in her vintage camper, Scotty. See her visits to celebrity crafters’ studios and craft stores, watch video demos and witness whatever else happens along the way! Updates will be on her blog and social media.

KLIK Collaboration with Resin Crafts Blog and Metal Complex
September 8 – 30

Over 50 crafters and jewelry-makers are sharing their designs using KLIK components.

Quilts for Kids Sew-in
September 20  (10:00am – 1:00pm)

Spoonflower HQ and Fairfield Processing are so excited to announce a sew-in to support Quilts for Kids! If you can’t make our sew-in, you can still help by visiting the Quilts for Kids website to volunteer at your local chapter, make a donation or request a kit to complete at home.

Craft Your Stash
Book Tour & Blog Hop
September 27 – October 5
craft your stash lisa fulmer

Over 30 of your favorite craft industry designers are having fun with Lisa Fulmer’s new book, Craft Your Stash (Fox Chapel Publishing). Enter to win your own signed copy plus a big box of craft books and supplies to add to your stash!

Encouraging Kids to CRE8TIME



elidraws logo                                    cre8time

Eli Draws are a family and a team supporting their young son Eli’s passion for being creative and transforming it into a brand where other parents and kids can participate in the exploration, learning and collaboration.

Eli Draws has partnered with CRE8TIME to help spread the word about the importance of creativity and engaging the younger generation to take time out to do the things they love.

In this blog post, Eli’s mother, Amanda, discusses the impact of creativity in our early lives – when creating was a priority, and gives ideas on how to engage and encourage children to #CRE8TIME for creativity.

Encouraging Kids to CRE8TIME

By Amanda Whitford Grundy
Eli Draws Education

This summer, we had the pleasure of having our 11 year old nephew and 6 year old niece from North Carolina stay with our family in New York City. We had lots of fun all over the city: exploring Governor’s Island, taking trips to the Bronx Zoo, going to the beach and having numerous playground adventures.


Although we had some great trips, one of my favorite moments was when we were at home one morning. The four kids (my nephew and niece along with my 6 year old and my 15 month old) were getting a little stir crazy in our New York apartment. I knew we had a birthday party to go to that night for a friend of mine, another mom who the kids all knew and loved from our summer zoo trips. I suggested the kids make her birthday cards and they jumped at the idea.



I got out stencils, crayons, markers, construction paper and the kids went to work. They were so thrilled to be making birthday cards for a friend and they put their heart, soul, and imaginations into their homemade card creations. Watching the kids made me remember my own childhood and how important making a birthday card for a friend can be. I posted on Facebook that I wished I could return to that time when creating something homemade for someone was my first priority.

When we think about encouraging our younger generation to be creative, we have to acknowledge that kids already elidraws_cre8time3possess the impulse to create, they just need adults to help with a few things.

1. An idea: Help kids to focus their imagination with an activity.
Some examples:
Make a birthday card
Put on a play
Make sock puppets

2. Time and space to be creative

Just like adults, kids have to carve out time for creativity from all the activities that vie for their attention, even if that activity might be annoying their little sister. Kids also need to know where it’s ok to work on their creative projects and where their projects can be kept safely and valued by others.


3. Tools to help their imagination come to lifeelidraws_cre8time5
Some examples:
Construction paper
Crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens
Simple costumes and props


4. Permission to make a mess and make a mistake:
Create a space where it’s ok for kids to get messy. We live in a New York City apartment, aka, a small space. We use inexpensive, plastic table cloths leftover from birthday parties to cover the dining table so the kids can use markers and glue worry free. And when kids make a mistake, an invaluable part of the creative process is teaching them how to turn that mistake into part of their project or that it’s ok to start over and try again.

Creating time to do things we love, and encourage our creativity. is not always the easiest thing to do even though it brings us joy. The same is true for the younger generation. It is much easier for them to sit in front of an electronic device and play a video game or watch a movie.  There is a time and a place for that, but teaching kids how to CRE8TIME for projects like making a friend a birthday card not only brings joy to the creator, but also brings joy to others.